What to Bring Home from the Czech Republic

In Prague tourist can buy a lot of souvenirs

What to buy in the Czech Republic as a souvenir or gift? Dolls from Prague, jewelry with garnets, cosmetics, food, Czech beer, Bohemian glass. Is it worth bringing home from the Czech Republic clothing and shoes, other popular among tourists things – found out good Time for Trip.

Czechia, like its capital Prague, has been one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations in Europe. Not surprising – an increasing number of travelers from the United States and the United Kingdom, who previously showed a keen interest only in visiting Paris re Barcelona, are now discovering other, “small” European cities.

It seems quite natural that during their trips travelers want not only to see the main sights of Prague, but also buy some souvenirs or gifts in memory of the Czech Republic.

Not to do this, that is, not to make at least a brief shopping here, is the wrong step. An act that you will regret for a long time afterwards

Because if familiarization with the assortment and prices in stores abroad pleasantly diversify the tourist routine, then returning home with beautiful and original things will elevate the traveler in his own eyes. Moreover, some of such purchases will undoubtedly decorate the interior of flats and houses.

Surely will grow and the status of a tourist who buys in the Czech Republic and brings home a bottle or two of local beer – at least in the eyes of friends. After all, who wouldn’t want to participate in a “beer party” where they will be pouring this very high-quality and tasty (for connoisseurs, of course) drink?

That’s why we will start talking what travelers usually enjoy bringing home from Prague from the beer. Especially since this Czech drink is mentioned in literally every review dedicated to this topic.

Czech Beer

is a classic thing. The most popular product and perhaps even a souvenir, the purchase of which in Prague requires no significant effort. After all, it is sold practically on every corner, and the abundance of choice is astonishing.

And if you look into the matter, this circumstance will not cause amazement – the Czech Republic is one of the world leaders in beer production. Brands like Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus, Budweiser, Krušovice, Staropramen can cause real ecstasy in a person who loves this beverage.

In Prague, there are even excursions dedicated to beer. At the end of which, perhaps, you can get so drunk that you won’t forget the way back to the hotel…

Prices for beer in Czech shops contribute to the frenzied demand: you can often buy a half-liter bottle or can for only 10-15 crowns. That is, only about $ 0.45-0.7!

Beer is the most obvious gift from the Czech Republic

The idea of stocking up on such “souvenirs” has significant drawbacks

Firstly, air travelers cannot bring much beer from Prague – transportation will be too expensive. Again, are you personally want to overload your suitcase with beer, even if it is Czech?

Instead of buying in duty-free French cognac or, for example, “Becherovka”? The famous Karlovy Vary herbal liqueur, which travelers are often bringing from the Czech Republic as an original gift?

What Else

Also, from Prague you can  bring home absinthe. The real one: made from wormwood, fennel, and anise, manufactured in accordance with the traditional French recipe. The classic alcoholic beverage with a strength of 70%.

Choosing absinthe is a special art – you can’t approach it casually. Because varieties like St. Antoine, La Grenouille, L’Ancienne, Cami Toulouse Lautrec are genuinely good


First and foremost, let’s mention natural Czech cosmetics from the brand Manufaktura. It’s quite original – Manufaktura adds beer to its own cosmetic products, which positively affects their consumer properties. Moreover, this brand has learned to use wine in shampoos!

Balms, gels, foams, creams, soaps, and similar products from Manufaktura are popular among locals and tourists. Therefore, the brand’s cosmetics rightfully occupy leading positions in the ranking of souvenirs brought from the Czech Republic. And from Prague, in particular!

There are plenty of branded stores of the company in the capital city and the country. Of course, products with the proud inscription are also present on the shelves of many supermarkets.

However, we recommend not focusing only on “manufactured” goods.

Pay attention to completely natural skin and hair care products from Bione Cosmetics. As well as the line of inexpensive but high-quality Ryor brand


In the Czech Republic, it’s necessary to buy silver jewelry with garnet inlays. You can also purchase them separately.

But, as some reviews rightly note, the combination of this wine-colored semi-precious stone and silver in jewelry looks simply luxurious

Garnets from Czechia are extracted in the vicinity of the town Turnov – only the Granát Turnov cooperative is the lucky holder of the license to extract them from the depths.

Incidentally, it is also the largest producer of jewelry made from this stone. For those who fear counterfeiting, we recommend purchasing ornamentals exclusively in official stores.

It’s worth bringing jewelry with garnet inserts from the Czech Republic

Bohemian Glass

Buying excellent but fragile glass in the Czech Republic and then taking it to your homeland is a questionable idea. It’s tempting, no doubt – not many people today have a set of glasses made of the famous Bohemian glass – but quite risky.

Tourists coming to the Czech Republic by car can afford to carefully pack the glass and bring it home safely. But we will not advise air travelers to do the same

For reference, the Moser company from Karlovy Vary is the most famous and probably authoritative among Czech glass manufacturers.


A plush figure of the mole, Krtek, the character from a Soviet cartoon, is probably purchased by every first tourist arriving in Prague. You can give it to a child, place it in a glass showcase or bookshelf, or hang it on the car window.

A similar souvenir in a sign of sincere sympathy can also be presented to old friends. Ideally, with a bottle of the original alcohol, of course

Ceramic dishes with views of Czech towns are in natural demand. But it’s not surprising – the walls of many apartments and houses are adorned with such plates from travels.

A noticeably more expensive souvenir from Prague is marionette dolls. They are considered an author’s handmade product, hence their quite high cost.

Perhaps it’s good, even great, to bring dolls from all the cities you visit. But in our mind it’s not so bright idea.

Probably because we are simply unable to successfully pass a test on the topic of “find ten differences” among dolls arriving from different countries. Maybe they have been made in the same (well-known to everyone) country?

You can buy souvenirs in Prague to suit every taste


It’s not customary to bring any food from Prague – unlike Italy. The above doesn’t apply to the famous Karlovy Vary wafers, which tourists often buy in the Czech Republic as a sweet gift for kids.

It’s recommended to load the suitcase with a couple of packages of moldy Hermelin cheese – it will go well as a snack with beer. If, of course, you are a fan of this product and always bring Camembert from France or Gorgonzola from Italy.

You can also buy real French and Italian cheeses in the Czech Republic. However, the price will be noticeably higher than in their home countries


Honestly, we will not advise buying anything in terms of clothing in the Czech Republic. Niche brands are usually unknown elsewhere, and you can only guess about their true quality. Although many tourists in reviews claim that goods produced in the Czech Republic are very good.

International and recognizable clothing and footwear brands in Prague and any other Czech city are expensive. So there is no point in filling suitcases with them.

However, we won’t claim that you won’t find anything worthwhile exploring small Prague shops – it happens!

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