Best Thermal Baths in Budapest

Széchenyi Thermal Bath considered the best in Budapest

Baths in Budapest – is it worth visiting? Where are there, description, what do you need to know? Prices 2023, working hours of TOP-8 Budapest thermal baths, are there hotels with their own pools and spa – in the overview material of good Time for Trip.

Budapest is a unique city. Not in the sense of an abundance of attractions, the presence of particularly inspiring panoramic platforms, and not even thanks to the Danube. The main reason for its dissimilarity to other European capitals lies in another – Budapest is “The City of Baths”.

Everyone knows that the Hungarian capital is famous for its spa complexes where you can soak up warm or even hot water. Possessing, in addition, a therapeutic effect.

To take a steam bath, to soften up in the jacuzzi, just to swim – often in the not so warm season! You will be surprised, but the water temperature even in outdoor pools in Budapest allows you to perform ablutions outdoors in January. Thus relieving tension and getting a boost of energy, which definitely becomes easier to live with.

How many baths are there in Budapest? They say that their number has exceeded thirty. Maximum 7-8 of them are widely known today and actively visited by tourists.


People with certain diseases – for example, cardiovascular – should take local baths, especially hot ones, only after consulting a doctor. The same applies to children under the age of 14. In some places – like Rudash or Veli Bej – they will not be allowed at all! Because of the water composition that is too saturated with minerals.

What Baths in Budapest to Choose

From the point of view of a tourist who intends not only to relax, but also to get impressions? That could later be remembered with pleasure? In a warm narrow circle of friends or relatives? Something like: “swim I in the Szechenyi Baths, and there is fog and cold around – it’s December in Budapest….

An interesting experience, wouldn’t you agree?! That’s why we’ll start with them:


Located in the main city park (Varosliget), they are the biggest thermal baths in Budapest. If not a symbol of the city, then its top-5 attraction.

Nearby, by the way, there is a city circus and a zoo. Judging by the reviews, it is quite a bit inferior to the reference in Europe, Prague.

Also, there are: Heroes’ Square, Museum of Fine Arts, Vajdahunyad Castle. Written off from the ancestral citadel of Hungarian aristocrats Hunyadi in Romanian Transylvania. In a word, here are located a significant part of the main sights of Budapest.

A skating rink is filled in the pond in front of the castle in winter. Perhaps the most beautiful in the Hungarian capital…

Visiting the thermal baths in Budapest is a great way to spend a day!

As for the imposing Szechenyi complex, which resembles a real palace, it was built before the First World War. And for more than a century, it has enjoyed incredible popularity both among Hungarians themselves and foreigners. Moreover, due to the impressive size of the territory, it allows not too crowded.

A dozen and a half pools of different sizes are located inside, among stucco and columns, illuminated by light from giant French windows. And three more, including one large swimming pool, are outside.

The temperature of the water splashed by underground springs reaches +38, which allows you to swim outside even in winter. And at the same time not to freeze at all.

Visitors can also drink from fountains with mineral water. However, it is better to use them on the recommendation of a doctor.


They speak about Széchenyi mostly very well. And angry comments are usually associated with inconveniences of a technical order. How so – 5 minutes before closing, the electricity was already turned off, sending you with wet hair into the cold?!?!

It is mandatory to take a towel, slippers, a swimsuit or swimming trunks with you. If you are going to swim in the fresh air, take a swimming cap. Without it, they are not allowed into the outdoor pools.

Practical information

Opening hours (main entrance) in 2022: from 7 to 19 outside, from 9 to 19 inside.
Széchenyi Bath is served by the metro station of the same name – Széchenyi fürdő on the M1 branch.

The ticket price on a weekday is 5,900 HUF (14.5 euros), on a weekend – 6,200. The price includes: entrance, the possibility of using a sauna and a locker for things.

Massage, other additional thalasso and spa treatments become available after an additional fee.

10% discount for online payment. Official website:

Gellert Bath

The second most famous in Budapest, but today is no longer alone the most expensive. It is located in a beautiful building built in the Art Nouveau style shortly before the decline of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Thanks to the truly palatial interiors, Gellert is popular among those who consider them as one of the key attractions of the capital of Hungary.

There are a dozen pools inside, two more are outdoors. Visitors also can take Turkish hammam or Finnish sauna. For an additional fee, you will be engaged by certified specialists in the field of spa treatments.

An entrance ticket will cost 5,900 Ft on a weekday, and 300 more on a weekend or holiday. Online purchase will allow you to pay 10% less (from 5,300) –

The baths are open from 9 to 19 daily, the ticket office stops working an hour before closing. In the same monumental building as Gellert, the 4-star Danubius Hotel was located (now closed).

Due to its excellent location and views (from some windows) Hotel Gellert was in high demand. And at the same time thanks to a 30% discount on visiting the baths of the same name.

Please note, that the entire area is served by the Szent Gellért tér metro station on the M4 branch.

Bathing in hot thermal water is an unforgettable activity in Budapest


The third most popular city bathhouse – in no small part because of the panoramic font on the roof. The vast majority of reviews are laudatory in nature, but some features should also be taken into account.

For example, the fact that the size of the pools of the Rudash bath in Budapest is not worth comparing with Szechenyi or Gellert. So you will have a chance to stand in line, then to fill up almost like a herring in a barrel.

As for the tank on the roof, it is slightly larger than standard apartment jacuzzis. Or maybe not…

In addition, there is a division into women’s and men’s days in Rudash. The first – only on Tuesdays, the second – on all other weekdays of the week.

On Friday, however, they are open only until 12.45. Common swimming is allowed on Saturday and Sunday.

If you are ready, then go ahead! But in this case, we would recommend spending time on a boat trip along the Danube. Although, of course, nothing prevents you from going to it after spa procedures.

A complex ticket to the Rudash is valued at 5.5 thousand forints on weekdays and at 6,900 on weekends. Individual tickets to the thermal baths or wellness spa cost 3,800 each. By buying online, you will save up to 600 HUF per person.

Complex is open from 6 to 20. In addition, unlike others, they are allowed to warm up on the night from Friday to Sunday (22-3 am).


A nicer, almost homely institution primarly for locals, where tourists do not get there so often. Perhaps because the baths are located at some distance from the Fortress Hill, that is located in the central part of Buda.

They are suitable mainly for those who seek treatment or recovery, rather than visiting another tourist attraction. They are useful for restorative and supportive therapy for diseases of the joints, musculoskeletal system.

And yes – Lukacs have an important plus. Citizens can visit these baths if they have bought a Budapest Card, completely free of charge!

Two swimming pools are on the street, and five thermal pools inside. There are few visitors, especially in the morning. So about crowding here remember infrequently.

There are no “women’s” and “men’s” days, full democracy reigns. Opening hours: 7-19, an adult ticket will cost 3.5-3.9 thousand Ft, depending on the day of the week. To visit the local sauna, you need to deposit an additional 500 HUF.

If you want to visit Lukacs on a regular basis, then better stay nearby, in the inexpensive and offering stunning views of the Parliament Grand Jules – Boat Hotel. In any case, those who have stayed there once intend to do so in the future!

By the way, from here in 10 minutes you can walk to the Batthyány tér station. From where you will get to Szentendre in less than half an hour. The latter, picturesque town, reasonably listed among the main attractions of Hungary!

Budapest is famous for its thermal baths.

Veli Bej

They are located very close to the Lukacs baths, and because of that standing in their shadow. Moreover, the owners do not seek to advertise the institution even with the help of signage. Therefore, Veli Bej is visited by travelers very rare.

Inside there is very little space. The main action takes place in a small central font and 4 tiny pools surrounding it. You can also use the jacuzzi or visit the hammam.

Working hours: 6-12, 15-21. The session lasts only 3 hours, from 12 to 15 Veli Bej are closed for prevention. The price of pleasure is 3,500 Ft, children under 14 are not allowed.


One of the most inexpensive baths in the capital of Hungary. They are located in Pest, guided by local residents. There are 3 swimming pools inside, 2 outside, with a water temperature of +36 and +38 °C.

There are separate changing booths and lockers for things. As well as taps with drinking mineral water. Additional services such as massage are also provided.

Working hours – from 9 to 19. A comprehensive ticket for the day costs 3,100 Ft. Children under the age of 14, alas, are not allowed in the pools of the Dandar…


A large aqua complex located on the outskirts of the main Budapest attractions – on the island of Margit. In the summer, it is one of the most popular vacation spots for citizens. And how could it be otherwise – there are so many pools and even a water park?!

You can’t count on the atmosphere of antiquity in the Palatinus Baths – everything is modern here. But it will be possible to cool off on a too hot day. On official weekends and in summer, come early in the morning – then there will be queues.

The complex is also open in winter, from 9 to 19. And some outdoor reservoirs are available for swimming!

An adult ticket will cost 2 600 – 3 100 Ft. Family for 3 people at the box office can be purchased for 5.2-6.3 thousand. Online purchase on the official website will save money.

Hotels With Baths in Budapest

We have already mentioned Gellert spa above. Also, we recommended family apartments, having settled in which you could visit Lukacs or Veli Bej on every day basis.

In this section we mention the Cortile Budapest Hotel with a large spa complex. Moreover, Ensana Thermal Margaret Island is located in the greenest place of the city, on the island of Margit.

Newly renovated, spacious spa area, private springs with mineral and thermal waters, swimming pools and saunas – the hotel is perfect for relaxation and recuperation. It can also be considered as a base for exploring Hungary.

Yes, it’s a bit expensive here – even in low season, a room here will cost more than 100 € for two. But judging by the reviews, such a price is quite reasonable.


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