Cyprus in September

There is quite hot in Cyprus in September

Cyprus in September 2024 – where is better to go? Weather and sea temperature, what to wear, hotel and tours prices. What to do in Cyprus in early September and close to October, where to visit, whether it is worth renting a car – in a detailed review of good Time for Trip.

Cyprus is a small island in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks to its mild climate, as well as the abundance of excellent beach resorts, it has managed to establish itself as a prominent destination for seaside holiday – an inexpensive one!

The presence of a considerable number of ancient attractions and authentic old villages in Cyprus that have perfectly preserved the centuries-old way of life, make vacations here especially interesting. So much so that even in December in Cyprus arrive foreign tourist!

However, we aren’t talking about such (quite extreme thing) right here. Instead of this, we’re trying to reveal a much more interesting topic – how warm or hot is in Cyprus during September? And what will you lose if arrive here a little later – to the final part of the month?

If you didn’t know, the summer in Cyprus is “nothing to breathe” time. And in August, the air temperature sometimes may exceed +50 °C mark. That will seem tolerable to a small part of potential holidaymakers

And what in autumn? I’ll tell you right now!

Weather in Cyprus in September

is able to get some sort of ovation. But true, only with local residents! Since most of foreign holidaymakers who came in Cyprus in the first decade of September aren’t able to fully experience all the island’s charm.

And how the can do this, if the local air is warmed to +32-34 °C (89,6-93,2 °F) far before noon? At night temperatures don’t drop below +26-28 °C (78,8-82,4 °F).

Rain falls at the very minimum, and the sun is scorching like it’s been resting all summer, but now set to catch up. Clouds begin to loom in the sky usually only in October. Which month in Cyprus is also very sunny but not so hot!

In September you can swim in Cyprus

Humidity in the Mediterranean island in September “live” in a healthy range and rarely exceeds 60-65%

Thanks to that, sultry weather is tolerated relatively easy. At least, by those, who haven’t serious issues with their heart and blood vessels.

Subconsciously, of course, tourists are waiting for a little more coolness – after all, it’s autumn in the yard, not the middle of summer. However, those who easily endure such heat will consider that Cyprus in the first half of September (at least) looks very promising.

Toward the end of the month, it gets a little colder. Daytime air temperatures drop to moderate level of +25-27 °C (77-80,6 °F). At night it’s a bit colder, up to +22-24 °C (71,6-75,2 °F)?

In some years the air temperature in Cyprus began descending into the indicated range only after September 25-28. Prior to that, it regularly climbed the peaks of +27-28 °C (80,6-82,4 °F).

4-Days Weather Forecast See Here –

Sea Temperature

In early autumn, the sea off the coast of Cyprus is usually warmed up to + 26-28 °C (78,8-82,4 °F). That is, it even refresh a little – in summer the local water area with a temperature of +30 °C (86 °F) doesn’t cope with this function.

Traditionally on the west coast: in Ayia Napa and Protaras, the sea are is a degree or two warmer than in Paphos and Larnaca.

By the end of September, the sea off Cyprus cools down to +24-25 °C (75,2-77 °F) almost everywhere. And the island willingly takes the next wave of holidaymakers.

What to Do in Cyprus in September

Despite usually hot weather, it’s worth taking a closer look at the authentic villages and ancient monasteries in the mountainous part of Cyprus. Moreover, among the forests and waterfalls you will feel some kind of relief!

Especially well known the Kykkos Monastery, at one time treated by the attention of the Byzantine emperors. Worthy of visiting are local villages: Pedoulas and Mutulas, Latchi, Kakopetria, Platres.

Kykkos Monastery is worth visiting in September in Cyprus

In the first of them, attracts special attention the ancient church of Michael the Archangel. It dates back to the end of the 15th century and along with 10 other Troodos temples is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Lovely and very picturesque place you need to get to in Cyprus is the Blue Lagoon in Akamas Park (near Paphos). Where you can both swim in turquoises sea or sunbath on a sandy beach

Equally, I recommend to visit in Paphos the ancient Roman villas with mosaics. In any time of the year and especially in September no one shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit Cape Greco near Ayia Napa. That is, on the opposite (to Paphos) side of the island.

It can be done for obvious reason – there you can see beautiful grottoes in limestone rocks and swim in the amazingly clear sea. Or may be even go diving?!

If you are on vacation with kids, spend a day at one of the local water park. Because all of them (4) are still working in Cyprus throughout September!

The largest one, the Fasouri Watermania, is located in Limassol. There are noteworthy entertainment parks in Ayia Napa and Paphos also.

Tourists who aren’t going to rent a car in Cyprus, can pay attention to tours. They are not too expensive here: for € 25-30 you can take part in a cruise, and for € 45-50 – take a day trip into internal parts of the island.


Prices in rather Cyprus’ resorts don’t particularly differ a lot. However, in Paphos or Protaras accommodation costs a little more than in Larnaca or Limassol.

In Ayia Napa for about € 80 a day you can book “exceptional” Shalos Studios, the comfy flat of 30 m2 with a “perfect location”. My favorite accommodation in Paphos is the Kerynia Apartments. A bit too expensive (over € 100 per three) but very spacious and clean place having tiny patio and underground parking


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