Barcelona in March

March is one of the best times to visit Barcelona

Barcelona in March 2024 – is it worth visiting? Weather, air temperature, what to wear, prices in hotels and on city tours. What to do in Barcelona in early March and close to April, where to go in Catalonia and far away – in the review of good Time for Trip.

In the mass consciousness, Spain, as you know, is primarily associated with the sun. And in the second – with the sea. Therefore, even a schoolboy can explain the reason why most of the annual 70 million tourists visit this European country from May to October.

However, every rule has exceptions. And if your interests going on vacation include not only purely beach and water activities, you will consider traveling to Spain at another time.

Because there are many reasons for this. Indeed, already in March, Barcelona and Madrid, not to mention southern Spain, are celebrating spring with might and main. They begin to abandon boring winter outfits and gradually dress up in more and more colorful “clothes”.

Which – surprisingly – attract a very small number of foreign tourists. Although, it would seem, what could be better than meeting the most energetic time of the year, March, in Barcelona? In such a beautiful and having a lot of attractions city?!

However, let’s get down to the facts. And exploring the features of the first spring month in Catalonia literally “under a magnifying glass”.

Weather in Barcelona in March

Definitely will please those who constantly live in a city where the snow has not yet melted at the beginning of spring. And it won’t upset those who live to the south and are accustomed to a much warmer climate.

For example, in early March 2023, the air temperature in Barcelona during the day reached +14 (57.2 °F) and even +15-17 °C (59-62.6 °F). Yes, and at night it did not seek to retreat to the zero mark – on the thermometers proudly showed off +9-11 °C (48.2-51.8 °F).

At the start of the second decade, temperatures confidently exceeded the level of +18 and even +20 °C (64.4-68 °F), demonstrating a clear desire to arrange a real summer right now. But there was no continuation either – until the end of March, the air warmed up to +16-21 °C (60.8-69.8 °F) max.

This fact, of course, was warmly welcomed by all those who enjoyed long tapas walking tour in Barcelona or went on a trip to Montserrat or Figueres.

At night, however, the temperatures easily drop to + 11-13 °C (51.8-55.4 °F). At times it’s being warmer, up to +14-15 °C (57.2-59 °F).

It’s curious that in recent years the local climate has been consistently behaving itself in a similar way. And if the guidebooks write that the weather in Barcelona is changeable in March, then this refers more likely not to low temperatures, but to the amount of sunlight and a rather high probability of a cloudy day.

Although the number of sunny days, in the opinion of a resident of the UK, there will be an extremely large – on average, about 15 per the first month of spring. Yes, and the cloudy but dry days unlikely to seriously disrupt your excursion plans.

There is pretty warm in Barcelona in mid-march


Note that the first month of spring is considered quite wet in the Catalan capital. And although the total number of rainy days rarely exceeds 4-5 per month, you may find that the weather is not too optimal when climbing Tibidabo or heading to a mountainous area like Montserrat.

In the city, however, the coolness is not felt so strongly – at the beginning of spring, Barcelona blossoms! The giant metropolis seems to reach for warmth and the sun itself, like the whole of Catalonia in March as if awakening from hibernation.

Sea Temperature

Let’s not pretend – it’s incredibly difficult to convince anyone to swim in Barcelona in March. Unless the person chooses to do so in order to win the argument. Or when drinking too much local sangria – it’s quite easy to do during local tapas tours with tastings.

For the Mediterranean Sea in this area at the beginning of spring keeps the actual winter cold. And the water is warmed up well, if up to + 12-13 °C (53.6-55.4 °F).

Though, you can Visit The Best Beaches in Barcelona and in that time of the year!

What to Wear

Naturally, at this time you still don’t want to strip down to T-shirts and shorts. But there is no reason to wear warm clothes either – light demi-season jackets should be enough for walking around the Gothic Quarter, as well as other areas of the city.

On some days, the sun can get so hot that you won’t even want to think about pure autumn clothes. But a windbreaker with a hood has every chance to come in handy – as mentioned above, it can sometimes be very damp in Barcelona in March.

Prices 2024

If you can afford to spend up to 150 € per night, stay in the old city – the Gaudi Hotel, which is located near the famous La Rambla, is ready to accommodate a couple of guests for such an amount.

The Boquería Market and other central attractions of Barcelona can be reached from it on foot in 5-10 minutes. Praise the guests and the views that open from the hotel’s rooftop terrace.

Also, pay attention to the Hotel Astoria which is located in the Eixample district near Diagonal Avenue. A bit cheaper object, which reasonably praised in reviews for the cleanliness in the rooms and excellent staff.

Catalonia Albeniz is less advantageously located in the San Marti area. But on the other hand, it is a little less expensive, and you can get to the Sagrada Familia from here in 15 minutes. Very nice and helpful is a local staff.

You should remember that, like many other cities in Europe, Barcelona charges tourists a special tax. And every year it grows a bit –

In 2023, in addition to the cost of the room, you need to pay only 6.25 € (per night) in case of staying in a 5-star hotel, and 4.45 € – in a 4 * hotel. If the selected accommodation has only 3 stars or less, you will have to pay 3.75 € per day. Other accommodation (apartments e. c.) for tourist use is taxed 5 € per day –

From April 1, 2023, the Barcelona tourist accommodation tax will increase by about 0.5 € per night.

What to Do in Barcelona in March

As usual, you will be able to conceive and implement an extensive excursion program. Which, of course, will be based on whether you have been in the Catalan capital before? And if so, what sights of Barcelona have you visited?

One way or another, but we definitely advise to pay a visit to Park Güell in March. Since at the dawn of spring it’s especially impressive!

And of course, at any time you will get powerful boost of energy by visiting the fantastic Sagrada Familia. a local attraction that belongs to the world’s treasures of human genius.

Nothing beats the experience of exploring Parc Güell in Barcelona in March

Gothic Quarter, Saint Eulalia Cathedral, La Rambla, La Boqueria Market? A couple of houses inspired by the work of Gaudí: Casa Batlló and Mila. The Palace of Catalan Music by another local genius, Lluís Domènech y Montaner?

These are all must-see attractions. Without even a glimpse of which, you can hardly say that you got to know Barcelona!

We also recommend to pay your attention to the local Jewish quarter. And, perhaps, to buy a sightseeing tour of it, allowing you to dive deeper into the history of the main city of Catalonia.

Definitely worth a visit is the hill of Montjuic and all the attractions that “live” within it. Including the National Palace, the ancient fortress and the Botanical Garden. The ethnographic museum, Poble Espanyol, located here is also incredibly interesting.

An inquisitive tourist will certainly want to climb Mount Tibidabo. As in order to personally see the local Temple of the Sacred Heart. And in order to understand the scale of Barcelona for yourself – marvelous panoramic views open from above.

Where to Go Outside

It is only natural that you would not want to leave home without visiting the famous Montserrat monastery. Situated in an amazingly beautiful rock mass just 40 km to the west of Barcelona itself.

Well, lovers of contemporary art will certainly set aside a day to ride in Figueres – albeit with a guided tour. After all, not seeing the local Dali Museum is a huge mistake. Which, perhaps, you will have to regret for a long time!


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