Budapest in February

Budapest receives little precipitation in February

Budapest in February 2024 – is it worth visiting? Weather, air temperature, what to wear, prices in hotels and on excursions. What to do in Budapest in early February and at the end of winter, where to go in Hungary – in an article of good Time for Trip.

February is not the time for which most people plan the significant trips and travels abroad. Especially if they are not related to skiing.

This was considered quite recently – today such a statement are questioned by hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions. Thinking that following patterns is too boring.

And then – is it worth to follow the established ideas? Especially if there is a great opportunity to experience some new and fresh entertainment like soaking in thermal bath?

One of these non-standard moves is the idea of ​​visiting in February Budapest. A city relatively unfamiliar to the wide European and American traveler. But today, as if turning from Cinderella into a real Princess.

After all, the main tourist centers of the Old World like Paris and London, Barcelona and Rome are already relatively traveled, becoming “a common place”. But Budapest – not yet. And this status can suddenly turn it into a favorite.

Since Budapest has enough places that are as magnets for tourists. As well in the Hungarian capital there is a huge number of thermal baths. Which has already earned it the unofficial name of the “Spa Capital of the World”.

Add here the rich opportunities for a variety of shopping. How, didn’t you know? There are plenty of big stores and shopping centers in Budapest. But more importantly – there are also a lot of art and auction galleries!

Where you can buy a really original little thing as a keepsake or for decorating the interior. As you’ll probably want to bring home something from your trip to Hungary, won’t you?

There are also enough interesting sights in the vicinity of the Hungarian capital – from Budapest you can go for a day even to Vienna. And in he case of a clear day, relax and stay there for a couple days more…

There is pretty warm in Budapest in February

Weather in Budapest in February

For the most part, it resembles an April one somewhere in the north of Norway. There is the same distinct trend – during the day, street thermometers tend to range from +5-7 °C (41-44.6 °F). And at night, temperatures don’t often drop below zero.

Of course, this doesn’t always so! But often in early February, the air temperature in Budapest not only sticks to the zero mark, but also stares at levels of + 8-10 °C (46.4-50 °F).

In such a weather conditions, it is a real pleasure to wander the beautiful streets of the Buda Hill. Yes, and a boat trip on the Danube will leave an exceptionally joyful experience either.

Further – more. Or less – in 2023, in the first decade of February in Budapest temperatures made a 5-day voyage to near-zero values. Although they started the month quite optimistic.

In the third decade of February, the weather in Budapest compensated for these. Having driven the readings of thermometers up to +15 °C (59 °F).

And forcing the Hungarians themselves to remember that they actually live in a warm climate. Where grapes and other heat-loving crops ripen perfectly.


In terms of precipitation, February in Budapest is not considered particularly wet. 40-50 mm per month, 3-4 relatively rainy days – an excellent indicator for the finale of winter.

Don’t forget that the city stands on the full-flowing Danube. Therefore, during periods of very fluctuating temperatures, it is shrouded in fogs. And the sun hardly peeps through the cloudy veil.

Humidity in Budapest is also traditionally high. And it makes a frivolously dressed traveler feel chilly, even when the forecast promises a decent plus degree and no rain.

Keep this in mind if you are planning to take part in a boat cruise along the Danube. And gear up more thoroughly than you should by seeing the predicted temperatures.

What to Wear

Based on the assumption that spring in Budapest hints at its arrival even in February, then there is no need for too warm clothes. A thick jacket with a hood, a pullover or sweatshirt, sneakers, boots – that’s enough for you. Are you going on a walking tour of Buda or go somewhere out of town!

In the middle of the day, you may even want to undress partially by tying your jacket around your waist. And in our case, weight matters.

Moreover, the Hungarian capital is supposed to walk a lot. And to see Budapest properly, you also have to constantly go up and down.

Don’t forget to bring swimwear with you – Budapest thermal baths – perhaps the most famous attraction of the city! And make at least one visit to Széchenyi, Gellert or Lukács is a must – even in February!

Prices 2024

Surely you think that you can save money on a trip to Budapest in February? And indeed it is!

Although local hotels have not been too generous with discounts lately. It will be possible to rent a room in the center of Pest, having an amount of 60-70 € / day. Which is generally not extra cheap by European standards.

In terms of location and level of rooms, Nador Boutique- Best Location, By BQA is good, if not optimal. After all, it is located in a great location, just 300 meters from the Basilica of St. Stephen.

Definitely worth a closer look at the somewhat more expensive Elegant apartment with Buda Castle view on the other side of the river. About 80-90 € per day in an apartment of 77 m2? Yes, not for one – but four travelers? You rarely find an offer like this!

But city tours in Budapest are quite inexpensive. After all, for only 10 € you can participate in a guided walk through the center. And for just around 25 €, you will take part in a fun bike ride around the main local attractions.

What to Do in Budapest in February

Most reviews emphasize that the capital of Hungary can be explored in its entirety in 2-3 days.

That is, during this time you can visit the Fortress with Royal Palace in Buda, key museums, the Fisherman’s Bastion and the Church of St. Matthias.

Then bask in one of the popular baths, like those that clung to Gellert Hill. And climb on its top to enjoy the panorama.

The Hungarian Parliament is beautiful and well worth a visit

After that, there will still be time to explore Pest. Visit the pompous Parliament building, the basilica of St. Stephen, on the bell tower of which there is another observation point.

Take a walk in the Varosliget park. Gaze at the popular Széchenyi baths and taste goulash at the famous café.

Will you have time to do some shopping on Vaci shopping street, explore the Central Market during a short visit? Or try to find something interesting and inexpensive in one of the huge shopping malls in Budapest?

Almost certainly – after all, you need to bring something from Hungary as a keepsake!

Where to Go in Hungary in February

Let’s not forget about the surroundings of Budapest. Which definitely deserve a visit in February too!

The list of the best places nearby begins with the town of Szentendre with its incredible cozy houses and a museum-an analogue of the Swedish Skansen. And it doesn’t end with Visegrad, the towns Vac and Esztergom, where everyone goes to see the huge Basilica of St. Adalbert.

Even in winter, you can take therapeutic baths in the thermal lake Heviz. And then walk through the streets of Keszthely on the shore of Lake Balaton or explore the surroundings from the mighty walls of Sümeg Castle. A trip to the beautiful Gyor, a Baroque city that is usually visited by only one in five travelers, also looks like a reasonable move.

We recommend that you personally explore the ancient Abbey of Pannonhalma, which is included in the UNESCO protected list for a reason. And if possible, visit Eger, famous for its thermal baths, wine and fortress

Especially active tourists can go from Budapest to Vienna. Or maybe closer – according to the reviews, the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, is a blackly cozy and beautiful city.


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