Budapest in April

Is Budapest good enough to visit in April?

Budapest in April 2024 – is it worth visiting? Weather, air temperature, what to wear, hotels & excursions prices? What to do in Budapest and Hungary in early April or close to May – found out good Time for Trip.

April in Europe is a bit strange month. On the one hand, it seems to be inspiring to travel because of the noticeably warmer compared to March weather and the rapid flowering of nature. But on the other hand, it is historically not the period for which people make plans in the sense of long vacation.

2-3-day trips around the native country or short tours abroad are usually the maximum that tourists can or want to afford. Therefore, it’s especially important not to make a mistake and choose the really right direction?!

In this mean, April in Budapest looks quite interesting. After all, in the middle of spring, the capital of Hungary becomes very beautiful.

Nature is in full bloom, emboldened by stable warmth and a lot of sunny days. And the great Danube rolling its waves majestically sets off this riot of colors exceptionally advantageously.

How warm is it in Budapest in April, what to do? What happens with prices in the hotels? Is there much competition among tourists for a “place in the sun”?

We have found out all the points and are ready to share with you obtained information!

You should not miss the river cruise visiting Budapest in April

Weather in Budapest in April

In the reviews you will find not so many complaints on this topic! There will be much more disputes about where it is better to shop or which of the Budapest thermal baths to choose.

And do you know why?! Because the local weather won’t cause you significant inconvenience – on the contrary, it provoke for long lasting walks and trips!

And you will be able to fully implement the planned program of visiting best Budapest‘s sights . Equally, the schedule of trips to interesting places near the Hungarian capital will not go astray.

Familiarization with meteorological statistics in Budapest during April over the past few years fully confirms this conclusion. Although stability in general is not about this area – at least in the first half of spring – but the local climate will not make significant changes to your schedule of events. So you are unlikely to have to cancel walking city tours due to cold weather or heavy rain.

In early April 2023, Budapest, for example, observed rather chaotic movements of street thermometers.

It all started sluggishly – from +10-12 (50-53.6 °F) to +5-7 °C (41-44.6 °F) in the afternoon and +1-5 °C (33.8-41 °F) – at night. But even before the expiration of the first half of the month, the air temperature several times reached as much as +15 °C.

Then (for a couple of days) it plunged into some pessimism – by noon, no higher than +8-10 °C (46.4-50 °F). But since the second half of April, the weather in Budapest has stabilized.

During the day, the air warmed up steadily to +15-18 °C (59-64.4 °F), and at night it did not cool down below +8-11 °C (46.4-51.8 °F).

Is such weather typical for this area in the middle of spring? Not always – in some years, the air temperature in Budapest throughout April increases steadily. And often, by the end of the first decade, it stabilizes in the range up to +15-20 °C (59-68 °F).

However, the month almost always ends at similar values. So it’s still not worth waiting for heat above +20 °C (68 °F) in April Budapest!

Precipitation and Wind

At the same time, rains are traditionally rare – it can pour moderately from the sky for a maximum of 3-4 days. But clear days successfully compete with just cloudy ones. Yes, perhaps they even overtake them.

The wind isn’t too strong – the number of days when it blows at a speed of more than 10 m/s can be counted on the fingers of one hand. But to make a discount on the dankness due to the presence of the Danube is necessary!

So if you are going to look at the city from the open deck of a cruise boat, take a good insulation.

What to Wear

All of the above suggests that the presence of some warm clothes in the suitcase, at least sweaters or hoodies, obviously will not be superfluous. After all, if one day spent in Budapest in April will allow you to walk in a T-shirt and think about shorts, then another remind that winter is not far away. And at any moment – especially in the evening – it can return.

As for shoes, you should put sandals in the luggage for frankly warm weather, and sneakers or even boots with thick soles in case of a frosty morning. Yes, you probably will come in them anyway – in Europe and in most of the USA and Canada, the middle of spring is not considered a particularly warm time.

For kids, it is worth taking hats and even scarves with you to Hungary. After all, it is unlikely that such accessories will take up a lot of space in a suitcase. But they can greatly help you out in case of a sudden cold snap!

Of course, there are many big malls in Budapest, and you can always buy things that you need. Moreover, shopping today has become a mandatory attribute of a tourist trip.

It's pretty warm in Budapest in April

Prices 2024

If you are going in April to spend in Budapest more than 1 night, then you should pay special attention to the apartments. Because they cost less than hotels, and in most cases they will be much larger in area and often located in the city center or relatively close to it.

The cost of decent (based on reviews) apartments in Budapest in the middle of spring starts from 60-70 € per night for two travelers. For such a sum you can book a small studio actually in the city center – JS Modern Downtown Studios-Self Check-in.

Cost slightly more than the average Váralja Home. But this apart-hotel is very well located – next to the Buda Hill and Royal Palace – that allows to recognize it almost the optimal place for a short stop.

Based on personal experience, we can recommend City Park Rest Apartment. Located quite far from the center, but 5-7 minutes walk from Keleti train station.\

What to Do in Budapest in April

Even if you spend 2-3 days visiting the main sights of Budapest, it is impossible to see everything. After all, only a leisurely walk through Buda with a tour of the old streets, the Fortress Hill, fountains, monuments and the palace will take the whole day.

But you still need to rest and eat regularly. Probably do in Budapest some shopping – at the grocery store, at least?!

As you do need to reward yourself after a day filled with impressions with something else chic?! Originally Hungarian, of course, – like a bottle of Tokay harvest of the year 2000…

By the way, note to yourself somewhere that Easter in Hungary is celebrated on a grand scale. In 2023, it falls on Sunday, March, 31.

And the next Monday (April, 1) is an official non-working day!

In general, everything that should be visited in Budapest, having tried to keep within a limited number of days, we outlined in a separate article. For those who are too lazy to read, just list the main sights of the capital of Hungary!

Need to See:

  • Parliament Building (preferably inside)
  • Buda Fortress and St. Matthias Church
  • Fisherman ‘s Bastion
  • Chain Bridge
  • St. Stephen’s Basilica.

Don’t forget about the obligation to visit the Varoshliget Park with the Vaidakhunyad Castle, the Szechenyi Baths.

An excellent observation deck is located on Gellert Hill. And nearby there are another famous baths either!

Where to Go in April from Budapest

In the near suburbs of Budapest, you should definitely see the photogenic town of Szentendre and explore the ruins of the Visegrad Fortress, once the main royal residence.

A trip to Esztergom will also be the right step, especially since it is located nearby. And in April, fast ships on air wings should already be sailing along the Danube!

The Baroque royal residence in Gedella, the sleepy but very beautiful town of Gyor, the ancient Abbey of Pannonhalma, protected by UNESCO due to its uniqueness – all these places will be a worthy decoration for your spring trip to Hungary.

It is quite possible that you will reach the shores of Balaton – everything blooms here in April. You will visit the Balatonfüred resort, explore the cozy Tihany, and see the amazing thermal lake Heviz. If desired, you will take baths there!

During an excursion trip along this route, you will certainly be taken to the town of Keszthely. The main decoration of which is the Baroque palace of the Festetics, the splendor of which is not inferior to other royal residences.


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