What to Visit in Murano

And where to buy, eat, sleep

Rio dei Vetrai - the main attraction in Murano

What to see in Murano in Venice on your own? Top attractions you need to visit, how to get there, prices 2023 for Murano glass? Is it worth staying overnight, where to eat – in the review of good Time for Trip.

Murano… Inhabited land northeast of Venice. A haven for glassblowers, a car-free area, a praying tourist spot.

Travelers want to see how they blow. And even buy a souvenir. Of course, the original one, not a Chinese fake. And preferably – not so expensive.

The Murano Glass Museum is popular. As well as shops selling knick-knacks and practical items made from this fragile material.

Most tourists are of little interest in unique things, and what is the glass museum for? Trinkets for 3-5 coins are in demand – souvenirs for relatives. Your favorite beads or a ring for 10 euros.

Glasses for 50, saucers for 35-40, vases of monstrous beauty for 80-120 €, other trifles, iridescent with dozens of colors, remain in the windows. Because they are not the only things you can bring back home from Italy. And from Venice as well…

Glass products are the most popular motive to visit Murano. Moreover (let’s tell a secret) it is still cheaper here than in the squares and streets near the Doge’s Palace and in the Dorsoduro area. Verified personally!

You must buy or at least see Murano glass

Restaurants are also rarely empty – especially on the glassblowers’ promenade, Rio dei Vetrai. Despite the rather poor assortment, impressive prices and not at all amazing aftertaste.

Everything else, the other main attractions of Murano: canals, ancient churches, palaces and houses – are lazily looked around in the process of moving.

A mass tourist does not get far here. And especially in the evenings! If you visit Venice in November, you will wander under the lanterns almost alone.

By the Way!

Murano is not just a big piece of land in a lagoon. He’s been cut into pieces. Channels – without them there is nowhere, as you know. This is part of Venice: no need – they will do it!

How to Get to Murano

Do you intend to get to the island of glassblowers immediately upon arrival in Venice? Your choice is direct vaporetto number 3, from Santa Lucia Station or Piazzale Roma.

Not direct routes No. 4.1, 4.2 follow from the same place. But through the Fondamente Nove stops in Cannaregio and the cemetery island of San Michele.

  • How long is the boat ride from Venice to Murano? About 15-20 minutes – in case of vaporetto №3

We advise you to skip the first stop called the Column – why do you need to merge with a huge (!) crowd of tourists? And go out to the second, in Faro, whose landmark is the white lighthouse.

Then go along the boulevard and look into every store. What if there is a glass masterpiece for little money?

Price of such trip: 7.5 euros (2022) one way. But it is more reasonable to purchase a Venezia Unica card for three days. Just pay 40 € and do not limit ourselves in moving around the “City of Canals”.

Murano Sightseeing

The glass industry of the island beckons, although no one fully understands exactly what it is. There are a lot of clumsy things for the needs of tourists (balls, beads, knick-knacks), beautiful things are few. And they cost … just take a breath and move on.


Glassblowers rely on centuries of tradition (they were evicted here in 1291 to avoid burning the wooden Venice) and rare craftsmanship. Well, who else can shoot multi-colored glass jets into a transparent fishtail? Or make something so gracefully curved that there is no doubt – it’s done here!

However, enemies say that the sand for production shipped directly from China. Yes, in recent decades, apparently, not only it – finished products also.

Houses, Churches, Canals

That’s why we walk. Although they say that even main sights of Murano are nothing special.

Grand canal in Murano is a must-seeing place

Shabby houses, almost no palaces, only two functioning churches. Really, what to watch? But still…

The sights of Murano are not striking, but the island is wonderfully beautiful. No gloss – ordinary life.

Luxury has not taken root, but antiquity looks from everywhere. It’s hard to explain in words – you have to see it.

The sun, canals, pillars, crookedly obliquely stuck into the bottom, boats, cobblestone embankments, darkened stone columns, arches, brick walls, a two-four-story city.

If you subtract tourists and industry: “a plate of pasta for 10?”, everything as like as centuries ago. Slowly, truly.

And then you understand why you came … Not for glass – for sure!

Still, you will have to look at collection of Museum of Glass in Murano. Especially if you laid out 24 euros for the Museum Pass (Doge’s Palazzo plus 10 city museums in Venice). Because there are many really beautiful things inside.

What Else?

And so – just walk along the streets and embankments, look around, enjoy. Sit on the steps or bench, bask in the sun, listen to the water, go to church.

They are Catholic, but that doesn’t matter. San Pietro Martire right along the way. Tintoretto and Bellini inside, the building itself is five centuries old.

Isn’t that one of the must-see attractions of Venice, what do you think?

The Grand Canal towards the museum is worse in terms of the originality of the buildings. And from it, on the contrary, is better!

There are few tourists, more locals. At the very end behind the fence – the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli. Next is the “chalet” of the islanders for several apartments, gardens …

Cathedral of Santa Maria e Donato at the other end of the island – rich gothic with elements of romanesque style. It looks too new for the XII century, inside the original mosaic of those times.

Age? Eight centuries! After the Basilica at Torcello, this is the oldest building in Venice. Although recently restored to a shine.

You must see Murano Cathedral

Where to Stay

What can we recommend, starting from the right price-quality ratio? .

We would choose, for example, MURANO Suites BOUTIQUE Apartments Adults only in an incredibly cozy house on the embankment of the Grand Canal. Because it’s wonderful to spend at least a night in such a romantic place.

Pleases the eye and a new, MURANO Place – DUOMO Canal view. That is located opposite the Museum of Glass and the Cathedral of Santa Maria e Donato. The same one that is the oldest in Venice, except for the basilica on Torcello.

A little away from the canal, the newly renovated Ca’ Del Pomo Grana’ Al Roman are based. the super-modern filling of the apartments looks very unusual against the background of the surrounding antiquity…

However there are mere units that settled for a night in local hotels – Murano is considered as one day attraction. And few dare to admire the sunrises and sunsets here. Why, when there is still much to see in Venice?

But there is a point! Only it is hidden and inaccessible to everyone, running at a vigorous gait and also suddenly departing (forever?) on another vaporetto.

Keep in Mind

Murano is for philosophers and those who do not rush anywhere, intending to take everything they can from life …

Imagine a journey: sunrises, morning toasts, fresh wind from the lagoon fluttering the curtains, anticipation of a beautiful day in your head. And then walks along the canals …

The setting sun, with slanting rays gilding the shabby walls, green blinds, flowers in pots. Lanterns, velvet evenings, dark nights, a moonlit path on the water, and a moon as yellow as parmesan. All hand in hand and together…

However, if you stay in Venice itself, romance can also be arranged. For the boat from the Fondamente Nove embankment – so beloved by Joseph Brodsky – goes to Murano at most 15 minutes. You will have a vaporetto subscription in your hands – ride at least every day!

Where to Eat

Are you seriously? Prices are at the level of Venice, and it’s frankly expensive: a plate of pasta costs from 10-12 €, pizza – from 9-10 €. You have to forget about pleasure, other tourists walk by and look.

Tasty? If you know where the locals eat, that is, they serve authentic Italian foods, then yes. Restaurateurs on the main streets care little about the quality of the food. And why do it better – foreigners will eat everything!

However, if you leave Rio dei Vetrai, which is too busy on almost any day of the year, you can find an institution for the locals. They cook better and lower prices.

What’s Next

Then without fail you should get to Burano. And in the future to visit Torcello.

After all, it is, in fact, the cradle of Venice! It was here that the bishop with his retinue and other residents fled, fleeing from the invasion of the barbarians.

By the way, in the reviews it is reasonably advised to start the day with a trip to Torcello. Because by 5 pm the island is completely dying out. And only then go to look at shabby houses and freshly painted plaster…

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