Bodrum in May

Is it worth going on holiday to Bodrum in May

Bodrum in May 2024 – is it worth going on holiday? Weather, air and sea temperature, is it possible to swim, hotels & tours prices? What to do in Bodrum in early May and late spring, where to visit in Turkey – found out good Time for Trip.

Visually, Turkish Bodrum is similar to Greece – this fact is mentioned in almost every review. Low-rise buildings, whitewashed walls, blue blinds, tiled roofs, flowers everywhere – it’s all very similar to Rhodes or Crete?!

But much more importantly, the Turkish resort also resembles its Greek counterpart climatically. At the end of spring, there is never a strong heat here, and high humidity rarely puts pressure on the psyche of vacationers. So, in principle, this is one of the best places to visit in Turkey in May.

Of course, the real spring warmth is welcomed here later than in Kemer or Antalya! And they usually start swimming only on the threshold of the calendar summer.

Although in May, Bodrum occasionally sees temperatures of about +30 °C. In most cases, however, the air warms up to much lower values. And the sea… But let’s take it in order!

Weather in Bodrum in May

Not everyone thinks it’s gorgeous. Those who are accustomed to the heat and love the warm sea will not even look in this direction at the end of spring.

And do not tell them about the relatively low cost of tours at this time, as well as pleasant prices in Bodrum hotels – they will not go anyway. After all, it is usually much hotter in Alanya in May!

But those who like moderate warmth and clear skies, the aromas of the sea and the general feeling of freshness, like this unique place. Where you can sit on the beach for a long time, enjoying the great bun not too hot weather, sometimes even swim. Then walk a lot around the city and its surroundings, go on excursions to amazingly beautiful in spring places like Butterfly Valley, and even – why not, get to Istanbul or Cappadocia.

The air temperature in Bodrum in May reaches +21-25°C

Moreover, the weather will be very favorable for such an active recreation. For example, in early May 2023, the air temperature in Bodrum reached +21-25 °C. Then as the calendar summer approaches, it gets a bit warmer.

Short-term temperature increases up to +28-30 °C occasionally occur in Bodum already in mid-May. However, they don’t become a trend. And even at the end of the month, the resort does not get too hot – the air rarely warms up above +25 °C.

At night it’s much cooler in Bodrum throughout May! From +10-12 °C in the beginning of the month to a more acceptable +14-18 °C in its end

Which, of course, suggests taking some warm clothes with you on a trip. Maybe not particularly woolen, but solid enough. Like thick jackets or windbreakers, cardigans and hoodies.


It rains very little at the same time – rainy days in Bodrum in May seem to completely disappear from the scene. 1-2 drizzly days per month do not make the weather – cloudless, sun-filled periods here last much longer. And humidity – for many travelers it is important – mostly doesn’t leave the 55-65% range.

Daylight hours in Bodrum exceed 13 hours and 40 minutes in the very beginning of May. And it reaches 14.5 on the threshold of summer.

Sea Temperature

will be recognized as absolutely insufficient – by gentle holidaymakers. But people who are more persistent, or not spoiled, will find that in May the sea in Bodrum is well suited for swimming.

As in early May, when the coastal waters are warmed up to a modest +18-20 °C, as closer to its end. When the sea temperature finally crosses the psychological threshold of +20 degrees Celsius. By the way, sometimes it warmed up even more – up to +22-23 ° C in especially good years!

However, you will hardly meet vacationers with kids during this period. And beaches are almost entirely occupied by fit couples over 40 and young pensioners.

What to Do in Bodrum in May

Even if you are a small fan of discos and nightclubs, the number of which Bodrum is ahead of other Turkish resorts by a large margin, you definitely will not be bored here! For in addition to the cozy streets of the old town and the stunning panoramas of the turquoise Aegean Sea, you will have at your disposal a number of opportunities for a fun pastime.

Bodrum in May offers a lot of fun opportunities

Of course, in order to fully experience the charm of Bodrum, you must have due reverence for the ancient ruins and have a developed imagination. Because if the castle of St. Peter in the port, rebuilt by the Knights Hospitaller, has been preserved in excellent condition, then this can’t be said about the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, which was one of the Wonders of the ancient world.

Just stones – a down-to-earth person will say. But a lover of antiquity and, in particular, of ancient times, will undoubtedly feel the aura inherent in this place. And he will sit for a long time on the steps of a decently preserved Greek amphitheater. Imagining how performances were once given here and the crowd applauded.

There are also several original windmills in Bodrum that have survived. It’s not in working condition, of course, but tourists don’t care.

For the location of windmills on the hill separating the Old Town from the Gumbet district allowed them to become the most recognizable symbol of the resort. And the views of the sunsets from here is excellent!

Where to Go

Almost every tourist will come up with the idea of getting from Bodrum to Pamukkale, one of the central attractions of the whole of Turkey. Both with an excursion and on your own – the distance from the resort to the famous “Cotton Castle” does not exceed 230 km.

The resort town Dalyan, where you can get smeared with at least skin-healing mud and visit thermal baths, is located even closer. Not far from Dalyan, tombs of the Lycian era have been carved into the rocks. And anyone sailing by boat on the river will see them.

Turtle Beach (Iztuzu) is also popular with tourists. It is a long, sandy coast with a beautiful gentle entrance into the sea. That’s where it’s quite good to swim in Turkey in May!

As for the trip from Bodrum to Cappadocia, it is better to take it if you are ready for a full relocation. Since the distance of almost 900 km doesn’t fully exclude, but makes uncomfortable such long sightseeing tour.

By the way, in May, the weather in Cappadocia is exceptionally friendly to travelers. And it allows you to safely book a flight on a hot air balloon – the chance that it will be canceled due to strong winds is minimal!

In May it is worth traveling from Bodrum to Pamukkale

Prices 2024

Independent travelers should be guided by the fact that a hotel room for two will cost at least 60-70 € per night.

Moreover, for such money you will stay in May in the center of Bodrum and in a pleasant neighborhood with the coastline – for example, in local Sade Pension. Breakfast is included in the room rate, the excellent location and responsiveness of the staff are praised in every first review.

The Costa Maya Bodrum Hotel is also called a very pleasant place by the guests. There is a private pool, and all rooms have their own balcony.

In case of early booking, you will pay a little more than half of the standard price for a room at Costa Maya Bodrum!

Guided tours of Bodrum are not a very popular service, therefore they cost from 200 €. But yacht cruises in the Aegean Sea are much more accessible – you will have to pay from 20-25 € for participating.

For about 70 € per person, you can go diving with an instructor. From 100-110 €, a day trip to the Greek island of Kos is worth it.


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