What to Visit in Alanya?

Fortress is the top attractions of Alanya

What to see in Alanya on your own in 2023: with or without children, how much do excursions cost? Interesting places in the city and neighborhoods, routes, photos. Where you can visit from Alanya by car or public transport – in the material by good Time for Trip.

Turkish Alanya is a resort city. Like most of them, it is mainly focused on beach holidays. So it can afford to do without numerous museums, theaters and other cultural institutions that magnetize the attention of tourists.

However, all this does not mean that there is no tourist attractions in Alanya. On the contrary, there are enough fascinating places in the city and its environs!

Some of the famous sights are located in Antalya, of course. But you can also get to them, as, by the way, to Cappadocia.

In fact, there are so many of them that the vacationer can afford to be a little distracted. But at the same time, do not get tired of walking and hiking! After all, a beach holiday is the main purpose of a holiday in this resort.

Top Sights in Alanya

About 8 interesting places here are widely known and popular. This does not mean that there are only so many of them – on a tour of the old city, of course, you will be called a few more.

But in order to obtain such secret, truly insider information, seasoned with a mass of historical facts, you will have to go broke. For a not entirely ridiculous amount, 60-70 euros.

Alanya Fortress

You will be surprised looking at the smooth walls, but this is the 13th century, its first half! During this period Alanya, turned into the winter capital of the Seljuk sultans, began to need capital protection from attacks from the sea. And not without reason – for a long time this coast was used as a base by Mediterranean pirates.

Therefore, the first fortress on the top of the coastal cliff arose in Roman times. And happily existed in the Byzantine era – at the top you can see the remains of the basilica of that period.

The fortress is the main attraction of Alanya. And along the way, an excellent observation point. Most of the photos of the Turkish resort were taken from the top of the fortress hill.

You should see this view in Alanya

Kyzyl Kule

You can hardly fail to see in Alanya the “Red Tower” built of bricks. As it is a recognizable symbol of the city and in every sense its identification mark. So, it is quite natural that the image of the tower is present on the city flag.

Kyzyl Kule arose in 1226. And since then, it has been constantly protecting the city port and the closed shipyard of Tersane. On which they could build or – in case of danger – even shelter ships.

The octagonal tower has a height of 33 meters and consists of 5 floors. You can climb up, having overcome exactly 85 steps. On the way, having examined the well-preserved stuffing.

Cleopatra Beach

The main local beach occupies a 2-kilometer stretch of coast north of the fortress rock and the port. According to legend, it is covered with sand, specially brought by Mark Anthony for Queen Cleopatra from Egypt.

Not to see the beach, once in Alanya, is a difficult task. And for those who arrived on vacation with children, it is completely impossible. After all, where else can the offspring build castles, if not here?!

Right next to the beach, another iconic tourist attraction lurks – the Damlatash Cave. And upstairs, to the fortress, they stretched the cable car, Alanya Teleferik.


A visit to this cave will not enrich you with extremely vivid impressions – as it is quite small. That is, if you have been, for example, to the Postojna Cave in Slovenia, then you don’t have to go to Damlatash.

A visit, however, costs very little money – 4.5 liras. And for those who come here for medical treatment, the fee is completely symbolic – 0.5 lira. Note that the air inside cures bronchial asthma.

In general, sit yourself on a bench, breathe. Realize how lucky you are to be here.

One way or another, but in terms of popularity, Damlatash is definitely inferior to the cable car

Alanya Teleferik

Which lifts everyone straight from the beach named after the Egyptian queen to the fortress. And then lowers back … if you bought a round-trip ticket.

  • Pleasure will cost 39 Turkish liras in 2022

Please note that the cable car does not bring you to the very top of the hill. And to climb it, you still have to sweat. Especially if you came here in summer – weather in Alanya in November is cooler.

Archaeological Museum

Located in a pleasant neighborhood near the Cleopatra beach and the lower station of the cable car. And in principle, it is one of the must-see places in Alanya.

It’s just difficult to figure out in the exponats on your own – the help of a guide is desirable. Tickets to the museum are sold only for cash.

There is a restaurant and souvenir shops on site. This is if you intend to bring home back some gifts from Turkey.

House Museum of Ataturk

Small, cozy, sincere museum. It occupies a small but beautiful building where Kemal Ataturk stayed during his visits to Alanya.

This name says little to tourists. And few people will find it interesting to see the personal belongings of a Turkish politician. But the original century-old interiors and free admission deserve attention.

Lighthouse of Alanya

A beautiful white pillar stands at the end of a 500-meter pier that closes the harbor from the sea. Serves quite rightcritical targets, preventing ships from crashing into the embankment.

Today the lighthouse has become a prominent tourist attraction of the resort. No wander – it looks extremely photogenic.

Money for the passage to the lighthouse is not yet taken. And you can easily make an evening promenade along the pier, diversifying your photo archive with beautiful sunset shots.

Plus at the same time admire the local fishermen. Along the way, assessing the prospects for fishing in these waters.

Lighthouse in Alanya - one of the most prominent sights

Boat Trip

Few people, once in Alanya, do not want to go on a boat trip. Yes, not on an ordinary yacht – on a “pirate sailboat”. Images of which, if you notice, often flash in the panoramic shots of holidaymakers.

On board, vacationers will have lunch and a foam party, a stop for swimming in the open sea is provided. The views on the coast alone fully justify sailing.

Entertainment is not too expensive – $ 20-25 per person. And kids usually like it more than adults!

Where to Go in the Vicinity

In the summer, obviously, you will not have so much energy and desire to travel somewhere in the surroundings of Alanya. Unless you stubbornly set your sights on seeing Cappadocia, and literally nothing can shake your intention.

But both at the end of spring and, for example, in October, the weather in Alanya encourages active pastime. Moreover, there are plenty of interesting places both nearby and at a distance.

Dim Cave

Full of stalagmites and stalactites, a large karst cavern is located in the valley of the river of the same name. The cave is not too big, but exceptionally beautiful.

You can get there on your own: by bus and then on foot. But usage of the rented car will probably be an easier way.

The distance – only 15 km from the center – strongly convinces to make a visit. Best of all in the non-tourist time. To be able to admire the wonderful creation of nature in silence.


A trip to this canyon will urgently require the presence of personal transport. Although, in principle, excursions are also carried here.

Most tourists travel to Sapadera in summer. Sincerely hoping that the river in the canyon, waterfalls and cascades will create a pleasant cool atmosphere. Moreover, in Sapadera there are several equipped places for taking baths.

But theoretically, it is much more beautiful here in autumn – the yellow-red outfit of trees against the backdrop of rocks and splashing water looks fantastically beautiful.


The ruins of the ancient city of Siedra, which is 20 km south of Alanya, are significantly different from what you can see in Side or Perge. There are few columns, bas-reliefs and fragments of statues, but many remains of fortress walls and houses. Moreover, they are in a rather neglected state.

The ruins are located on a seaside hill. And the view around completely atones for the difficulty of the ascent.

In the reviews, it is reasonably advised to stock up on suitable shoes for a visit to Siedra. Because the crumbling path can drag you down along with your slippers. Also, carefully consider the question of whether to drag small children there.


One of the famous resort towns on the Turkish Riviera has its own ancient ruins. Which you definitely need to come to see from Alanya. After all, the distance is only 60 km – it’s about an hour by car.

You will have to pay 70 liras to visit the amphitheater. But the temple of Apollo, which is on the seashore, may be visited without any tickets and restrictions.


The amphitheater of this ancient city is usually highly recommended to see if you are staying in Antalya. Still – 30 km – not 90!

But we advise you to get to Aspendos even if you settle in Alanya. After all, the city was founded shortly after the end of the Trojan War – and it dates back to the XIII-XII centuries BC. The main attraction of Aspendos, a huge and well-preserved amphitheater, arose, however, in Roman times.

Opera performances are staged inside during the season. But even if you do not happen to become a member, powerful impressions are guaranteed. It is enough just to sit for a while on one of the steps of the ancient theater, to try to feel the aura enveloping it…

Delic Deniz

Charming, relatively inaccessible, but absolutely charming bay has not yet experienced a massive influx of tourists. Visited by individuals who managed to find their way, and therefore managed to preserve the original beauty.

Delik Deniz is a tiny turquoise lagoon in the coastal rocks, connected by an arch to the sea. Around – a riot of wild, actually pristine nature … And next to it – another bay. No less photogenic!

Beautiful? Not that word! And, most importantly, you can experience the real delight of the discoverer, find yourself in Delik Deniz completely alone – there are very few tourists in Alanya in autumn

From the center of the resort to the bay about 67 km along the highway. And on a rented car you will get there in an hour with a very small tail. It’s hard to get lost – even Google Maps knows about Delik Deniz!

Along the way, you can see the ruins of the ancient city of Antioch ad Cragum. Once used as a base by local pirates.

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