Where to Relax in Cyprus

Ayia Napa - the best family resort in Cyprus

The best resorts in Cyprus – where to relax on the beach? Weather by months, water temperature, prices 2023. The number of tourists, what to do and to see in Cyprus resorts on your own or as part of an organized excursion group – in the review of good Time for Trip.

Vacationing in Cyprus is a great thing! Such a conclusion based on indisputable facts, is being made by an increasing number of tourists from Europe and even America!

Indeed, there is no need to apply for a visa to Cyprus. And the local climate allows you to walk without a jacket for six to seven months.

There is very sunny – more than enough. Yes, and swimming in Cyprus is stopped only in November. While it starts – no later than in April!

The Cypriots themselves are quite welcoming. And although they reasonably look at tourists as a source of income, that fact don’t inflate prices to unimaginable heights.

  • “The Promised Land”, and only – you say. And will be right!

By the way, the number of foreigners who wished to boost the local economy by investing in real estate is not so small. What to do: they have become attached to the soul and do not want to part with their beloved sunny island.

It’s understandable – the status of the owner gives a number of tangible preferences.

TOP Сyprus Resorts

The vast majority of tourists rest in the greek part of the island. No wonder – the country is a full part of the European Union and the eurozone. Which implies high standards of infrastructure and service.

The most famous resorts in Cyprus are the following:


well suited for recreation for low-income people, large families, pensioners. One of the key advantages – good transport accessibility. Well, and the mild climate, of course.

The airport is close at hand. And you can observe landing planes directly from Mackenzie Beach. Actually, you can go there as soon as you unpack your things!

In the city itself hotels are simpler and cheaper. In the located nearby Pissouri village they are more expensive.

The beaches in Larnaca are sandy. But the sand has a not quite optimistic, grayish tint. It’s not mud, just volcanic…

Larnaca is the one of most popular resorts in Cyprus

An interesting attraction is the Swedish ferry “Zenonia”, that sank here in the 80s of the last century. Those who consider themselves divers, should be interested in the excursion to the ship, lying at a depth of around 20 meters.

Note, that it’s better to spend vacation in Larnaca in September. For in the summer here, as in other island resorts, it is sometimes unimaginably (over +50) hot.

According to legend, Larnaca was founded by one of the grandsons of Noah, Kittim. Which – of course – gives reason to the locals to be proud of their town.

Like it or not, it is not known for certain. But the settlement on the site of the modern city existed 2 thousand years before the birth of Christ.

The ancient Greeks knew it under the name Kition. And it was here that the philosopher Zeno, the creator of a whole trend in this science, stoicism was born.

Anyone, who even a little interested in antiquity should visit Kition, a huge archaeological site – mcw.gov.cy

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Ayia Napa

Local Ibiza, a place for young people and those who want to hang out. There are many noisy establishments, as well as vacationers.

On the beaches, you can take part in unsafe water attractions. Such as water skiing or paragliding. Despite the established reputation, there is a place for a less active audience to relax.

Beautiful sandy beaches with golden sand, clear sea, sometimes very shallow near the coast – this is if you describe Ayia Napa in short.

We would add the practical absence of sights – Cape Greco does not count!

Nissi Bay is Ayia Napa’s most famous and the noisiest beach in the resort. Music thunders from morning to evening, shows and “parties” are constantly held.

Naturally, this happens only in the high season! Those who decide to spend holidays in Cyprus in March will be pleasantly surprised by the small number of people around.

  • Even in summer Makronisos beach is noticeably less busy. And therefore recommended for more sedate vacationers
  • Lanta Beach is located between these two. It’s well suited for families with children
  • The well-known Konnos Bay is located right on Cape Greco.

Protaras is a resort for family people and people tired of civilization. It is even more boring here: a minimum of temptations, a lot of opportunities for relaxation. Also beautiful golden beaches, clear water and easy entry into the sea.


A big resort, the largest in Cyprus. Prices in hotels, by the way, are slightly higher than in Larnaca.

The beaches covered with gray volcanic sand. And the best of them are located outside the city!

The flat “Lady’s Mile” goes towards the British base of Akrotiri. And Governors Beach is hidden in the pretty white chalk cliffs of Kalymnos Bay. To get there you need to go towards Larnaca.

There are something to visit in Limassol. Very popular are the local Archaeological Museum and the ancient castle. As well as Kourion Archaeological Site, the ruins of an ancient city on the shores of the Episkopi Bay. Ruins, columns, Roman mosaics – everything is as it should be.

The city was founded by the Mycenaean Greeks around the time of the Trojan War. That is, the time when Cyprus honored its isit Aphrodite.


Quite an expensive resort town in the west of Cyprus. Not very big, but popular due to the large number of attractions

The beaches in the city are small. In addition, most of them are pebbly. Hotels with their own beaches are unreasonably expensive.

There are enough sights in Paphos and nearby. And even those who rest in Cyprus in January, as well as in other off-season months, will certainly come here,

For the Archaeological Park of Paphos occupies a large area. And the well-preserved ancient Roman mosaics are a miracle how good.

The city consists of two separate parts. Its own Paphos on the coast (Kato) and the upper (Ktima), which stretches about 3 km on the spurs of the Troodos ridge.

Ktima is the heart of the old town. There tourists can feel the breath of history and natural, true Greek flavor, dine in small taverns and stroll along the narrow streets.

The main resort life is in full swing in Kato Paphos, on the coast, where hotels, bars, discos, a busy promenade are located.

Equally, the city is chosen by those who would like to visit the Akamas National Park and see the legendary Blue Lagoon as their base. Relatively close to the city, in the Troodos mountains, is Kykkos. The main and largest island monastery.

Northern Cyprus

Note, that coming here directly from outside the island will be considered illegal entry into the country. From the point of view of the Republic of Cyprus.

As this coutry have legal grounds to believe that this territory is temporarily occupied by Turkey. And someday it will be returned.

It is much more correct to cross the border into the Turkish part of Cyprus in a rented car. Or even on foot – neither your passport nor future prospects will suffer from this.

What is Protaras in Cyprus like?


This is the closest resort to Greek Protaras, you can even get there by bike. Local beaches are considered the best in Cyprus: wide, with fine sand, clear sea. Prices for everything are noticeably lower than on the Greek side.

The “postcard” look is slightly spoiled by the presence of rickety fences and barbed wire that enclose the abandoned resort town of Varosh. It ended up right on the demarcation line and was abandoned by residents in 1974.

Famous for its beautiful sandy beaches the peninsula Karpasia – “finger” pointing towards Turkey. Its picturesque “Golden Beach” is so far from civilization that it is hardly visited. Only turtles come here to lay their eggs.


Once known by its Greek name, Kyrenia, now is the most romantic resort in Cyprus. The Venetian fortress, narrow streets, old houses are perfectly preserved here. Everywhere are blooming roses and orange trees .

There are practically no convenient beaches in the city itself. Therefore, swimming and sunbathing should be outside of Girne.

All the beaches here are sandy, some of them belong to hotels.

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