Rhodes in May

May is a good time to visit Rhodes

Rhodes in May 2023 – is it worth a rest? Weather, water temperature, whether it is possible to swim, reviews. Prices in hotels and on excursions, how much does it cost to rent a car? What to do in Rhodes in early May and closer to summer, what to see – in the review of good Time for Trip.

The island of Rhodes is considered expensive and therefore quite an exclusive beach destination in Greece. That doesn’t prevent it from completely overflowing in the season: beautiful beaches and clear sea are a jewel for which it is not a pity to overpay.

However, with all the external attractiveness of such a holiday, summer Rhodes also has an unpleasant feature – it can be too hot on the island. And when the atmosphere heats up to +35 °C and above, who dares to leave the air-conditioned room in the heat – it becomes no longer up to beaches and sightseeing!

Naturally, few people will like to limit themselves on vacation, and even so severely. That is why May in Rhodes is also a very popular month.

Of course, not only on it alone – at the end of spring in Greece there are places where you can swim and sunbathe. As well visiting the famous attractions of Hellas usually gives a storm of emotions, regardless of the time of year. Of course, exclusively positive ones.

However, let’s get back to our topic!

Weather in Rhodes in May

It is characterized by commendable stability and even some positive thoroughness. Rains happen – summer has not yet arrived – but they behave very tactfully and, having begun, quickly stop. That is, they have no task to spoil the mood of the holiday-makers.

In early May, the air temperature in Rhodes prefers to live in the range of +19-22 °C. This is during the day – in the evenings, tourists have to taste metaxa and walk along the coast, throwing blouses and jackets over their shoulders. At least, the air cools down to +15-16 °C.

Closer to the middle of May, Rhodes is getting warmer and even the average daily temperatures are rising. First of all, due to the fact that the atmosphere stops cooling significantly at night: and after sunset, thermometers show about +20-22 °C. At the end of the month, sometimes temperatures up to +30-32 °C are recorded at noon.

You can swim in the sea in Rhodes in May

Could Rhodes have even hotter weather at the end of May? Almost impossible!

The unspoken, but clearly existing gentleman’s agreement between the island climate and (for the most part) respectable vacationers doesn’t imply a significant deterioration in weather conditions.

The probability of rain is low. According to long-term statistics, for the whole of May, only 2-3 days in Rhodes are rainy or even cloudy. The average monthly precipitation is up to 35 mm.

Winds are weak during this period of the year. So from this side you should not wait for a trick and be afraid of hypothermia – if you are going to swim in the sea, for example.

Water Temperature

The reviews rightly note: if you want, you can swim in the open water area in Rhodes in May. Moreover, in most cases they point the finger at the Mediterranean Sea.

As it is usually less stormy and warmer here than the Aegean. Which, by the way, should be taken into account when choosing a suitable beach. Especially if you’re going to spend vacation on Rhodes with small kids!

The temperature of the sea in Rhodes in early May does not exceed +19-20 degrees Celsius. But it warms up quickly enough to an acceptable +21-23 °C – by the third decade of the month, for sure!

Swimming in the spring Rhodes in the morning, however, is not worth it. Many foreigners, accustomed to the sea in Thailand and Dubai, will limit themselves to the hotel pool altogether.

And the bar counter, of course. But this is a completely different story…

Prices 2023

Like the weather, they will frankly delight travelers. First of all, those of them who have been to Greece in the summer, and know how expensive hotels on the coast are during this period.

You can save especially significantly if choose a house at a certain distance from the capital of the island. For example, renting Stegna Dream apartments in the village of the same name in early May will cost € 440-525 per week.

Which is quite a bit, considering that the guest house is located next to the sea. In addition, it looks like a very convenient base for sightseeing in Rhodes!

The Ammos stegna apartments are somewhat more expensive and also receive exceptionally positive reviews. Where you can even book a Deluxe Suite for 680 € per week. However, if the trip is canceled, the payment for this option is not refunded…

In Lindos, we recommend paying attention to Anastasia Studios (550-620 €/week). From the windows of which there are wonderful views of the city. This hotel is located exceptionally well. It is not surprising that in some reviews the guests promise to return.

Renting a car is not a luxury here, but a basic necessity – in Rhodes at the end of May it will cost 35 – 40 € per day.

Excursions don’t cost that much money either. In particular, for a tour around the island lasting about 5 hours, you will have to pay 60-65 €. Exploring the medieval city of Rhodes on an electric scooter will cost 50 € per person.

What to Do

Most tourists on vacation are generally not inclined to deny themselves a pleasant pastime. Moreover, May is a good and even, perhaps, the best time to explore the sights of Rhodes.

Is Rhodes Old Town worth visiting?

There are not many of them here, but to see everything worthwhile on Rhodes, you will have to sweat. Since living near the Palace of the Grand Masters will not only lead to significant financial costs, but also create disadvantages in terms of beach holidays.

There is an opinion that it is more reasonable to rent a car right at the airport. Since public transport in Rhodes is not too pedantic, and not everyone will understand the intricate sites in Greek. The schedule of the main bus routes with prices, however, can be studied here – ktelrodou.gr/en/…/apheteria-rodos.html .

Remember that the rental car has its disadvantages. One of the main ones is that in order to justify spending (from 35 € per day), you will have to travel a lot. This means: spending money on gasoline (about 2 €/liter) and parking.

In any case, about 250 € will run up in a week. The cost of a large-scale individual car tour of the island in the company of a live guide and sometimes much less…

Main Attractions of Rhodes

There are actually only two of them!

The first is the old town of Rhodes along with the Palace of the Grand Masters. A powerful knight’s castle of hospitallers who arrived here seemingly straight from the Holy Land is a sample to how to build for the ages.

A complex ticket for adult visitors costs 10 €, a discounted ticket costs only 5: odysseus.culture.gr/…5028. Opening hours: 8-20 from April to the end of October. On Mondays, the residence of masters is closed for re-registration and rest from tourists.

The second iconic island attraction is the ancient Greek polis Lindos. Where something of the Acropolis, second only in size to the Athenian one, has been preserved. Admission costs 12 (6) €. On May 18 (World Museum Day), you can visit the Acropolis for free.

Another popular tourist destination is located outside of Rhodes. Although not far from it is the island of Symi, whose inhabitants have taken the fashion to paint houses in optimistic tones in the manner of a Venetian Burano, it receives tens of thousands of foreigners per season.

Although, in general, there is not much to do on Symi, except to eat something from seafood. The ferry from Rhodes costs from 21.5 € round trip.

We also warmly recommend you to take a cruise on the sea on a sailing yacht. The pleasure costs from 85-90 € per person, and in May you will not have to complain about the overcrowding of the ship. By the way, the cost of such walks usually includes drinks (even wine and beer) plus lunch!

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