Budapest in June

Is June a good time to visit Budapest?

Budapest in June – is it worth visiting? Weather, how to dress, prices 2023 in hotels and excursions. What to do in Budapest in the beginning of June and later, where to go in Hungary and other countries – found out good Time for Trip.

June is an ambiguous month. It seems to be encouraging to relax on the sea – after all, the calendar summer has come – but at the same time leaving the possibility of choosing other directions. That aren’t necessarily connected with swimming.

After all, in Europe in most places at this time it is not too hot. That is, the weather allows not only to hang out on the beach, but to do sightseeing tourism. Including visiting new cities and countries.

Why not – the same Budapest in June is exceptionally beautiful. Just like the rest of Hungary…

Again, prices in this European country have not yet reached the EU average. And the number of arriving foreign tourists still doesn’t reach the level of Prague or Berlin.

That, of course, is worth taking advantage of – June is a great time to travel to Budapest! And now we will tell you why!

Weather in Budapest in June

Not bad, and at times even great for walking around the city and trips to its surroundings. Why at times? It’s about the rains – in June in Budapest they strive to be reborn into a natural downpour. And soak the careless traveler literally from head to toe.

This weather’s feature is difficult to see on archival weather charts. Just keep it in mind!

And take some weightless raincoat with you. Plus study our material about the main shopping centers in Budapest. Where you can hide in case of bad weather

There in no reason “to arm yourself” with a hooded windbreaker. Which in fact in most cases won’t be needed due to the weather being too warm for such clothes

After all, the air temperatures in Budapest in early June are often very high. And the thermometers are creeping up with such zeal, as if it were happening somewhere in the south of Turkey, if not even in Egypt.

Budapest - in june is best times to take a Danube cruise

And if in the first decade of the month the weather still corresponds to the very definition of a European summer, than later the atmosphere begins to warm up almost to African values.

For example, in June 2022, Budapest and indeed the whole of Hungary was covered by a wave of real heat up to +28-32 °C (82,4-89,6 °F) even before the end of the first week. And then it didn’t get colder.

Towards the end of the month, local meteorologists with a certain amazement recorded up to +36 °C (96,8 °F)!

Obviously, in such an environment, city tours were not held in high esteem. Only evening cruises along the Danube in the company of refreshing champagne went with a bang.

In the top thermal baths of Budapest and, especially, in the large aqua complex Palatinus on Margaret Island, it becomes crowded with those who want to freshen up.

Although it would seem that the

Water Temperature

in some pools and in winter is above +30 °C (82,4 °F)?!

In June nights in Budapest, on the other hand, you can easily catch a cold. As after sunset at the beginning of the month it gets colder to +12-14 °C (53,6-57,2 °F) here. And at its end – up to + 21-22 °C (69,8-71,6 °F).

This hides the opportunity to still see the main attractions of Budapest. At least in a hurry – you made a morning walk along the Fortress Hill and back – under the air-conditioned canopy.

Note, however, that the Hungarian capital doesn’t face such heat every year. Although in June 2021 the local weather was similar.

In general, you should count on moderately warm weather of about +22-25 degrees Celsius (71,6-77 °F). Allowing both to examine the capital itself in detail, and to go to the outskirts of Budapest. Perhaps even take a ride to Lake Balaton and try to stir up the serene waters of the thermal lake in Heviz.

As for Precipitation

their norm in June in Budapest is statistically not too high – up to 60 mm per month. Theoretically, this means 4-5 rainy days – in practice, reviews that claim that “the vacation was ruined” for this reason can’t be found. After all, you can easily wait out the summer rain in one of the Budapest shopping centers or, for example, in a café.

Thanks to that the local humidity is laying in a very healthy range – usually it doesn’t rise above 70%. The number of overcast days is approximately equal to the number of perfectly clear ones.

Prices 2023

To save on accommodation in June in Hungary will not work. If in May you can still find decent apartments for two somewhere in Buda (in Pest – always more expensive) for less than 60 € / day, then in June the hosteliers appetites grow.

Up to an impressive 70-85 € per night – if you will choose apartments located within walking distance from the old town. And in general, up to at least 90-100 €, when it comes to a hotel situated at a short distance from the main city attractions.

Taxes and fees aren’t included in these amounts!

BpR Castle Point Apartments are distinguished by a good location in a quiet area near the center. They has flats with an area of 55-67 m2 with a living room and a bedroom, a well-equipped kitchen. But most importantly, a family of up to 4 people can live here!

Traditionally not too expensive and therefore rarely empty Elegant apartment with Buda Castle view. Distinguished by an excellent location at the foot of the Fortress Hill on the banks of the Danube. Please note, that if you are going to climb to the castle on foot, not on the funicular, then this involves some physical activity.

We also recommend the nearby, but somewhat more modest Toldi Apartman. However, they are also quite roomy (2 bedrooms). And, in addition, a little less expensive.

At a certain distance from the center, you can rent cheaper accommodation. For example, in CBS Apartments Budapest, which are located near the Széll Kálmán tér metro station, they ask for a lower bar per night, about 75 €. And for this money up to four travelers can stay here!

What to Do

In principle, 2-3 days are enough to see the main attractions in Budapest. Most likely, there will not be enough time for museums, but you can visit the rest famous sites. Including: the Parliament building, the Basilica of St. Stephen, the Fisherman’s Bastion and some of the capital’s thermal baths.

Budapest - magically illuminated in June

Also in the tourist program there is always an evening excursion along the Danube – the magically illuminated city looks especially good in the dark. And a detailed – in the restaurant – tasting of traditional Hungarian cuisine.

Not too expensive but very informative and therefore – popular – bus hop-on hop-off tours.

You should not count on profitable shopping in Budapest. But you will undoubtedly get some interesting souvenirs and hungarikums. Also, you may even have time to visit the largest flea market in the Hungarian capital – Echeri – there come across very original things.

Where to Go

The minimum program usually includes a visit to the town of Szentendre. Which in June, alas, can be totally crowded with idle citizens and therefore loses some of its charm.

Excursions to Visegrad are also popular among foreigners – they want to see the fortress, where the legendary Dracula was kept for a long time. In high demand and tours to Esztergom – to visit the largest church in Hungary is an absolutely mandatory business.

By the way, all three designated places can be linked into a single tour. Not too expensive, but very rich and interesting!

We also recommend visiting the summer royal palace in Gödöllő in the vicinity of Budapest. And pay attention to Gyor, which is reached by very rare travelers. The majority of them – with the aim of visiting the ancient Abbey of Pannonhalma noticed by UNESCO.

Is it worth swimming in

Balaton in June?

Only if you love this activity to the point of unconsciousness – within the city limits, the water in the Danube is not too transparent.

Therefore, it is better to plan a separate trip to the sea. For example, to the “Hungarian Sea” – Lake Balaton! Although it doesn’t differ in great depths, is perfectly refreshing on a summer afternoon.

Is there anything to see in the vicinity of Lake Balaton? At a minimum – the Festetics Palace and the Franciscan abbey in Keszthely.

But it would be more correct to include spa treatments in Lake Heviz in the program as well. As well as an overnight stay or two (just book a hotel in advance) – the effect of several sessions of balneotherapy will be more noticeable.

A visit to Sümeg Fortress, a well-preserved medieval citadel, is sure to be the highlight of a June trip to Hungary. Although, as it seems to us, it will already be full of vivid impressions.



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