Corfu in May

The weather in Corfu is not always warm in May

Corfu in May 2024 – is it worth going on holiday? Weather, sea temperature, what to wear, can you swim? Prices in hotels and on excursions, car rental, what to do in Corfu in early May and closer to summer – in the article by good Time for Trip.

If anyone does not know, Corfu is the northernmost of the major islands of Greece. Due to its location on the border of the Ionian and Adriatic seas, the swimming season here starts late and ends quite early compare to the same Rhodes or Crete.

It seems to be no problem if you planned to go on vacation to the island in any of the summer months or in warm September! But those who decide to visit Corfu in May will have to put up with some inconvenience.

However, we would not call them significant. Moreover, bonuses are relied upon for this – the opportunity to wander everywhere not in the crowd, enjoy landscapes that are not obscured by anyone, pay less for tours and tickets, in our time is becoming a priority value. Forcing you to ignore the not always warm weather, not to mention the minimal chances of a beach holiday.


perhaps, in reality, everything is not quite bad? Maybe at the end of May, weather in Corfu will not just warm, but also afford you to swim?

Indeed, in Rhodes, located not so far away, at the end of spring the sea warms up to temperatures suitable for taking water baths!

It may well be! Especially if you are able to enter the sea at a temperature of +20°C (68°F) without internal trembling. And you like to swim, not stand still in the surf.

One way or another, we will not argue that May is the best month for a holiday in Corfu. But the fact that it offers very interesting opportunities is beyond doubt!

May - one of the best month to visit Corfu

Weather in Corfu in May

Seeks to consolidate the success achieved in April. And having finished with the stage “Rampant flowering of nature”, with enthusiasm it begins to implement the project “Paint the island bright green”.

At the beginning of May 2023, the air temperature in Corfu preferred the +20-24 °C (72-75 °F) range – at least during the daytime hours. But at night, it somewhat cooled the ardor of the first holidaymakers, who imprudently decided that summer was just around the corner.

Therefore, on thermometers after sunset, it usually showed off no higher than + 16-18 °C (61-64 °F)

By mid-May, the air in Corfu sometimes warms up to + 26-28 °C (79-82 °F). But the local weather is in no hurry to fix on these marks. Finishing the month at approximately the same values (usually not higher than +24 °C) on which it started.

That is, in general, the May weather in Corfu can be characterized by vague wordings like “moderately warm”, “not too hot” and the like. Allowing a whole range of activities, seeing the best sights of Corfu, but forcing you carefully collect things for a vacation.

And in any case, encouraging to put in a suitcase a jacket – you will appreciate its advantages in the evenings! A sweatshirt or jacket will also be in handy.

As for the rains, they are not excluded in Corfu at the end of spring. And, moreover, can be quite plentiful.

The average


is about 50 millimeters. The number of rainy days is up to 4-5.

The rest days will be mostly clear. That actually promises your skin is by no means a light tan, but extremely bright colors – if you presumptuously forget sunscreen at home. As on the island you won’t always find the brand you are used to – the choice in local stores is not too great!

What to Wear in Corfu in May

From the foregoing, it should be clear that in late spring everyone walks in Corfu not too warmly dressed. Especially tourists – they usually missed the warmth and the sun so much that with their very appearance seemed to provoke the weather for heating the air.

In late spring in Greece tourists walk around not too warmly dressed

Nevertheless, we will once again emphasize the sometimes extreme usefulness of windbreakers and sweaters. Because, although the local weather in late spring is stable, at certain moments of the day it can’t be called warm.

We also recommend bringing not one, but two pairs of comfortable shoes. Allowing you to climb rocky slopes or walk through the gorges without a serious risk of getting a tram

And, of course, take care of sun protection clothing. Because despite the generally low temperatures, the local sun in just half an hour can literally char the fair skin of northerners.

Sea Temperature

In early May, the sea off the coast of Corfu will at best be warmed up to +18 °C (64 °F). Which, of course, does not exclude swimming, but makes it an entertainment not for everyone.

And if young people who want to make the “right” impression enthusiastically dip into the cool sea, then more sensible vacationers will prefer to spend time by the pool (and, of course, in it). Just for reference – what are the prices 2024 in Corfu hotels with pools?

During the whole month, the warming of the water off the coast of the island doesn’t go quickly. Since during the day the air temperatures are in no hurry to visit +30 °C (86 °F). And at night, as we have already said, it is cool.

One way or another, but by the end of the second decade of May, the sea near Corfu warms up to +20 °C (68 °F). And by the end of it sometimes reaches a temperature of +22 °C (72 °F).

These figures obviously won’t inspire mothers with small kids. But active youth, fit middle-aged people and even pensioners are unlikely to miss the chance to plunge into the cool, but amazingly transparent water area. Moreover, when returning to the beach, they will not freeze!

You can swim in Corfu in May and adore sunsets

Prices 2024 in Hotels

A hotel room or a separate apartment in Corfu in early May will cost € 60-70 plus per day for a pair travelers. If, of course, you are counting on a comfortable, and not “just to spend the night” object.

For this money a hotel won’t be particularly fashionable, but not worthy of special criticism. Breakfasts are often included in the price, which will allow you not to think about looking for food at least in the morning.

We recommend paying attention to Dionisos apartments Gouvia by Estia, which are well located near the beach. In addition it has their own swimming pool – a very important advantage in May – and is located just 10 kilometers from the island’s capital.

Very good and Katerina Studios in the village of Paleokastritsa on the western coast of the Corfu. Although it will take about half an hour to walk from it to any of the famous beaches. But, as noted in the reviews, this is even a plus, because the road goes through picturesque olive groves.

Located not on the coast, but are very popular Skafonas Apartments. Perhaps because the house is situated in a large green garden? And for the amount indicated above, you will have at your disposal a whole apartment with an area of 55 m2.

The famous Glyfada beach is about 2 km away. Even on foot – tolerable, especially if not in the heat.

Car rentals

start at 30 €, which is how much you’d pay for a tiny Nissan Micra. Something more spacious will cost from 35-40 € per day. Which, of course, should not ruin either.

Moreover, it is difficult to see the sights of Corfu without a car. Since public transport doesn’t run everywhere. Prices for sightseeing tours around the island, cruises along the coast even to resort Parga in the mainland start from € 40-50 per person.

What to Do in Corfu in May

It's pretty windy in Kerkyra in early May

There aren’t so many architectural attractions in the Greek island. But the most beautiful natural landscapes are in abundance. It’s no exaggeration to say that their concentration per square kilometer is greater here than anywhere else in Greece.

One way or another, but you will surely spend a few hours on a tour of the capital of the island, Kerkyra. Where you can visit the Venetian fortress of Paleo Frurio, take a walk along the completely European promenade, Liston Street, look into the Cathedral of St. Spyridon, the heavenly patron of the island.

Trips from the capital to the tiny islands of Blachernae and Pontikonisi are popular – each of them has its own monastery. Cruise lovers wan’t fail to take a day trip to the islands of Paxos and Antipaxos.

In May, it is worth going to see inside the Achillion Palace, where the Austrian Empress Sissi lived in it when she rested in Corfu. Since in the summer months there is a clear overabundance of curious travelers in this place.

Another interesting architectural monument near the island capital is Mon Repos, the former villa of the British governor, surrounded by a magnificent park.

Where to Go

Unmarried women and girls often like to visit Sidari, one of the best sandy beaches of Corfu on the north coast. Both in order to swim in the crystal clear sea, and to participate in another important event. It is believed that if you swim through the local “Love Channel”, having made up the name of a loved one, then he will definitely marry you.

The village of Paleokastritsa on the southern coast of Corfu is famous for its beautiful scenery, clear beaches and sea. Here you also need to visit the monastery and climb up the top of the seaside cliff, which is decorated with the remains of the fortress of Angelokastro – the views around are simply amazing.

The best beach in the vicinity of Paleokastritsa is Agios Georgios. Nearby is the wild “two-sided” beach of Porto Timoni. At the end of spring, it is not yet overcrowded with lovers of natural beauty and swimming.

Porto Timoni - in the end of May you can swim in Corfu

Another piece of coast that is wonderfully suitable for a seaside holiday in Corfu called Glyfada is located 20 km south of Paleokastritsa. From the capital, you can even get to it in 20-25 minutes.

Near the town of Pelekas in the mountains there is an excellent

Observation Deck

known just as the “Kaiser’s Throne”. It was named so because the German emperor Wilhelm liked to admire the landscapes from here.

No wonder – from the “Kaiser’s Throne” you can see the whole island. And even see the foggy outlines of Albania in the distance.

Available for climbing (and even driving) and the highest peak of Corfu – Mount Pantokrator (905 meters). If you are confident in your driving skills, then it is better to come here before sunset. After all, the view of the sun plunging into the sea will forever remain in your memory!

However, the meeting on the Pantokrator of sunrise is an exceptionally memorable event. Requiring truth, known sacrifices – to see the rising sun, you have to get up and go in the middle of the night.



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