Rome in September

The weather is still very warm in Rome in September

Rome in September 2023 – is it worth going on vacation? Weather, air and sea temperature, what to wear, prices in hotels and on excursions. What to do in Rome in early September and closer to October, where to visit outside the city – in the review of good Time for Trip.

September is obviously not that month you think and make plans for the future. On the contrary, it is time to harvest, literally and figuratively.

The majority of the world’s population, if they think about it, then only by type of activity, they have no time to be distracted from work. Especially after the summer holidays are over.

But a minority knows that at the beginning of autumn it’s best implementing vacation plans. And in this article we intend to analyze in detail the most interesting question – is it worth a vacation in September in Rome? Where is it still warm and extremely sunny at this time?!

This is on the one hand. On the other one – due to the good weather in the Italian capital at the beginning of autumn are very crowded either. And prices: both in hotels and in restaurants, on excursions are in no hurry to decrease.

So, are we waiting for the right moment – there is a good weather in Rome in the beginning of October, too? Or are we still going, having planned a real trip before that? Which also includes a few days of seaside holidays at some Italian beach resort nearby?

We evaluated all aspects and came to a very definite conclusion for ourselves! It’s quite possible that the information set out below will help you to draw unambiguous conclusions.

Roman Forum -you can get heatstroke in Rome in September

Weather in Rome in September

In fact, early autumn it’s not the best time for long walking tours of the “Eternal City”. Although those who plan to visit the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel for one day, and on the second, for example, go to Castel Gandolfo, on the shores of Lake Albano, will be satisfied. As they obviously won’t overheat.

However, you can easily get heat or sunstroke in Rome in early September. Because, for example, in 2022, throughout the first half of the month, the air temperature easily reached +30 °C during the day. At night, it was noticeably colder – at modest +20-22 °C it was much more pleasant to enjoy traditional Italian dishes!

In the second half of September, the weather in Rome became a little cooler. And if in the light hours you could guess this just by looking at the street thermometers (the atmosphere warmed up to +23-25 °C), then after sunset (+12-18 °C) you wanted to wear something like a jacket or jumper.

Nevertheless, it was much more pleasant to walk around visiting famous Roman attractions at such temperatures. So, of course, lovers of history and architecture, as well as long walks, should choose the end of September for a trip to Rome.

It’s worth considering that in some years the sultry and sunny weather stands in the Italian capital until October. And the air temperature during the day regularly reaches the range of +27-28 °C.

Sometimes it also happens in a different way – in the second half of September, street thermometers never want to show more than +20 °C even by noon!


At the same time, however, it’s worth noting that at the end of the month, along with a decrease in air temperature, the probability of rains also increases. So it’s better to go for a walk on the streets in the company of an umbrella or raincoat.

The average rainfall in Rome in September rarely exceeds 40 mm. And some of them fall not in the form of a necessary drizzle, but a stormy and powerful downpour with a thunderstorm. Usually diluting a long period of sunny hot weather.

Humidity stays in an acceptable or even healthy range throughout the month. And rarely exceeds 75%.

What to Wear

What do tourists and citizens themselves wear on the streets of Rome in September? In the first half of the month, they mostly dress in summer clothes – only in the coldest years the weather forces to throw on shoulders any jackets. However, in the evenings or while walking around Rome at night, even at the beginning of autumn, you want to put on something more then T-shirt.

In the evening, walking around Rome in September, you should wear a jumper

Starting from the middle of the month, hoodies and jumpers, jackets become a mandatory item of clothing during the day. On some dates, as mentioned above, you may need a raincoat and even rubber shoes.

Separately, we remind you that in September you can swim near Rome. Although there is simply no free space on the beaches of a resort like Lido di Ostia on weekends. And this is understandable: in early autumn the Tyrrhenian Sea warmed up to +23-26 °C.

Would you like to visit the seashore, but like relative privacy? Then read our article about the best Italian beach resorts – you can find decent places even near Rome!

If you are going to sunbathe and swim, don’t forget to take the necessary accessories with you. Not only swimwear and large beach towels! But also sunscreen, as well as clothes that will protect your skin from burnout at a very high (8-9) UV-index.

Prices 2023

In general, you are unlikely to find anything decent cheaper then 120-150 € per night (taxes included) for two. Anyway, if you decide to stay in Rome, and not half an hour away by train (also a good option, by the way).

A good investment from the point of view of a short trip to Rome looks L’esquilina Holiday House 2. Spacious apartments that are located near Termini and can accommodate up to 4 people and.

Which is just wonderful from the point of view of those who arrive in the Italian capital by air, via Fiumicino Airport (Leonardo Express). Those tourists who’s going from Rome to get Florence (Milan,Venice), will also appreciate the convenient location of the flat.

Far from the city center, in a Roman suburb, is located an inexpensive guest house Demi’s home. That has earned a high rating (9) from the guests, despite the fact that from here it’s hard to get to both the Vatican (15-20 minutes) and other major attractions of Rome like the Colosseum and the Forum (30-40).

As for excursions, the expenses depend on what you need. If you in a guided group will visit the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel, as well as St. Peter’s Cathedral, then cook from 35 €. You can go for a walk with a guide around the Colosseum, as well as other ancient places, and for only 30 €.

What to Do in Rome in September

And in addition to the above-mentioned opportunities, there is something to do in Rome, as well as its suburbs in September. Moreover, we especially urge you not to go in crowded places like the Trevi Fountain, but to visit other places of the “Eternal City” that are not so flooded with tourists.

Piazza Navona worth a visit in September in Rome

In particular, we advise to see what remains of the famous “Golden House” of Nero (The Domus Aurea), the magnificent imperial palace that once stood next to the Roman Forum. Climb the Capitoline Hill, go to the divine church of Santa Maria in Ara Coeli, watch the sunset from the steps of the Cordonata staircase designed by the great Michelangelo.

And the next day, be ready for new achievements! After all, as we have repeatedly emphasized above, September is the best time to explore Rome.

So, visit the Pantheon and Piazza Navona, go inside the Quirinal Palace. Feel the powerful aura of the city on the always crowded Spanish Steps.

Set aside a day to visit the authentic Trastevere district, treat yourself there to an original Italian pasta with seafood, drink a glass of Chianti. Don’t forget to look at the Villa Farnesina, which was once painted with frescoes by Raphael.

To visit the Borghese Gallery, one of the main art museums in Rome, you will have to book tickets in advance. At the same time you can go to the Villa D’Este in Tivoli, wander through the beautiful park in the former residence of the Dukes, quite spontaneously.

The same applies to sightseeing other interesting cities located near Rome. In particular, we advise you to get to Viterbo. And pay a visit to the literally honey-drenched wonderful town Orvieto, once one of the centers of Etruscan civilization!


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