Where to Go from Barcelona?

There is something to see in Barcelona and its surroundings

Where to visit from Barcelona for 1 day or more? Top-7 attractions, distances, excursion prices 2023. What places near Barcelona to see first, how long to go to Andorra – in the material of good Time for Trip.

Barcelona is big and diverse! So much so that it’s rare that a tourist who has once visited the capital of Catalonia doesn’t want to come back here again and again.

However, although walks along La Rambla and trough the Gothic Quarter – especially on uncrowded nights – can bestow calm and tranquility, a feeling of some monotony of that is happening gradually penetrates into consciousness. And than doesn’t leave it.

Perhaps because you never went anywhere from Barcelona beyond Montserrat. And therefore you can’t say that you are well acquainted with Catalonia.

You are not alone, obviously! Statistics say, that no more than 30% of all tourists even consider visiting places outside Barcelona if they are further than 50 km.

Is it time to rewrite the story? We think it’s about time!

For the sake of order, we will assume that you are traveling on your own. And, therefore, you would like to know the schedule of trains and buses, the fare, the cost of car rental and significant attractions.

All this we will try to provide in our article!

7 Best Day Trips from Barcelona

As part of this review, we will not touch on travel to such cities relatively distant from the capital of Catalonia as Valencia or Madrid. Although in fairness, we note that getting to them is very simple – fast AVE trains fly like birds. That is much faster, of course.


This name is usually understood as an advertised mountain monastery in the rocks. Although, first of all, this is the name of the impressively beautiful mountain range 45 km west of the Catalan capital – it alone is worth the trip.

They say that on a good day – and they are in Barcelona in April in a close succession – distant Mallorca is visible from there. For you to understand, the Balearic Islands are located about 200 kilometers to the east!

Montserrat is one of the most unique places in Catalonia

For to visit Montserrat from Barcelona, ​​it is not necessary to buy organized excursions that are persistently offered everywhere. It is enough to walk or drive to Plaza España and sit on the FGC train on the R5 line towards Manresa.

It will take about an hour to go, then you should get off at the Aeri de Montserrat station. In case, if you are going to continue the trip to the monastery by cable car and want to fully enjoy the views.

If you prefer to go up with the rack railway, you need to get off at the Monistrol de Montserrat station.

To get acquainted with the current prices in 2023, we recommend visiting the website cremallerademontserrat.cat/en/.

A trip from Barcelona to Montserrat on a regular train costs less than 10 € each way. An entrance ticket to all the spaces of the monastery open for inspection is sold for 18 €: tickets.montserratvisita.com.


Two funiculars depart from the monastery to the mountains!

Sant Joan takes travelers even higher to enjoy the views. And Santa Cova, on the contrary, descends. To the sacred cave, where, according to legend, they found the statuette of the Black Madonna, allegedly carved by St. Luke.

You can always go to Montserrat and with an organized tour. Its cost, depending on the program and time of year, starts from 50-55 € per person.


The dwarf principality, especially popular among ski lovers, is actually beautiful at any time of the year. Many of those who have visited even express the curious opinion that Andorra is the prettiest place in all of Europe.

Like it or not – it’s worth checking it out for yourself! If you have seen all of Barcelona attractions and don’t know what to do?!

It is quite possible to get to Andorra la Vella from Barcelona in a day and return – a distance of about 200 km along the highway allows you to do this. Of course, if you decide not to mess with public transport and thus limit yourself in moving.

Read about how to get to Andorra from Barcelona in our separate article!


The medieval town with the name Vic is considered by many to be worthy, if not the second, then the third position in the list of places of interest near Barcelona.

If only because it is still little known. And the chance to run into groups of lovers of Catalan antiquities walking around the city is minimal. Especially if you come to Barcelona in March. Or some other time outside of high season.

Residents of Vic carefully treat the history of the city. And they like to arrange costumed masquerades and holidays.

There is also an incredibly beautiful central square, Plaza Mayor, a cathedral, painted in the 20th century by Josep Maria Sert. We advise you also to visit the Episcopal Museum in Vic – their is an excellent collection of medieval Catalan art.

It is not difficult to get there on your own, you need to drive about 70 km in a northerly direction. By car, you will have to spend about an hour on the road.

Using public transport will slightly lengthen the trip.

A train from Plaza Catalunya station on the R3 line will reach Vic in 1 hour and 20 minutes. The Sagales bus from Barcelona Casp Pau Claris station will arrive even faster.

Vic is a Barcelona side-trip worth making


Not so unambiguous from the point of view of every first traveler the attraction of Catalonia and Spain as a whole. First of all, because not everyone accepts Salvador Dali and his work.

Which doesn’t prevent the Dali Theater Museum from being one of the most popular attractions in the country.

Getting there from Barcelona by public transport is easy – the fast AVE train from Sants station will take you to Figueres in a maximum of an hour. You can also get there by bus, the Sagales company also serves this direction.

That’s just a trip to Figueres by car is a much more practical solution. After all, logically, you should also visit the house-museum of the artist in the seaside town of Cadaqués (35 km). At the same time seeing a piece of the Costa Brava!

It is wiser to buy an entrance ticket to the museum online – it costs 17 € per person.


Even before you leave for Figueres, we recommend you get to know Girona. Still not too popular and touristy city! And also an old and very beautiful one – in contrast to it, the ambiguous works of Dali will look especially futuristic.

In Girona, the remains of a mighty fortress wall with towers are well preserved, from where beautiful views open. There are several churches in the city, leading a pedigree from the depths of the Middle Ages.

The Cathedral of St. Mary, the Church of San Felipe, the monastery of St. Dominic – these sights are a must to visit. Also head to Girona to explore the local Jewish Quarter, Île Calle.

It has survived pretty good. What cannot but amaze, because the Jews were expelled from Spain in the XV century!

The distance from Barcelona to Girona by highway is 100 km. And you can get there in about an hour and a half.

The AVE train from Sants station will take you to Girona in just 38 minutes, the ticket costs from 20 € one way. Less fast trains are cheaper, but they take more than an hour to travel and depart from Barcelona El Clot Arago station.


A trip to this city on the Mediterranean coast, a hundred kilometers south of Barcelona, ​​will especially appeal to lovers of antiquity. For in Tarragona, the Roman amphitheater, the forum, the necropolis and a piece of the original fortress walls dating back to the 3rd century BC are perfectly preserved.

Peace and quiet joy will surely settle in the soul of those who walk along the streets of the Parta Alta quarter on a hill. The most notable attraction here is the Tarragona Cathedral. Massive building, which began to be built in the XII century.

Another significant attraction, the Roman aqueduct De Les Ferreres, which was responsible for delivering water to the city, will have to be reached by car – it is located 5 kilometers from Tarragona. Everyone can also visit the famous Mediterranean balcony. An brilliant observation deck on the coastal cliff – you just need to get to the end of the Rambla Nova.

From Barcelona to Tarragona, you usually take a train from Sants station. Such a journey takes time. A one-way ticket costs about 10 €.

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