Istanbul in March

It is still cool in Istanbul in March

Istanbul in March – is it worth going, reviews? Weather, water temperature, prices 2023. What to do in Istanbul at the beginning of spring, where to go nearby and far – found out good Time for Trip.

Istanbul is the city of tulips. Very spring and especially cheerful flowers.

Personifying the awakening of nature after winter. And, in principle, associated with the hope of a better time coming and happiness in general.

For some reason, that this is not a mere coincidence. After all, we really want to believe that March in Istanbul and tulips are some kind of sign. Obviously indicating the direction in which travelers should move!

Moreover, such a step is unlikely to ruin your budget. And, looking ahead, it will almost certainly become a catalyst for new bright positive impressions.

Just for reference – first tulips usually bloom in Istanbul at the end of March. And the real riot of colors and rapid flowering comes a little later.

For in April the weather in Istanbul gives real warmth. The city blossoms, meeting spring with the traditional Tulip Festival.

Its parks and gardens turn into real flower fields. At the same time, there is a noticeable increase in tourists – after all, everyone wants on Easter to visit the city, bathing in a sea of ​​young foliage and flowers.

Sit on Sultanahmet Square, admiring the sky with such delicate shades. Enjoy the view of the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn from the deck of a cruise boat.

And just walk along the streets, see unusual Istanbul. As if not even waking up, but reborn. And calling you to do exactly the same!

The gardens of Topkapi Palace in Istanbul are illuminated by the sun in March.

Weather in Istanbul in March

From the point of view of the northerner, it’s frankly good. Of course, you can’t call it hot. But on the other hand, it does not throw snowdrifts under her feet.

Tourists accustomed to tropical resorts, may purse their lips at the promise of “warmth” in the form of +15-18 degrees Celsius. But those, who arrive in Istanbul in early March from London, New York, Quebec, of course, will not be disappointed.

Because even at the beginning of spring, the local weather sets in a positive mood. And promises the onset of a very good time in the near future.

You can consider the beginning of spring not the best time to travel to Istanbul, but the air temperature right at that period often reaches the level of +12-15 °C. And in other years, the atmosphere warms up even more. Although closer to the night, strong cooling up to + 6-10 °C regularly occurs.

Please note, that you should not expect stability from the Istanbul weather in early spring. And, for example, in 2021 and 2022, March in Istanbul turned out to be very cold.

Only closer to April, street thermometers began to regularly show more than +15 °C. At the beginning and even in the middle of the month, locals and tourists frankly froze – even by noon it did not get warmer than + 5-7 °C.

Although the sun still often shines in a cloudless sky. And it gives warmth so that you feel with your skin – winter is over, that’s for sure.


in Istanbul through the whole March are rare and quite optimistic – they do not last long and have nothing to do with those that fall on the banks of the Bosphorus in December.

But the winds in early spring are very strong here. Consider this point if you are planning to take a short cruise along the strait. Or, for example, decide to go from Istanbul, for example, to the Princes’ Islands.

Water Temperature

The Sea of ​​Marmara after winter is warmed up to a maximum of + 10-11 °C. So if you intended to either swim or waddle up to your ankles in water, then dismiss the idea as ridiculous.

Some not the cheapest hotels, of course, have swimming pools. Equally, you can always rent a room in a hotel with a spa.

Waterophiles can also be recommended to go to Yalova. Because visiting this thermal hot springs resort near Istanbul is especially good in March and April. Although in the cold season there are enough visitors.

Do you need to rent a car for this? It is not necessary at all – the direction is mastered by local tour operators and you can simply take part in the excursion.

How to Dress

With the hope that the real spring will come very soon. But at the same time, do not forget that winter has not left here for good. And in the evenings it can return in the form of cold snaps even to 0 °C or even frost.

Insulated jackets are preferable to lightweight windbreakers. Yes, and the sweater will almost certainly be a sought-after wardrobe item.

At times you will want to strip down to your T-shirt and expose your sun-starved skin to the sun. But, alas, such periods in Istanbul are not too long even at the end of March.

We advise you to dress especially warmly if you are going to take a walk along the Bosphorus, because near the water it is the coldest here!

Winter boots and boots, however, are best left at home. As well as – naturally – sandals and light moccasins. Practical demi-season shoes – without fur – what you need!

Prices 2023

Traveling alone is always the best experience. Not because of the economy – mainly because you can choose a hotel yourself. Thus, avoiding shabby walls in the room, a non-working shower and rude service.

However, it is far from a fact that when planning a trip on your own, you will have to overpay. In any case – not too much!

You can rent a decent hotel in the Fatih area with an amount of 80 € per night.

Take a closer look, for example, at the Idylle Hotel in Sirkeci. Its rooms are small, but the building is located in the very center. Plus, it’s relatively cheap and clean. And breakfast is included in the price!

Somewhat more expensive than Sultanahmet Inn Hotel, even more central in terms of location. But here you can catch a discount reaching up to 70%!

Almost a premium considers itself a four-star The Byzantium Suites Hotel with a spa and a panoramic terrace overlooking the Bosphorus on the roof. However, in most cases, you can book a room here for less than 90 € per day.

Take a closer look at the Florenta Hotel, which is located just half a kilometer from the Hagia Sophia. Good service and convenient location are enough in the reviews. And the breakfast included in the price seems to be very good …

At the end of March, the Tulip Festival takes place in Istanbul

Things to Do

Just take our word for it – there is a lot to see in Istanbul. Starting from the surviving signs of Roman civilization like the Basilica Cistern and ending with the modern metro tunnel under the Bosphorus, Marmaray.

The second in the world in terms of depth under the seabed. And the only one – connecting the two parts of the world!

It is unlikely that at least one tourist will miss the chance to take a boat trip along the Bosphorus. Or does he not want to visit Topkapı Palace with its gardens, seraglio and harem?

Also be sure to visit the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. Climb the ancient Galata Tower, ride the T1 tram along Istiklal Boulevard.

After that, we advise you to explore other Sultan’s residences (Dolmabahce and Beylerbeyi), see the Rumelihisar fortress. Visit Asian regions: the aristocratic Uskudar and the common folk Kadikoy.

And, if you find yourself in Istanbul at the very end of March, look into Emirgan Park. After all, this is where the Tulip Festival takes place! And this is an absolutely extraordinary event!

Where to Go

Active people will certainly want to explore the surroundings of Istanbul.

At least visit the Princes’ Islands and the Bedgrad Forest, visit Edirne. Get to the little-known village of Anadolukavagy, where old wooden houses from the Sultan’s times have been preserved!

Someone will probably plan to go from Istanbul to Cappadocia for a couple of days. Moreover, it is easy to get there even by car.

Well, someone may want to conduct reconnaissance in coastal areas. For example, go to the popular resort of Bodrum. Or even get from Istanbul to Antalya.


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