What to See in Corfu

Holidays in Corfu can be diversified by visiting the main attractions of the island

What to visit in Corfu in 2023: main attractions you should see. When is it better to go for a vacation on Cyprus, how to get there on your own – in the review by  good Time for Trip.

The island of Corfu, also known as Kerkyra, is a small piece of land either in the Adriatic or already in the Ionian Sea. It is part of Greece, located off the western coast of the country. The area of the island is only 583 km2, an inquisitive traveler is able to visit in Corfu all its attractions in just 2-3 days.

Of course, you shouldn’t do this. After all, the main charm of the island lies in the fact that time here seems to freeze, and the days flow slowly. If in Crete a tourist visits something all the time, then in Corfu it will be difficult just to move from the place – every arriving foreigner here is covered like a cloud by nirvana.

Note that even 100 years ago the island was not at all known to the travelers. And it was opened to the big world by Gerald Durrell, who later became a famous naturalist.

The Englishman arrived in Corfu from the damp English Brighton in search of a sunnier climate. And years later he vividly described his impressions in the book “My Family and Other Animals”. Today, perhaps, you should use this novel as a guide to action.

Just for Information

Corfu has an unusual shape, suggesting that it was once a peninsula. A little over 100 thousand people live here permanently.

Unlike the rest of Greece, Corfu was never under Ottoman rule. How is this possible, readers familiar with history, will ask? And so – the archipelago belonged to Venice. The commercial republic zealously protected property from the encroachments of the conquerors, and made Corfu an outpost of its defense against the Turks.

This circumstance explains the complete absence of oriental motifs in architecture and local traditions. But the primordially Italian flavor forever ingrained in everyday life and customs, the very way of life.

Во всем облике Корфу можно увидеть итальянский колорит

In reality, you are in Greece. But looking around, it seems that no, – still in Italy.

The same ocher walls of houses and green blinds. Arcades on the first floors and bell towers growing straight from the tiled roofs. And the Baroque churches seem to have been moved here from somewhere in Abruzzo…

Main Attractions in Corfu

They are not particularly numerous. But that doesn’t bother those tourists who are already resting on the island. And as if not too much – those that are just going to come.

However, there are enough interesting places in Corfu that are worth visiting in order to get a little distraction from an overly lazy beach holiday. And it is very unlikely that you will explore them all – if you stay here only for 7-10 days!

The capital of Corfu,


is rightfully considered the first place on the island where a curious tourist should visit. If only because the concentration of sights in the city and its environs is maximum… on a local scale.

The old Venetian fortress, Paleo Frurio, which looks like a green hill, occupies a man-made peninsula. The New fortress, as if carved by some giant, – a passionate lover of geometry – protects the urban space from the north coast. Between these two fortifications is the Old Town of Corfu – the focus of the most interesting places.

Liston Street is the city’s main promenade. Built up with relatively new houses in a distinctly French style – this happened during the occupation of the island in the era of the Napoleonic Wars.

Be sure to visit in Corfu its main Cathedral of St. Spyridon, the heavenly patron of the island – it houses the relics of the saint. In past years, they say, St. Spyridon defended Corfu from misfortunes more than once: be it plague, famine or the Turks.

It is unlikely that travelers will go unnoticed by the Museum of Asian Art, located in the halls of the former mansion of the British governor. After Greece gained independence, the building served as the summer residence of the kings for many years.

Near Kerkyra

It is worth visiting in Corfu and two islets south of its capital bay: Vlaherna and Pontikonisi, each with a monastery. Tiny, but incredibly charming – you just want to pick them up.

By the way, do not miss the chance to really do it by buying souvenirs with their image in Greece!

The islands are literally strung on the axis of the local airport. And therefore they are visible even before you land on Corfu – from the window of an airplane.

Numerous cruises on boats and yachts depart from the capital’s bay to the sea. Perhaps the most popular route leads to two islands: Paxos and Antipaxos.

South of Kerkyra there is another large palace – Achilleion. The Empress of Austria-Hungary, Elisabeth, the famous Sissi, built a residence for herself in Corfu, as she loved to relax here, away from the Vienna “upper light”. They dedicated it to the Greek hero Achilles, and named it accordingly!

Achillion Palace is one of the most visited attractions in Corfu

It’s curious that after Sissi, the palace was owned by the German Kaiser Wilhelm. The one that unleashed the First World War.

Even closer than Achilleion to the capital, there is another villa, though more modest – Mon Repos, built for the British governor. Subsequently, this estate became the royal residence.

Where Else to Visit in Corfu

The most famous local resort, Paleokastritsa, is located on the opposite coast of the island. But, interestingly, less than 20 km from Kerkyra! The name of the town with a population of 4,000 in Greek sounds like “Place of the old castle.”

And there is a real castle! The reverent walls of Angelokastro on a high rock were erected in the 13th century by the Byzantines. The views from here still cause awe and admiration for anyone who spends energy on the ascent.

Very beautiful and ancient monastery Paleokastritsa. So well-groomed and cozy that you can’t even believe that its age is almost 8 centuries!

Most tourists, however, visit Paleokastritsa not because of the sights – in the vicinity of the village there are the best beaches in Corfu. Okay, “some of the best” – they are in the Top-5 for sure!

If you drive 20 kilometers (along the highway) northwest of Paleokastritsa, then you will first reach the beautiful sandy beach of Agios Georgios, and then go to

Porto Timoni

An incredibly picturesque place, gradually becoming almost the main natural attraction of Corfu.

Photos of this beach in the Internet are truly impressed anyone! What can we say about those who will give themselves the trouble to visit this unique “two-sided” place in person.

Further south on the west coast is another well-known resort of Corfu,


It is popular for at least two reasons!

The local wide sandy beach with a convenient entry into the water, as if by nature itself was created for families with children. And Aqualand Corfu Water Park is probably the largest and most interesting institution of its kind on the island.

Not far from Glyfada is the rock “Kaiser’s Throne”. On the top of which the German emperor Wilhelm liked to sit, looking at the surroundings from a distance and considering his plans.

Most tourists won’t miss the chance to see in Corfu and the village


on the north coast. Mainly famous for its Canal d’Amour, a pretty fjord nestled in limestone cliffs. The legend says that lovers who sailed through it, holding hands, will never part.

In Sidari in Corfu, it is worth seeing the Canal of Love

Only the most active travelers will want to climb the highest mountain of Corfu, Pantokrator. Moreover, they will be rewarded not only with a view of the island from a height of more than 900 meters. On the way up, they will see something else: cypress and olive groves, secluded mountain villages, the sea sparkling through the green like a gem.

Best Time to Go

The period from June to September is the most favorable time for a trip to Corfu for the purpose of a beach vacation. And if at the beginning of summer only the most active climb into the water, then closer to July the Adriatic Sea warms up to + 25-26 °C, inviting even small kids to take a dip.

Bathing is shown to all segments of holiday-makers until mid-autumn. And in September, the weather in Corfu is such warm that reviews of holidays on these shores simply ooze with molasses.

Durrell swam even in October. And this is the best evidence – the climate of Corfu is very mild! Even in the middle of the month of autumn, the sea here is warmed up to + 20-22 °C. At the same time, it is only slightly warmer in the air: up to + 23-25 °C.

Then the weather gradually deteriorates, it starts to rain, the air temperature drops to +15-19 °C in November. And only + 10-15 ° C is shown by the local outdoor thermometers during the winter months.

Frequent precipitation, wind and dampness reign until mid-spring. But already in May holidays in Greece it’s quite possible to go for sunbathing and swimming. If you are able to confine yourself to the hotel pool. Or be tolerant of the sea, warmed up to only + 18-20 °C.

How to Get There

Corfu Airport, which bears the name, receives many international flights during the season. And, including, from most European capitals, large cities of Canada and the USA.

If tourists arrive on the island from mainland Greece, their route passes through the port of Igoumenitsa. Here come, in particular, buses from Athens and Thessaloniki.

And then – it’s easy. Plunged yourself onto the ferry, and after an hour and a quarter – moored in the harbor of Corfu. If you use a fast ferry, then the waterway time is reduced to half an hour.

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