Sales in Italy on Winter and Summer

What month is sale in Italy?

Winter and summer sales in Italy in 2024: when they start and end, how to buy quality clothes and shoes. What discounts are offered, what to pay attention to? Which stores and outlets in Milan and Rome are offered the best sales, where are they located – in the overview of good Time for Trip.

Sales in Italy: the famous SALDI – a significant event in the life of the country and the world as a whole, attracting tens of thousands of foreign tourists to major cities. Their sole purpose is to acquire clothing, footwear, or accessories from well-known brands of the previous year’s collection at a huge discount.

Twice a year, in winter and summer, the best stores and outlets in Italy in Milan and Rome, Florence, other cities, during sales offer potential buyers absolutely new and high-quality but slightly outdated goods. Through SALDI, in January and February are sold autumn-winter collections preceding the sales, and in summer – spring-summer collections.

By the way, don’t confuse terms: SALDI and SCONTI. In Italy, SALDI refers to official sales sanctioned by the state to stimulate demand. The actions named SCONTI can be introduced by stores at any time for attention-grabbing purposes or other reasons.

Need to Know

There are certain unwritten rules for those planning to visit Italy’s sales not just to witness the mass frenzy but primarily to make a purchase.

Do not focus solely on outerwear; remember to check out lower garments and accessories.

Since SALDI is the best time to stock up on quality tights, socks, underwear, belts, and scarves at reasonable prices

If the discount reaches 50 or even 70%, don’t forget to inspect the item for defects, as they may be hidden and not noticeable at first glance. Keep the receipt, as by law, you can return any defective item and gave a refund.

During sales in Italy, discounts reach 50 or even 70%

Try on the purchased item at the earliest opportunity to return any defective items.

Visiting stores and outlets on Saturdays in the late afternoon and on Sundays is not the best idea during sales in Italy. Since this time is used for family shopping! Coming to a shopping mall in the morning on a weekday or an hour before closing is a more fruitful venture.

Small shops and individual boutiques usually open at 9-10 am and close at 6-7 pm. Most of them don’t work on Sundays

Large shopping malls, multi-brand stores, outlets trading various brands during the peak of sales in Italy operate from morning until evening. Without weekends and lunch breaks, usually from 10 am to 9-10 pm.

Discounts and Dates

Prices for goods, regulated by the 1939 law, are set once for the entire duration of the SALDI and cannot be increased based on demand. Therefore, buyers monitor the start of the sale to have the opportunity to choose the desired model and size.

If this is done even with a slight delay, purchases will have to be made from the remaining stock. By this time, however, discounts grow to astronomical 60-70%.

And you will get a chance to make a successful purchase in passing. Just by looking into the store to unwind after an interesting city tour

The decision on the start date of sales in Italy is made by the authorities of each region of the country. It is unlikely that they will be completely identical everywhere

As a rule, the start dates of SALDI coincide, traditionally on the first Saturday of the month: January or July. But the end date may differ.

However, in 2024, Italy’s sales will be launched on January 5 (Friday), shortly before the Epiphany holiday. Then they will continue for 6-8 weeks (usually 45-60 days) –

Famous winter sales in Milan often continue until early March – exactly 2 months. While in Lazio and Rome, for example, they may conclude mass shopping in mid-February.

The summer sales in Italy in 2024 start on July 6, in the first Saturday of the month. And last for up to 50-60 days – in big Milan stores & malls especially.

Saldi start dates in Italy are traditionally on the first Saturday of the month: January or July

Sales in Milan

are the most renowned worldwide, as this city has held the title of the “fashion capital” for the past decades. It boasts the highest number of boutiques from well-known design houses and several outlets.

It makes sense to focus your efforts on shops on streets such as via Manzoni, via Monte Napoleone, and via della Spiga. There is also an opportunity to spend money and buy a quality things on Via Torino or long Corso Buenos Aires.

The latter is a large street in the northeastern part of Milan, where stores of less expensive but still quality brands are represented

Famous Rinascente in the city center at Piazza Duomo is known to almost everyone who has ever considered whether to attend a sale in Milan. Therefore, this store is almost always overcrowded with shoppers during the discount season.

Again, in this fashionable mall you can buy not only trendy clothes or a handbag. But also gifts and souvenirs from Italy for the whole family!

In addition to Milan’s stores itself, near the city there are the following


  • Serravalle Designer Outlet
  • Franciacorta Outlet Village
  • Vicolungo The Style Outlets
  • Fidenza Village.

They can be reached by car or through transfers directly from the airport. For the convenience of visitors, there are regular bus routes directly from Milan.

In particular, Serravalle Designer Outlet offers potential buyers pick-up points in several locations in the Lombardy region, starting from 9 am, and return them back after 4:15 pm. Unfortunately, not for free – in 2024, an adult passenger will pay € 22 for a round-trip ticket, and children aged 4-12 will travel for € 10.

Fashion enthusiasts should allocate time to visit mono-outlets in Milan, where they can find items and entire collections not represented in, for example, Serravalle.

  • Max Mara (named DTIntrend – Galleria San Carlo, 6)
  • Armani Outlet Vertemate (Via Provinciale per Bregnano, 13, Vertemate Con Minoprio)
  • Dolce & Gabbana Factory Outlet (Via Gioacchino Rossini 70, Legnano)

If you’re planning to relax a bit after shopping, spend some time on visiting some lovely Milan’s sights.

Fashion enthusiasts should allocate time to visit mono-outlets in Milan

If you are planning to attend

Sales in Rome

first pay attention to brand stores near the Spanish Steps. Take a thoughtful stroll along via dei Condotti and nearby areas. Also, spend a few hours exploring the assortment of boutiques on via Del Corso near Termini Station.

Popular outlets near Rome:

  • Castel Romano Designer Outlet
  • Valmontone Outlet.


If you prefer clothing and accessories from Prada, it’s worth visiting the Prada Outlet Space in Tuscany, near Florence. Also among the main attractions of Tuscany are the following shopping centers: Barberino Designer Outlet and The Mall, Valdichiana Outlet Village.

It is worth noting that Italian outlets offer clothing year-round with discounts up to 70%. During official sales in Italy, they provide additional discounts. Is it any wonder that these centers are extremely popular among both locals and tourists?


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