Crete in May

Trip to Crete in May is worth doing

Crete in May 2024 – is it worth going? Weather, temperature, what to wear, is it possible to swim, prices in hotels and on excursions, how is it crowded? What to see and do in Crete in early May and late spring, where to visit with kids – found out good Time for Trip.

Maybe you know that travelers, especially foreign ones, are considered Crete the most desirable resort destination of Greece. The Greeks themselves hold a similar opinion – the homeland of the Minotaur catches the eye both in size and pristine beauty.

Also this island extremely attracts people with its powerful historical aura. No wonder – incredibly ancient, literally prehistoric, traces of the mysterious Minoan civilization have been preserved here!

The local climate is also deserves applause – already in the very beginning of May there is warm and sunny in Crete. As to the end of spring, that time the island turns into a real paradise on earth, gets in full bloom and smells!

Do you want some more details? Need to know whether you can sunbathe and swim in Crete in May, what are the best places for doing it? What to pack for such a trip, and wear on the place, how busy is it?

What things better to do in Crete during May and how many cost a pleasure of being in popular destination out of popular time?

Here we’ll provide you all required information!

Weather in Crete in May

In the beginning of the month, it’s getting quite warm here – the air temperature on a regular basis reach the range above +22 °C. At nights it’s colder – sometimes the atmosphere cools down to +10-12 °C. Although usually, of course, it’s still warmer – about +15-16 °C.

In some years in early May Crete is less hospitable. As the local weather by noon provides only up to +16-18 degrees Celsius. Not in the shade – in the sun!

By the middle of the month, things are usually looking up. And street thermometers in Crete’s coastal towns begin to show something close to +25 °C or even to +27-28 °C.

At the end of May, both warming up to +30 °C and cooling down to the level of +20 °C may occur in Crete. And no one can predict in advance of how it will be – you should prepare for both scenarios.

All of the above written applies only and exclusively to the coast of the island. For in the mountain areas of Crete throughout whole May will be much colder!

In some places, the air even during the day hardly warms up to +10-12 °C. At night, it becomes completely uncomfortable there, temperatures sometimes drop to +3-6 °C.

Remember that the instability of the weather and not high average temperatures, in principle, are characteristic of Crete in late spring. Which, of course, shouldn’t discourage you from traveling to the island throughout this period.

In May you can enjoy in Crete a warm but not hot weather

Rains an Winds

The are some good news though – no one can deny that even against the background of relatively low temperatures, in May Crete is an extremely sunny place. The amount of precipitation here rarely exceeds 30 mm per (last spring) month, and the probability of a clear day reaches 80%.

As well won’t disrupt any plans winds, which tourists, vacationing in northern Crete, often complain about. For a banal reason – at the end of spring, they are far from as strong as people think

Of course, on some day you will think twice about whether to swim in the sea, and then decide only to sunbathe on the shore. But at the same time, the idea of canceling an excursion to Chania or, for example, to some picturesque place in the local mountains, simply will not come to mind!

Sea Temperature

A British citizens who are used to visiting resorts on the North Sea will probably smile when they are told that swimming in Crete in May is not a good idea. After all, from their point of view, the sea, warmed up to +18-19 °C already by Labor Day, is great for even long swims?!

But a spoiled tourist, of course, will not dip into such a cool water. Even if they promise him a hot day – that’s why island hotels and villas with heated pools are especially popular here that time of the year!

By mid-May the sea off the coast of Crete lazy begins to warm up to +20 °C: if not by noon, then by 2-3 o’clock in the afternoon. By the beginning of summer it almost always reaches a temperature level of +21-22 °C.

What to Wear in Crete in May

In Heraklion and Chania, at other island’s resorts, during May everyone goes dressed in almost summer clothes. And they remember about jackets only in the evenings.

Which really shouldn’t be misleading – you need to pack some warm clothes going to visit Crete in May. Since the presence of a windbreaker and sweaters in the suitcase is simply mandatory.

Otherwise, you will deeply freeze, deciding to meet the sunset on the seashore. Or leaving the bowels of an auto or bus during a tour of the island’s mountain plateaus

Almost certainly, unpleasant emotions will experience those who are going on a hiking expedition in May, for example, along the Samaria Canyon, in only shorts and polos. Frivolously dressed citizens equally are at risk of hypothermia and during a night stop in tents in some local highlands.

There is quite cold in Crete's highlands in May

At the same time, don’t forget to take with you items that are simply necessary during a vacation at the sea. That is: shirts with long sleeves, light trousers of a loose fit and made of natural fabrics, pareos, shawls, long-brimmed hats and caps with large visors.

After all, all this, together with sunscreen, will protect your skin from excess portions of ultraviolet light. As mentioned above, there is an abundance of sunlight in Crete in late spring!

Prices 2024

An apartment or a room for two in a Crete’s hotels that are located within a walking distance from the sea in May will cost 350-400 € per week. In case if you go on holiday in early or mid-May, that is, before the onset of almost guaranteed warming.

A rare option with good reviews and a modest price is Almiros Apartments Guest house in Agios Nikolaos, 60 km east of Heraklion. The beach is nearby, but the complex also has an extensive swimming pool.

Their rooms are equipped not only with air conditioning, but also with refrigerators

Accommodation in Heraklion itself costs a little more. But for 450-500 € per week (for three) you will be able to rent enough spacious Mara’s cozy city apt. By the way, this flat is located in the very center of the Cretan capital.

From 450 € for a week you will have to pay for of accommodation in Chania. Moreover there are not so many good options for this price! One of the best (both of a size and a high rating) – TheJoy City Suites.

Do you want to rent a whole and well-equipped house? With a swimming pool and in a beautiful mountainous area of Crete?

Alas, even in May, you will have to pay from 1 100 € per week for an option like Villa Kastelas

The cost of excursions of Crete is quite high even in late spring. In particular, a one-day cruise from Heraklion to the picturesque Mirabella Bay and Spinalonga Island costs about 65-70 € per person. 40-45 € will be paid by those who wish to participate in a bus and walking tour from Chania to Samaria Gorge.

What to Do in Crete in May

As you can see by reading the previous paragraphs, May is an ideal time for visiting a lot of places in Crete. Mild weather, plenty of sunny days, a modest number of tourists – many of them are still just remembering where they put their suitcase – isn’t this a reason to take advantage of the moment?!

Moreover, there are not so many attractions in Crete. And you will be able to see the main ones in just 2-3 trips around the island.

Organized excursions are addressed to those who intend to relax completely. Or eager to look at well-known places like the Knossos Palace or the Dikteon Cave from an unusual angle.

The list of must-visit places also includes Venetian old towns of Chania and Rethymno. As well as the fabulously beautiful Balos lagoon on the west coast of Crete and the ruins of the Greek polis Falasarna.

One more time we recommend to visit Samaria Gorge, which is located near Agia Roumeli in the south of the island. And see the ruins of the palace of Festos.

Initially, in this period of the year it’s worth thinking about voyage from Crete to Santorini. After all, a visit to this island can significantly complement your idea of the beautiful

You can get to Thira from Heraklion pretty quickly. Depending on the type of ferry, the journey in this direction will last from 2 to 6 hours.


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