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Paphos - it's warm but not hot in Cyprus in May

Cyprus in May 2024 – is it worth visiting? Weather, temperatures, can you swim in Paphos and Larnaca, Ayia Napa and Protaras, is it crowded, hotel and excursions Prices. What to do in Cyprus in early May and late spring and wear, famous holidays, where to visit with kids – in the material of good Time for Trip.

Cyprus is situated in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, south of Turkey and Greece, and north of Egypt. This location allows the island to exist in a unique climate, which difficult to define in just a few words.

On the one hand, it’s distinctly Mediterranean, dry enough and very sunny. Thanks to the abundance of light and warm sea, the period from late April to October becomes an exceptionally good time for vacationing.

On the other hand, even in June, it becomes too hot in Cyprus. And in the peak of summer, there’s literally African heat here, with temperatures exceeding +45 °C.

Even plants find it challenging to endure – you can imagine what feelings tourists from London or New York experience upon arrival!

That’s why vacationing in Cyprus in May, a very warm but not excessively hot month, is particularly relevant. By the end of spring, the sea here has already warmed up enough for swimming. And the air temperatures aren’t yet so high as to pose a significant health risk during midday excursions and trips.

Moreover, it’s in May that Cyprus hosts the most colorful festival that will impress even unflappable vacationers

And the variety of tours around the island at this time becomes exceptionally rich.

It’s true, in terms of prices, May can’t be called a cheap time in Cyprus. But in reality, as many haven’t yet decided whether they really need to go for a seaside vacation here and specifically at this period, finding inexpensive hotels and even flights isn’t too difficult.

Weather in Cyprus in May

As mentioned earlier, the gap from late April to September is considered the driest and sunniest in the island. Moreover, the closer it gets to summer, the clearer the days become, with the sun less frequently hiding behind clouds.

Larnaca - the weather is getting hotter in Cyprus in late May

Daytime air temperatures in early May in Cyprus range from +22-28 °C. Nights become cooler, even on the coast, dropping to +14-17 °C at times.

This certainly requires thorough preparation for your vacation.

So going to have a vacation in Cyprus during May pack not only the obligatory summer items but also clothes suitable for a much cooler weather

In particular: jackets, windbreakers, sweaters, pullovers, or cardigans will definitely come in handy for evening gatherings or walks in May around Paphos or Larnaca. Not to mention trips to the mountainous regions of the island, where it can be chilly even in the height of a sunny day.

In some places in Cyprus, the air in May cools down to +4-6 °C at night

Keep this in mind if you plan to drive through the Troodos mountain range. In areas not too elevated and distant from the sea, on the contrary, it can be warmer than in coastal ones due to the absence of winds.

Closer to the middle of the month, but sometimes only towards the end of it, the air temperature in Cyprus during daytime reaches the range of +27-30 °C. While at night it rarely reaches even +23-24 °C.

On the western coast of the island, it’s traditionally slightly cooler than in the south or east. So if you plan to visit Paphos in May, note that it’s on average a degree or two cooler here than in Limassol. And 2-3 degrees cooler if compared to Protaras.

Precipitations & Wind

While abundant downpours may occur here in April, May in Cyprus isn’t so rainy – on average, there are no more than 3-4 days a month insatiable. Heavy rainstorms are rare, with the eastern coast being more favorable in this regard – clearer days are more common here by late spring.

In Ayia Napa, rain in May occurs on average no more than 1-2 times a month. And often, vacationers enjoy sunny weather here while a storm with rain rages over Larnaca

In Paphos during this time, there may be patches of clouds with a leaden hue in the sky.

However, precipitation in Cyprus is often a blessing. Since the sun dries everything so much that by July, yellow-brown shades prevail everywhere. And greenery remains only where locals irrigate it.

It is worth considering that in comparison with the late autumn and winter months, both in May and June it isn’t very windy in Cyprus. According to meteorological statistics, the average speed does not exceed 4 m/s. So you shouldn’t expect any unpleasant surprises from this side.

What to Pack

What people wear in Cyprus in May, what things should be pack in a vacation suitcase? We have already written about this above: at the end of spring, light jackets and windbreakers, hoodies may be useful here.

Fans of hiking in the mountains should definitely bring trekking boots, not ordinary sneakers. And yes, of course, throughout May in Cyprus you can and should wear shorts and T-shirts!

Can You Swim in Cyprus During May?

Already in early May, the sea near the coast of the island warms up to +20-21 °C. This allows swimming for everyone except perhaps the very young children.

By the middle of the month, the water temperature reaches levels around +22 °C. And by summer, it starts approaching +23-24 °C

Comparing the sea temperature at the most popular resorts in Cyprus, it can be noticed that in Paphos in the first decade of May, swimming in the open area will invigorate with incredible freshness (+18-19 °C). While in Limassol it will be only slightly warmer (up to +20 °C).

At the same time, on the eastern side, in Ayia Napa and Protaras, water activities have a chance to appeal to most (the sea warms up to +21-22 °C).

You can swim in Cyprus in mid-May without fear

Prices 2024

Renting decent apartments in May, for example, in Ayia Napa, will cost around 60-70 € for two people per day. If you have this amount, we recommend not wasting time searching and book Millie’s Apartments, which have very clean rooms equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay.

If someone has already booked them, or you are looking for more spacious accommodation, consider Eleni Apartments. For a similar amount, you can rent a whole studio with a bedroom and living room, as well as a kitchen. The apartments are located in the very center of Ayia Napa, so you won’t have to spend much time getting to the beaches or restaurants.

If you willing to stay in Paphos in May to avoid spending time traveling to Cyprus’s key attractions, you are unlikely to find anything significantly better for a similar price than Pagona Holiday Apartments. Even the most modest rooms consist of a bedroom and a living room and have their own kitchen. The residential complex has its own pool, and you can reach the coast in 5-7 minutes on foot.

Renting a car in Cyprus directly at the airport will cost an additional 20-25+ € per day, but it will allow you to create a very interesting route around the island. This would be difficult to do if you only rely on public transportation.

By the way, don’t be afraid traveling by car in Cyprus even if you come from a country where driving is on the right side of the road!

Since Cypriots themselves try to stay away from rental cars (with red license plates) – who knows what to expect from a tourist unfamiliar with local realities?

Things to Do in Cyprus in May

It is worth noting that it is in the last month of spring that the island truly flourishes: such a riot of greenery cannot be seen at any other time of the year. It is no coincidence that the Flower Festival or Anthestiria is celebrated in early May in Cyprus.

This iconic event is traditionally held on May 6th – colorful processions generously adorned with floral compositions take place everywhere. Interestingly, Anthestiria is dedicated to flowers that can be found in Cyprus itself

So at the festival, you will definitely see roses and wild orchids, peonies, irises, and lilies. As well as delicate alpine violets and anemones, meadow daisies.

Anthestiria is accompanied by a carnival held in Paphos, Limassol, and Larnaca. In Paphos, this festival is especially colorful – platforms decorated with flowers parade along Poseidon Avenue, leading to the harbour. Girls holding bouquets and wreaths of flowers also line the streets.

But aside from the traditional spring festival, there’s plenty to do in May in Cyprus! Since the weather clearly favors outdoor walks, mountain trekking, and yacht cruises.

Families with kids should note that water parks in Cyprus start operating again in April. So if you enjoy such entertainment, set aside a day to visit the Water World Waterpark in Ayia Napa, the largest on the island!

Places to Visit

Regardless of which resort in Cyprus you choose to stay in May, we recommend planning a busy schedule of sightseeing activities. After all, visiting Cyprus and not seeing one of its main attractions… would be a mistake!

Trekking in Akamas Park - first thing to do in Cyprus in May


Undoubtedly, the Archaeological Park of Paphos is one of those sights that it would be extremely unwise to overlook. After all, within the archaeological site, you can see preserved fragments of ancient Roman villas and rare mosaic art that adorned them.

The seaside part of the city, Kato Paphos, may interest those who are inclined to enjoy nightlife. While the upper part of the city, Ktima, located higher in the mountains, has preserved its medieval charm and serves as a kind of open-air ethnographic museum.

From Paphos, take a cruise to the Blue Lagoon, go for a walk in the Akamas National Park, spend a day on the beautiful beaches of Coral Bay or Lara. From all over Cyprus, people come to its western coast to see the picturesque Avakas Gorge.


In the mountains to the east of Paphos lies the Orthodox monastery of Kykkos, founded once by a Byzantine emperor. To drive there independently, one must be a sufficiently experienced driver – the mountain road is narrow and very winding.

But the monastery is worth a try to get – it rightfully the best on the island. Near Kykkos in the Troodos mountains are hidden villages like Pedoulas and Moutoullas, Kakopetria. They are among the most photogenic on the island and have largely preserved their centuries-old way of life.


On the way to Limassol, stop to see Petra tou Romiou, the Aphrodite’s Rock, as well as a small sanctuary nearby. According to legend, the Greek goddess of love emerged from the sea onto land here.

In Limassol itself, visit the city’s castle, where the English King Richard the Lionheart once married Princess Berengaria of Navarre. After which, he set off on another crusade and never returned. Berengaria, on the other hand, became the only English queen who never set foot on British soil.

It is truly worth visiting the city museum of Limassol, which is rich in ancient artifacts. As well as the ruins of two large ancient cities, Kourion and Amathus nearby, the Kolossi Castle, founded by the Knights Hospitaller.


Considered the most inexpensive and affordable resort here – again, a large international airport is nearby. Despite this, even in May, you can comfortably settle on the central beach in Larnaca – there are still few tourists at this time.

In the city, you must visit the Church of St. Lazarus. Near Larnaca, you should see the ruins of ancient Kition, and also travel to Kiti, where one of the oldest Orthodox churches in the world, Panagia Angeloktisti, has been preserved.

If you have time, visit another local village, Lefkara, where lace of rare beauty has been produced for centuries. It is said that even Leonardo da Vinci was so impressed by the products of local lace makers that he recommended buying an altarpiece for the Milan Cathedral specifically in Lefkara.

Diving enthusiasts will find plenty of options in Larnaca to dive and see the Zenobia ferry. Which sunk near the port 30 years ago and since then becoming an unusual welcoming card of the island.

Ayia Napa

It is mainly famous for its excellent sandy beaches and clean sea. As well as a convenient gentle entry into the water, which will undoubtedly be appreciated by vacationers with young children.

In the vicinity of the resort is one of the main island attractions – Cape Greco. Whose amazing cliffs with arches and caves are incredibly photogenic.


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