Prague in April

Is it worth going to Prague in April

Prague in April 2024 – is it worth visiting? Weather, air temperature, prices in hotels and on excursions. Where to do in Prague in early April and closer to May, where to go in the Czech Republic – found out good Time for Trip.

Subjectively, April in Europe is the best month from the point of view of a tourist who greedily absorbs impressions. After all, at this time nature wakes up after the cold and slushy March, does it powerfully and brightly.

Not everywhere, of course, somewhere in the north of Norway there are still snowdrifts and cold winds howling. But in the central part of the continent, for example, in Prague in April it is already warm and bright.

The trees are dressed in green outfits, plums and cherries are blooming, the blossoming lilac smells stupefyingly. Everyone is encouraged, often cloudy, but very dry weather, literally provoking people to stay outside from early morning until very late in the evening.

All this, of course, does not go unnoticed by potential travelers, and their number on the streets increases in comparison with March. Because many foreigners consider a trip to Prague in April as the best way to celebrate spring.

Of course, prices are also rising! Both in hotels and on excursions around the city. Which one, depending on the mood of the viewers, can be Gothic or Baroque, Renaissance or even classical.

However, prices at that time are still below their May or summer levels. Which circumstance, of course, is worth using!

Weather in Prague in April

doesn’t sin with special stability, but in principle adheres to its own rules of behavior. Which generally do not change from year to year: temperature spikes happen, but the expectation of something good and festive is still soaring in the air. It feels like the real summer is just around the corner!

The atmosphere seems to be electrified, during a regular tour of the old town of Prague you experience such a rush of energy that it’s even amazing! After all, somewhere winter is far from over, many citizens, if not all, are suffering from vitamin deficiency, being apathetic and sluggish.

In early April 2023, the air temperature in Prague fluctuated during the day between +5 and 10 °C. At night, it was possible to expect both a decrease to +3-5 °C and light frosts.

The air temperature in Prague fluctuated during the day between +5 and 10 °C

By the middle of the month, the maximum air temperature at times reached the range of +12-15 °C. Although in the evenings it still became noticeably more cheerful outside, no more than +3-6 °C. An increasing number of excursion boats began to appear on the Vltava River, some tourists impatiently waiting for summer rented catamarans.

There was a turning point in Prague by the end of April – the columns of street thermometers increasingly began to rise above +15 ° C. And the nights stopped freezing, you could finally forget the warm jacket in the hotel room and not regret it by the evening.

Need to emphasize that the central month of spring in the Czech capital is not too rich of perfectly clear days – the sky is much more often covered with clouds. But on the other hand, the rains are short-lived and make very minimal adjustments to your program of what should to do Prague in April.

Precipitation and Sunlight

Average monthly rainfall: 40-50 mm. Inclement weather usually turns out to be no more than 3-4 days in the whole month.

On April 1, the sun rises over Prague at 5.40 am, and goes to illuminate the other hemisphere of the Earth at 18.30. The daylight length is thus almost 13 hours!

By the end of the month, on the eve of Labor Day, the sun rises over the Czech capital at 20 minutes to 5. And it goes over the horizon at 19.20!

What to Take With You

If you plan to come to Prague in the first half of April, do not forget to put warm clothes in your suitcase: quilted jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts, hoodies. It is quite possible that they will be useful here also in the second half of the month.

However, many travelers today no longer pay attention to such “old-fashioned” clothes, preferring to dress in a universal sporty style. Lightweight and practical suits, trousers and jackets, which sometimes do not look particularly appropriate against the background of centuries-blackened medieval walls, but significantly expand the possibilities of travelers.

Such equipment, combined with thermal underwear, looks almost an ideal choice in the case of an unstable weather, when you don’t know what to expect during the day.

If the sky is frowning, and a sharp wind is blowing from the Vltava, you just have to button up tight and put on a hood. Has the sun come out and is it hot? Then you can take off the top layer of clothes in a few seconds.

It’s better to forget about model shoes and heeled boots right away. After all, the streets of Prague are covered with paving stones, which are best handled by feet dressed in comfortable sneakers.

Is it necessary to take warm clothes to Prague in April

It is worth also


that in April it rains in Prague, albeit for a short time. So the tourist may well need an umbrella, thoughtfully placed in a travel backpack. Although seasoned travelers will probably prefer a more advantageous option in the form of a bright raincoat.

Firstly, it is a much better protection in case of rain combined with strong winds. And secondly, you will have free hands for operations with a smartphone or camera – you want to take pictures and selfies in Prague all the time!

What to Do in Prague in April

The capital of the Czech Republic is blossoming along with the whole country! So even a slowpoke will understand that in order to get the most impressive emotions, need to be outdoors more often.

It is not necessary, by the way, that you constantly walk in large green zones like the Letna Park – although this place in Prague is also worth visiting in April. Because the Czech capital is basically a very green city, with lots of small squares that incredibly enliven urban neighborhoods.

Like most other travel guides, we recommend paying a visit to Prague Castle. Inside which both the former royal palace and the huge St. Vitus Cathedral are comfortably located. As well as a number of other ancient buildings, plus a touching Golden Street!

The Old Town Square and the surrounding neighborhoods are always crowded with people. in April it is impossible to find solitude on the Charles Bridge as well. But not every traveler climbs to the towers flanking it on the sides – in order to do this, you need to be in good physical shape.

Be sure to take a walk or two around

The Jewish Quarter

– this place is especially beautiful and romantic in spring. Travelers with kids will certainly pay a visit to the Prague Zoo, one of the largest and most spacious in all of Europe.

Whether you will see interesting places near Prague in April depends on the duration of your visit to the Czech Republic. Well, and a bit – on your finance.

Since organized tours to the same Cesky Krumlov or Karlovy Vary, Kutna Hora or Dresden in general are not exactly a budget pleasure. However, they aren’t too expensive – almost anyone can afford 65-80 € for a trip of this format!

Cesky Krumlov is worth a visit in Prague in April

Prices 2024

Over the past few years Czech capital has been experiencing a real tourist boom. The medieval city, which has preserved a lot of architectural monuments from different eras, was suddenly and massively loved by American tourists. Equally Europeans, as well as residents of the British Isles, in search of a worthy alternative to the overly crowded Paris and Barcelona, are increasingly directing their views in this course.

As a result, there is a pronounced and strong increase in prices, primarily for accommodation. Fortunately, however, hotels and apartments in Prague are still cheaper – especially in April – than in many other European capitals.

In particular, for just € 100 per night, a couple of travelers can stay at the extremely cozy and recently renovated Carlton Hotel. Located not in the city center, but just a few tram stops away!

For a not fundamentally large amount of money, you can find a much more advantageously located apartment. For example, numa I Flow Rooms & Apartments, from where you can walk to the “Dancing House”, a well-known symbol of the Czech capital, in just a couple of minutes. After a walk of about 15 minutes, you will reach the Charles Bridge.

The 4-star Residence Bologna Hotel is even more advantageously located – for about 130 € per day you will not only be accommodated in a well-maintained and fairly spacious room, but also get an excellent breakfast. The reviews highly praise just these latter, as well as the staff. And they pay tribute to the location of the hotel – having settled in such a place, you can forget about any transport and even the Prague metro.

City Tours

should also not ruin even a tourists traveling with children. Because, for example, a guided tour of Prague Castle will cost $ 35-40 per person. And a 45-minute cruise along the Vltava River, which includes refreshing drinks, costs less than $ 20.


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