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Which Rhodes beaches are good for a sea holiday?

Best Beaches in Rhodes: Locations, Pros and Cons. Photos, descriptions, things to do. Where to spend seaside holidays on Rhodes Beaches in Spring, Summer, or Autumn – in the article of good Time for Trip.

Rhodes is rightfully considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. During a season that lasts slightly longer than in most other European resorts, from May to November, planes carrying tourists flock to the island, and massive cruise liners sail in.

While there are few landmarks on Rhodes, they are unique, thanks to the Knights Hospitaller, who built numerous fortresses during their resistance against the Ottoman Empire. The local weather is also excellent, whether in early spring, summer, or even mid-autumn, making you never regret your choice!

However, despite its attractiveness, the ancient fortresses and palaces are perhaps not the main treasure of the island from the point of view of vacationer. For a holidaymaker, it is crucial to understand that Rhodes has numerous, clean, well-maintained beaches. Moreover, most of them are free and not overly crowded even in peak season, unlike, for example, the beaches of Blackpool at weekends.

Splashing in the warm turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea without the risk of bumping into someone’s heated body – isn’t that a great pleasure? Especially if you do it not in the height of the season, so – for quite reasonable prices!

Things to Know

Rhodes beaches without any doubts can be divided into western and eastern. The western ones are usually a bit cooler, and they are mostly pebbly. The eastern ones, warmer due to being sheltered from the winds of the Aegean Sea, are sandy and therefore more popular.

Sandy beaches on the east coast of Rhodes are very popular among holidaymakers

So, for example, if you decide to visit Rhodes in May, it’s better to go to the eastern coast — it’s warmer here. In the high season, the advantages of beaches on this side of Rhodes are not as obvious due to the large influx of guests and higher hotel prices.

On the contrary, the Aegean Sea coast attracts significantly fewer vacationers. It’s understandable – not everyone likes swimming in the (often) rough sea.

However, when choosing, it’s essential to consider that by June, when it becomes hot on Rhodes, and the sun sometimes scalds the island, sea breezes are an excellent cooling solution. This will allow you to spend more time on the shore and have much better overall vacation experiences!

Again, choosing the beaches on the west side of Rhodes, almost every evening, you’ll witness the sun melting into the sea, immersing it in darkness. Moreover, the coast of the Aegean Sea is very picturesque. So, vacationing here will surely appeal to those with a romantic disposition and nature lovers!

Beaches on the Eastern Coast of Rhodes

On the northern part of the eastern coast, within the city limits, lies the large and well-kept Elli Beach. In terms of length and width, it can compete with the best coastlines in Europe and is therefore never deserted.

The main city beach of Rhodes is called Elli

Here, there is developed infrastructure with rows of sunbeds with canopies, changing cabins, showers, and toilets. The old town of Rhodes is also nearby, which is extremely convenient for those who enjoy wandering the streets and admiring ancient houses and palaces.

Those who want to distance themselves a bit from the capital’s hustle and bustle embark on a journey to the south of the island. And literally the first place they encounter on their way is…

Kalithea Beach

located about 8 km from the island’s capital, Rhodes, belongs to a lively and crowded resort in the summer. It is small, so during the season, it can get overcrowded, but the sea here is amazingly clear, and swimming is a pleasure!

The beach has a sandy-pebble structure with a relatively gentle entry into the sea, equipped with sunbeds and canopies, showers, and changing cabins. There are water activities for all ages, such as parasailing or diving with an instructor. Along the coast, there are many bars and taverns.

For its quality, Kalithea Beach regularly receives the “Blue Flag” and is one of the best beaches in Rhodes for families with kids.

Kallithea Beach is one of the best places for a sea holiday

In addition to the beach area in the village itself, around the Kallithea Bay, there are several small coves with tiny beaches, lost among the coastal rocks – in fact, they are an ideal spot for a secluded rest. Snorkeling enthusiasts will appreciate these spots also.


is perhaps the most famous beach in Rhodes. It has huge dimensions (5 km in length), so it is very lively and crowded during the season. Covered with sand, there are also areas with fine gravel.

Faliraki offers numerous water activities, and all necessary beach infrastructure is available. Nearby, there is a vast number of hotels and guesthouses, as well as cafes and restaurants. If you lean towards a quiet and peaceful vacation, it’s better not to settle here during the summer.

However, many tourists often choose to stay in Faliraki and then travel just 3 km south to the Anthony Quinn Bay. Though this resort in Rhodes is in demand among family vacationers, as a large water park is located here.

Very picturesque is

Anthony Quinn Bay Beach

located just to the south of Faliraki. It is named after the Hollywood actor who enjoyed lounging on the pebbles here, lazily surveying the truly memorable landscape.

The sea in the bay is incredibly clear, making this beach on Rhodes suitable for both swimming and snorkeling. The water here is almost always comfortably warm from May to October, as the bay is enclosed by cliffs on all sides, with no underwater currents.

Anthony Quinn Bay is well-equipped for relaxed and comfortable leisure

Like many other beaches in Rhodes, Anthony Quinn Bay is well-equipped for relaxed and comfortable leisure. It has sunbeds with canopies, changing cabins, showers, toilets, beach cafes, and parking.

One significant drawback is its small size. And in the season, it can be overwhelmingly crowded


Located very close to the famous beach in Anthony Quinn Bay, Ladiko is only half as famous. However, it is just as picturesque as its renowned “neighbor” and spending time here is a memorable pleasure. Moreover, fewer tourists visit this place.


Another excellent beach in Rhodes is located in the village Tsambika. It represents a long sandy coastline with a pleasant gradual entry into the sea, making it popular among travelers with children.

Despite this, Tsambika is considered a quiet and calm place. Especially suitable for vacationers of all ages who appreciate a convenient entry into the sea and comfort as a whole.

By the way, this beach is named after the ancient church on the mountain. From where you can enjoy a wonderful view of this stunning stretch of coastline.

Tsambika Beach in Rhodes is ideal for families with children


is an excellent and therefore popular among tourists Rhodes beach, just under a kilometer long. By local standards, it is very wide, covered with sand, and the entry into the sea is very pleasant and convenient.

All necessary infrastructure is present, and there are many family hotels and guesthouses directly on the coast. Stegna is perfect for families with children, as it has a very gentle and comfortable water entry. Nearby, you can also find small wild beaches hidden among the rocks.

Agathi Beach near the village of Haraki to the south of Stegna may be interesting for those who love golden sand without any pebbles.


The beach in that town on the southeast coast of the island is also well-known. During the high season, the not-so-wide sandy beach is overcrowded with vacationers – after all, Lindos is one of the main attractions of Rhodes.

In the neighboring bay of Saint Paul, another very small beach unfolds. It is incredibly picturesque and clean.

Sandy beach in Lindos popular with holidaymakers

Not far from Lindos, there is an extensive and mostly sandy Kalathos Beach. Its main advantage is always a small number of vacationers.

West Coast Beaches in Rhodes

Here, we will particularly highlight Porto Antico, with gray sand and a narrow pebble strip at the entrance to the sea. It is located not far from Kamiros, the little town considered one of the top attractions of Rhodes.

This beach has all the necessary infrastructure for leisure, you can enjoy the magnificent sunsets here as well.

Further north, you can find another similar beach, Yalissos. Swimming here is not always possible due to the often turbulent sea and strong winds. However, this place is very popular among kite and windsurfers.

As from Porto Antico, impressive sunsets can be observed from Yalissos.


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