Istanbul in October

It's pretty warm in Istanbul in the end of October

Istanbul in October: is it worth going and what to expect? Weather, water temperature, hotel prices 2022. How to dress, what to do in Istanbul in the middle of autumn, where to go outside – in the material of good Time for Trip.

Yes, we know October is not the best month to travel. After all, you have already harnessed yourself to work, and it is unlikely that you plan to rest until All Saints’ Day. As well the children study in schools and colleges – who will control the difficult learning process, if not you?!

In general, according to the rules, it’s better not raise your head! And plow, hoping that this will improve the quality of life.

However, rules are made to be broken. And besides, October in Istanbul is so good that it’s easy to decide on traveling – with a clear conscience!

And if you have a week or more vacation, then you will not only see Istanbul in detail, but also be able to design a real trip. Both in order to swim and sunbathe, and in an attempt to see other famous cities and sights of Turkey!

After all, you can go for a swim and bask in the resorts of the Aegean, and even better, the Mediterranean Seas! Even a not very experienced traveler can easily get from Istanbul to Antalya.

Sunny weather in Istanbul in October

If you have had time to get tired of a beach holiday, just plan a trip around Turkey. Definitely you won’t regret it – the weather favors such events. And the prices for renting cars provoke at all – only in winter they are lower!

The Internet is full of relevant reviews about visiting Ephesus or Pamukkale, the ancient sanctuary on Mount Nemrut. Especially loved by travelers who are not sitting still October Cappadocia.

Where the air balloons fly as if nothing had happened. And feel itself incredibly comfortable in the autumn sky.

Weather in Istanbul in October

It will bring any Northern European or American into ecstasy. In whose hometown is it already raining heavily at this time!

Still, from the literally pre-winter realities, you will suddenly move into something suspiciously reminiscent of a European summer. And not ordinary, but pretty warm and sunny.

It really is! After all, the air temperature in Istanbul in early October sometimes reaches + 28-30 °C.

  • But usually throughout the month it does not leave the corridor + 20-24 °C

And even at night it does not seek to dazzle the townspeople and rare tourists with any serious coolness. On the contrary, everything is decorous and decent: from +16 to even +21 °C.

Because – I want to walk a lot. And even with attention to listen to the stories of the guides on the theme of the brilliant past of the Ottoman capital. By the way, today is a very popular trend not only in Turkey, but throughout the world!

What to see in Istanbul on your own

Rains are quite rare, but they can ruin 4-5 days a month. That is not perfect, of course – it’s still warm outside. But a little complicate vagrancy and walks.

True, frankly sunny days will still be typed up to 15 per month. Not bad, right?!

On the start of October, the sun in Istanbul rises at 7 am and falls asleep behind the Galata Tower at fifteen to seven in the evening. By the end of the month, its activity shifts to the interval of 7.30-18.00.

Consider this aspect if you are planning a boat tour of the Bosphorus. A must here event! After all, everyone should see the great Constantinople, especially in the evening and at night, from the ship’s deck.

Air temperature chart, Istanbul in October

Water Temperature

Theoretically allows you to swim! Since the Sea of ​​Marmara within Istanbul in the first dates of October is warmed up to + 20-21 ° C. And only closer to the November it falls into frank pessimism, cooling down to + 17-18 ° C.

Note that bathers in the water near the Black Sea Kilyos, the Black Sea resort closest to the metropolis, are not particularly numerous during this period. But in general, vacationers on the local beaches are more than enough. Because on warm days, many citizens take the opportunity to go to the seaside.

Residents of Istanbul are happy to choose Shile and Agva, which are based on the shores of the Black Sea a little to the east. The resorts of Chynardzhik and Armutlu, Mudanya and Erdek are also popular.

Water temperature graph, Istambul, October

How to Dress

Despite the above facts, we recommend caution. And stock up on some warm clothes. That is, you will probably do it anyway – you will probably get to your native airport not in a T-shirt ?!

But thick wool sweaters and cardigans have little chance of coming in handy. Unless you then go flying on balloons in Cappadocia. This entertainment at any time of the year requires really warm and windproof equipment.

By the way, be sure to bring sunscreen with you when you travel. Even if after Istanbul you don’t go to the resorts, the sun on the banks of the Bosphorus in autumn will be enough to burn the skin of a British or a German.

Prices 2022

They allow you not to compromise, and settle in the most “correct” place – the Sultanahmet quarter and around it. Unless, of course, you have purchasedtour, which provides accommodation in a less “trump card” area.

Options that will allow you not to regret your choice start as much as 25 € per night – Hotel Orkide. For two, of course. However, without breakfast.

The Florenta Hotel is distinguished by its good location and moderate price appetite. The rooms are not the largest – rightly noticed in the reviews. But even with a lazy step, you can walk to the main attractions in 7-8 minutes.

Even cheaper is a double room at the Minel Hotel, located right in the center of the old town. That is, near the entrance to Gulhane Park and 5 minutes from Hagia Sophia.

Pay attention to Nomade Old City, which has earned a very decent rating of 9.3 on This hotel is located 300 meters from the Basilica Cistern, the rooms are small, the breakfasts are “varied”.

It might be “noisy” as well. But this is not surprising – Sultanahmet Square is very close.

The regular price, even in October, can exceed 100 € per night. But are the excellent location, the view terrace and delicious breakfasts worth it? Is not it?

Things to Do

The desire to walk at this time literally overwhelms everyone! But tourists rarely get stuck in Sultankhamet and Beyoglu, they often travel to the Asian coast and outside the city. Because the weather is exceptionally good for excursions and sightseeing.

It will take two to three days, at least, to visit the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque and the Topkapi Palace, the elegant Suleymaniye and the Basilica Cistern, the Chora Monastery and the Galata Tower.

But you still need to visit the luxurious Dolmabahce and think about life near the sophisticated Ortakoy mosque. Experience the authenticity of the Kadikoy area and the eclectic beauty of the Beylerbeyi Summer Palace in Uskudar.

Perhaps you can take a ride to the Princes’ Islands. And if not, then at least take a mini-cruise along the Bosphorus.

Cruise ship on Bosphorus / June Andrei George, Unsplash

By the way, someone solves the question with the latter extremely simply and economically. He buys a local Istanbulkart pass at the terminal and, armed with bagels (gulls ask for food), boards a regular ferry.

Yes, such a trip does not provide a story about the sights, but the views around will be (almost) the same. Unless the fortress of Rumeli Hisar will remain out of sight.

Where to Go

When the most interesting places in Istanbul are examined, you can plan a visit to the Edirne. Get a little healthier in the thermal baths at the resort of Yalova and spend a day or two on the coast . After all, if not in Mudanya, then in Erdek at this time you can sometimes swim.

We are not talking about a warm October in Bodrum, a popular resort on the Aegean Sea. Where in the middle of autumn, the swimming season continues with might and main.

Equally, you can go to Marmaris, immersed in a cloud of pine aromas. In Fethiye or Oludeniz, whose legendary Blue Lagoon is not overcrowded at this time.

Seaside holidays in designated locations during a designated period can be much more enjoyable than you imagine. Because prices are going down. And many tourists in the fall do not even bother to consider this direction.

As well as more southern ones: the same Kash or Antalya, Kemer or Side.

Getting from Istanbul to the Turkish Riviera, even by car, not to mention by plane, is not too difficult – you will have to spend only 8-9 hours on the road! And the weather in Alanya at the end of October is literally gorgeous …

Troy and…

Adherents of a thorough immersion in the thousand-year past will definitely find the opportunity and go personally to see the ruins of Troy.

A trip from Istanbul to the ancient Ephesus or even to Pamukkale will also be quite long. Moreover, it will not be possible to do without spending the night on the spot.

It has already been said above, here we just emphasize – plan a 2-3-day trip from Istanbul to Cappadocia. There is no need to buy a tour – you can get to the Turkish region glorious for its natural landscapes on your own. If not by plane, then by car or bus.


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