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Morning - in April in Rome weather is gentle

Rome in April 2024 – is it worth visiting? Weather, temperature, number of tourists, prices in hotels and on excursions. What to do in Rome in early April (on Easter) or close to May, where to go nearby – found out good Time for Trip.

If you are going to visit any country in the south of Europe with a touristic purposes, then April is perhaps the best time to do so. As it’s no longer cold nor yet hot, and prices in hotels, restaurants on tours are at relatively modest level.

What about Easter and the holidays that go with it, – may you ask? When every European considers it their duty to travel somewhere away from their home country?

Yes, we agree that during this period, some popular cities in Europe look a bit overcrowded. But if you have the opportunity to travel outside of peak dates (Easter will take place on March 31 in 2024 – more news on Vatican website), we assure that you will not have to complain about the lack of free space.

Again, for some people, the abundance of tourists around is generally uncritical. And it’s easy to see this – it’s enough to visit Rome in April and try to get into St. Peter’s Square on a festive Sunday (some useful info see here –

However, in our article we will still focus on ordinary weekdays. If demand does not exceed supply, you will be able to carry out the planned program for visiting Rome’s most popular sightseeing spots without regard to external factors.

In the middle of spring Rome is full of warmness and light

And we will start traditionally, with what is the

Weather in Rome in April

It is truly worth a lot of praise. Those who have visited Rome in April, when nature is in full bloom and stretching towards the sun, and the summer is just around the corner, will surely come back again at that time.

Just to feel themselves refreshed and renewed. At least spiritually, if not physically…

Often, at the very beginning of the central month of spring, the air temperature in the “Eternal City” reaches the level of +20 °C. Although cautious travelers should still count on the maximum at +16-18 °C.

In April 2023, the weather in Rome, for example, swayed for a long time. And until the middle of the second decade, didn’t want to warm up the atmosphere above +17 °C. However, later, there was a turning point, and the desired mark was reached.

True, this only happened during the daytime. As after sunset, in Rome even in mid-April, was cool – not higher than +10-12 °C

Toward the end of the month, the sun begins to smile more and more regularly. And, eventually, it stops saving energy – in the last decade, daytime temperatures reach + 22-24 °C. Further – more, in May it gets really hot in Rome. In every sense…

Not every year, of course. But usually, the scenario looks something like that – isn’t this is the best time to go to Rome?!


The amount of precipitation is small – up to 30 mm per month. And the probability of a powerful spring downpour is quite moderate – 2-3 lighter rains happening during the entire month of April.

Which seem to be designed to clean up the “Eternal City” a little after the winter. But they do not intend to seriously disrupt the excursion plans of tourists visiting the city.

The probability of a clear day fluctuated within 60-70%

Translating it into human language means – in April, Rome will appear before you all flooded with sunlight. And literally shrouded in aromas of rapidly blossoming nature.

What to Wear

It is unlikely that you should put winter or at least frankly warm clothes in your suitcase. For all occasions, an ordinary spring jacket should be enough. Just in case, duplicated with a cardigan and a sweatshirt.

But here’s the real deal: comfy shoes are a must. Rome’s got all these hills, so you’ll want to stroll around in sneakers or moccasins. Trust us, your feet will thank you later.

And speaking of strolls, you’re gonna be doing a lot of those. Springtime in Rome is like walking through history. You’ll find yourself wandering around, soaking in the vibes, maybe chilling on some ancient steps (maybe – Spanish?) or walls.

No need in warm clothes in Rome in the middle of April

Prices in Hotels and on Tours

If you work hard and start booking no later than November, then for April dates you can find good and inexpensive rooms in Rome. At a price of € 80-90 per night (taxes not included) and – of course – not in the city center.

But not far from one of the most famous sights in Rome!

Here we primarily mean the Vatican Suites Happy Holidays, which practically looks at the wall surrounding the “Pontifical City”. This is the most budget option, because everyone else here with the same rating wants a lot more – from € 120-130 per night.

Not impressive? Then feel free to check into the My Rooms guest house, from which you can walk to the famous Bernini fountains in 5-7 minutes.

Quite good and slightly cheaper is the MJ Roma San Pietro Guesthouse. In fresh reviews it’s greatly praised, someone even don’t hesitate to write something like “everything was super”.

An attempt to settle on the other side of the Tiber, closer to the Forum and the Trevi Fountain, all the more will not save money. Prepare around € 150, or if you are late with the reservation, already € 160-170.

In terms of price-quality ratio, the 1A Grace House seems to be the best option here. Where you will briefly become the temporary owner of a tiny, but separate studio – for the same money! The metro station is nearby, key attractions can be reached on foot in 12-15 minutes.

As for city tours, it all depends on your budget and imagination. Guided hiking prices start from € 20 per person.

What to Do and See in Rome in April

In the middle of spring, both nature and people flourish. The former does so vigorously and unrestrainedly, charging everything around with its energy, while the latter strive to channel this vigor into meaningful pursuits. Creating gardens, organizing various events, and shows. Naturally, these endeavors imbue this time with distinctive originality.

Certainly, Rome did not escape this in April. How could the Eternal City remain indifferent?

Rome Events in April 2024

According to legend, Rome was founded on April 21, 753 BCE, giving rise to the celebration known as Natale di Roma. On this day, the great city is alive with festivities, numerous events and parades taking place throughout the streets. Various civic museums, including the archeological area of the Circus Maximus and the Capitoline Museums, offer free entry to visitors.

In 2024, a series of events will span from the evening of Thursday, April 20th, to Sunday, April 23rd. The highlight is the main procession down Via dei Fori Imperiali, starting at the Circus Maximus at 11 am.

During this day most of Rome’s museums offer complimentary entry, including the archeological area of the Circus Maximus, Capitoline Museums, and the Ara Pacis.

Detailed information can be found on the Natale di Roma website –

Roseto Rose Garden

Another notable event on April 21st is the opening of Rome’s Roseto Rose Garden. Few people know that the garden velcomes visitors starting from Rome’s birthday and until the first week of June.

This early opening allows for a tranquil experience amidst the blossoming roses, with around 1,100 varieties from across the globe. Admission is free.

The Municipal Rose Garden is situated at Via di Valle Murcia n. 6. For further information, please visit

On April 21, Roseto Rose Garden opens in Rome

Late April/Early May – Azaleas on the Spanish Steps

A beloved tradition in Rome, the Spanish Steps are adorned with vibrant azaleas from late April to early May, creating a stunning spectacle of color. This tradition dates back to the 18th century when the square was designed.

Azaleas were selected for the square due to their resilience to urban pollution, ease of cultivation, and stunning array of colors. The blooming of azaleas in Piazza di Spagna typically lasts for approximately two weeks, with the peak bloom occurring in mid-May.

A dedicated team of gardeners meticulously tend to the azaleas, ensuring they are pruned and shaped to perfection. During the blooming season, the square is illuminated at night, creating a magical ambiance ideal for romantic strolls.

April 25 – Liberation Day

or Festa della Liberazione, is a significant national holiday commemorating the end of Nazi occupation and Fascist rule in Italy during World War II. In Rome, this day is marked by parades and ceremonies organized by the Associazione Nazionale Partigiani d’Italia (ANPI), honoring the sacrifices made for freedom.

These events and openings add an extra layer of charm and excitement to a visit to Rome in April, making it a delightful time to explore the Eternal City.

While schools, banks, and shops this day are closed, tourist sites remain open. The Associazione Nazionale Partigiani d’Italia leads a commemorative parade from the Colosseum to Porta San Paolo, starting around 9:30 am.

Traditional Attractions

And here they are, these very sights, that are the real purpose of a visit to April Rome for any traveler who likes antiquities! Because, in principle, he can afford to wander through the ruins and sit for a long time on the foundation of some ancient wall, undisturbed by anyone.

Of course, you have the right to make your own plan for visiting Rome, taking into account your needs and experience. But just in case, we still list those places that make up the glory of the ancient city.

Looks quite natural desire to start a visit to the Italian capital with its Forum. And, perhaps, with the Colosseum – if you have not seen the ancient amphitheater before from the inside.

Then we strongly advise you to take a closer look at the ruins of the palace of Emperor Augustus on the Palatine Hill – in April they will only open to visitors after a winter break. And then go inside the ruins of the “Golden House” of Nero, along with an erudite guide.

The beautifully preserved Trajan’s column and Caesar’s Forum will help to consolidate this course of the history of Ancient Rome. Or, maybe a visit to the Pantheon. A majestic pagan temple that did not lose its religious function even with the advent of Christianity.

It is explainable that you will want also to visit the Vatican museums and gardens in April. Representing one of the most exquisite spectacles in spring Rome.

In early spring Vatican Gardens is in full blossoming

Churches and…

Definitely should be given a day or two to the Roman churches. And not necessarily St. Peter’s Cathedral, the main and largest Catholic basilica in the world.

But also surprisingly beautiful inside Santa Maria in Araceli on the Capitol Hill. And also Sant’Agnese in Agone in Piazza Navona, designed by one of the architectural geniuses of the Baroque era, Francesco Borromini.

A couple of the nicest churches are also sheltered by the largest square in the capital of Italy, Piazza del Popolo.

You should definitely throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain in order to return to Rome one day. And admire the country villa of the Dukes of d’Este in Tivoli is to experience the delight of such an organic fusion of nature and the creation of human hands.

Where to Visit Nearby

It is unwise to neglect the opportunity in April to go somewhere from Rome. Until Italy was once again overwhelmed by real crowds of tourists.

In a certain proximity to the capital city, we recommend visiting the papal summer residence of Castel Gandolfo. Soak up the sea air on the coast at Lido di Ostia.

Then pay a visit to either Vitterbo or Orvieto. Or even both of these charming original towns.

Rail travel enthusiasts might take the chance even to get from Rome to Florence. At least in order to see the masterpieces of the Uffizi or Pitti Gallery.

Well, for those who are able to stay in Italy for a few more days, we advise you to travel from to Rome to Venice which are connected by high-speed trains. Ensure you – this trip will become a real “pearl” of your spring traveling!


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