Prague in March

There is a warm weather in Prague in March

Prague in March 2024 – is it worth visiting? Weather, air temperature, precipitation, what to wear, prices in hotels and on excursions. What to do in Prague in early March and closer to April, where to go with kids – in the review good Time for Trip.

Prague is one of those cities that has recently experienced an incredible increase in interest from foreign tourists. In 2023, according to preliminary estimates, the Czech capital will be visited by almost 30% more people than a year earlier –

And in 2024 – everything speaks for it – the popularity of the city among the widest segments of citizens will grow even more!

So if you have been thinking about a visit for a long time, carefully evaluate all the pros and cons – in high season, the Czech capital may be totally overcrowded. But in March in Prague there are not so many guests – potential travelers are still weighing up the possibilities and determining the future vacation budget.

So if you like to wander out of the crowds and don’t mind saving a little, go at this time. We assure – you’ll have almost no reason for dissatisfaction!

Because sometimes, even in early March, the weather in Prague is warm. So much so that it’s time to wonder why this period of the year is considered cool and unpredictable here?!

However, let’s go in order. And we will start traditionally:

Weather in Prague in March

It does not differ in particular warmth, at times – capricious, but still is very cheerful. That is why Prague during March is perfect for long excursions around the city.

Active travelers are unlikely to refuse to go somewhere from the city for a day or two. Although, in our opinion, at this time it is best to limit yourself to the main Prague’s attractions.

You should diversify your leisure time with a one-day bus trip to Karlovy Vary. Or, for example, to Dresden!

The air temperature in Prague in early March 2023 ranged from +3-8 °C, at night frosts often occurred up to -3-5 °C. In the middle of the month, it warmed up to +11-13 °C, closer to April, the temperature in the daytime began to rise up to +18 ° C.

The temperature in Prague in March ranges from +8 ° C to +18 ° C

However, there is no need to talk about stability, since temperatures above +15 ° C can change to +8-10 and even +5-6 ° C without transition. At the same time, a piercing wind blows, and you suddenly realize how right you were to bring on a trip to Prague in early spring a warm coat or jacket. As well as gloves, a scarf and a beret.

According to long-term meteorological statistics, the daytime temperature in the Czech capital in the first month of spring can drop below 0 degrees Celsius. It can also get the opposite way – the maximum recorded air temperature this month is +22 °C.


At the same time, March in Prague is considered one of the driest and sunniest periods of the year. And the number of clear days during this period is even higher than in May or June.

Rains are infrequent, the average monthly rainfall is about 30 mm. It should be noted that the average humidity is high though — more than 70%. So studying the weather forecast for the next 2-3 days should precede any long excursions around the city. And, moreover, cruises on the Vltava River.

The wind blows with moderate force, gusts over 5-7 m/s are rare.

What to Wear in March in Prague

Although the capital of the Czech Republic rarely remembers frosts in early spring, at first it is better to give preference to multi-layered and warm clothes. So when packing a suitcase for a trip, put enough sweaters, sweatshirts and hoodies in it. A hooded windbreaker can also be useful, despite the fact that the probability of rainy weather through March in Prague is low.

It is worth remembering that the city you are going to this time is located in a hilly area, and the streets in the central part are still paved with stones. So it’s better to leave home the heeled boots, as well as the high-platform shoes at home this time. And take with you sneakers – here this is best shoes – or demi-season boots with embossed soles.

Dresses and skirts, as well as jackets, can be grabbed if you are going to attend a concert or a status event, go to dinner at a respectable restaurant. For long walking tours around the city, ordinary jeans are much more suitable.

In March in Prague it is better to wear warm clothes

Those who go on a trip to Prague in March with small kids should not forget about additional items of clothing. That is, gloves and hats, scarves. They may well be useful for adults who like to walk along full of romantic evening streets.

Those tourists who love panoramic views from a height should to insulate themselves especially strong.

After all, there are many ancient towers in Prague, on top of which there are observation decks. The full list, by the way, can be found here.

Prices 2024

Today it can no longer be called low – for the sum around of 70-80 $ per night, you can rent a room in Hotel Prague Star, hundred meters from Wenceslas Square, quite modest, although very decent place. The price includes  breakfasts, that allow you in the morning don’t think about where to have a snack, and immediately go for a walk around the city. Also this hotel is praised in reviews: for cleanliness and fresh furniture.

Quite far from the center, in Prague-2 (to the Old Town Square – about 4.5 km), there is well-maintained, newly renovated Apartment Jana Masaryka, representing a small but cozy studio with its own kitchen.

To our mind is a nice choice, although it is located far from the city center, Park Hotel Pruhonice. Getting from here to Prague by public transport is not very convenient – you will have to spend about an hour on the way – but tourists traveling in the Czech Republic in May by their own or rented car will certainly find this option interesting.

City tours will cost much less. So, for a fee of less than $ 40, a local guide will take you around Prague Castle, show and tell you everything. Keep in mind that entrance tickets are included in the price.

When paying $ 60, you will take 3 to 4 hour tour of the best Prague pubs, tasting several varieties of wonderful Czech beer.

What to Do in Prague in March

The beginning of spring is one of the best times for hiking in Prague. But before you get into the taste, we advise you to do an absolutely mandatory thing – visit Prague Castle.

You can get to it from almost anywhere in the city by metro – get off at Malostranská station. Why every traveler should visit Prague Castle at least once is very clearly stated on the official website of the complex dedicated to its history and the jewels stored inside.

If, after visiting the largest of the castles in Europe, St. Vitus Cathedral and Zlata Street, you will have time left, spend it on further exploring the historical quarters on the left bank of the Vltava River.

There a lot to do in Prague during March

Of course, you should see the palaces on Hradcany Square, take a walk through the Royal Garden at the foot of the Fortress Hill, an authentic green diamond in the tiara of the Czech capital.

With the arrival of March in Prague, the number of people wishing to walk on Petrin Hill is also growing strongly. First of all, because there are several gardens here, and wonderful panoramas open from above. Again, you can climb the Petrin Observation Tower, a pretty openwork structure from the 19th century, slightly reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Alternatively, immediately after exploring Prague Castle, you can go to

Malostranske namesti (Lesser Town Square)

which is decorated with the magnificent Baroque Church of St. Nicholas. By the way, you can also climb the bell tower of the church – it is one of the best viewing platforms in the city.

Excellent panoramic sites are at the tops of the towers on the edges of the nearby Charles Bridge. Being itself one of the most notable sights of Prague.

You can cross the bridge to the other side of the river. And there to continue exploring the Czech capital – for example, with the help of an exciting beer marathon through Prague pubs.

Next Day

It is worth visiting the Old Town Square to personally see the amazing Prague chimes, take a walk through the Jewish quarter of Josefov. To walk to Wenceslas Square and have lunch there in one of the restaurants where they serve traditional dishes of national Czech cuisine. Visit the National Museum and explore the sooty Powder Tower.

There are also several unusual museums in the Old Town, which may be of interest to you. For example, the museum of sex machines, small but shocking to the unprepared viewer. Or the Museum of Communism, which has a collection of objects illustrating the communist era.

Things to Do with Kids

Prague is definitely one of those cities that are perfectly suited for family traveling. Because there are places in it where not only adults, but also children will have fun.

The first thing you should do – to take your kids to the Prague Zoo. Which is not only one of the largest in Europe, but also one of the best in the world. Any person will be delighted by the size and cleanliness of the zoo, the conditions in which the animals are kept

In March it will take the whole day to visit the Zoo in Prague since it only works from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you miss water activities over the winter, get to the largest aquapark in the Czech Republic, Aquapalace Praha. It is located outside the city and belongs to those places where not only kids, but also adults can have a wonderful rest. In particular, in addition to slides and pools, there is a wonderful spa zone.

Schoolkids, as well as their parents, will almost certainly enjoy visiting the National Technical Museum. This literally temple of progress is located in a monumental building near the Letensky Gardens and has a rich collection illustrating the development of science and technology.


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