Turkey in May

Antalya is the warmest place in Turkey in May

Turkey in May 2024 – what the warmest places to go? The weather, average temperature, what to wear, where can you swim, prices in hotels and on excursions. What to do in Turkey in early May and closer to summer, what to see – found out good Time for Trip.

Turkey is not yet the favorite foreign destination for most Europeans, and even more so for North Americans. Perhaps because it is still underestimated – few people even know what interesting attractions outside of Istanbul are there besides maybe Cappadocia. Equally, are still not too popular the beach resorts of Turkey ..

We believe this is a misunderstanding!

After all, there are no less interesting places here than, say, in Greece. And the beaches are as beautiful as they are numerous!

As for the prices… for fully appreciating this important for any traveler aspect, come to Turkey in May! In the time when it gets warmer here, but before the onset of the real high season!

Having made such a rather unusual step, you are unlikely to regret the time and money spent. Since a trip to Istanbul or Cappadocia in May, to Bodrum or Antalya is a simple and not too expensive way to diversify everyday reality. That helps life come back in full swing and paints the future prospects in exceptionally pink tones.

Weather in Turkey in May

allows you not to limit yourself in having fun. Of course, we will not claim that starting from May 1, it becomes warm and sunny throughout Turkey. And tourists already don’t know where to find shade.

Not at all – in some areas, even on the coast of the Black and Aegean Seas, before summer comes you will not even think of taking off your jacket. What can we say about the mountainous Turkey where the weather till mid-May strongly asks you to insulate well before going outside

However, let’s study the weather conditions in all popular tourist spots!


The main metropolis of Turkey attracts the attention of foreigners regardless of the month – no matter what time of year to go to Istanbul – you will be in advantage!

In May, the weather conditions of ex-Constantinople are such that it becomes simply unwise to postpone the visit. The weather just provokes a trip, promising day temperatures up to +20-22 °C at first and up to +28-30 °C – on the threshold of summer.

In the first half of May after sunset it becomes unseasonably cool on the streets and embankments of Istanbul. But closer to summer, you will wander the seaside boulevards and even go on a cruise along the Bosphorus in only shirts and thin jumpers.

Rains are rare in Istanbul in May. And if happen, they are not inclined to drizzle tediously for several hours. On the contrary – quickly wash the streets of dust, refresh the air and again – the sun is shining!


The last spring month in this region of Turkey is considered a very warm time. Both literally and figuratively.

If at the beginning of May the air temperature in Cappadocia, for example, did not risk climbing above +18 °C, then by the middle the real heat came. And thermometers occupied the territory of about +26-28 °C.

At night there is a significant drop in temperatures, sometimes very sharp, up to + 4-6 degrees Celsius. But in most cases, even after sunset, it is quite warm in May Cappadocia – at least +12-16 °C.

At this time of the year foreigners arrive here en masse. Many of them do it not directly, but in transit, after visiting Istanbul. Why not – the distance to Cappadocia by highway is only about 700 km!

Being in Turkey in May you need to visit Cappadocia


It is not just possible to wander through the healing water in the local travertine pools, but it is also necessary! Moreover, it is best to do this procedure not at the very end of spring.

Since at the beginning of summer, air temperatures in this place in Turkey can exceed +35 °C. Which is quite hard to bear in an area almost devoid of natural shade

In addition, closer to the (official) start of the high season, Pamukkale becomes simply crowded with tourists. Buses from the Turkish Riviera arrive here in columns. And in late May there are so many swimmers in the pools that an association with a fish tank involuntarily arises.

Marmara Sea

Resorts on its shores are relatively little known to travelers from Europe and America. Although there is no denying their potential – the same Erdek can be considered as a very interesting coastal place for family holidaymakers.

Why not: there are excellent beaches and a smooth entry into the sea, the season begins no later than in the end of spring? And the trip from Istanbul to Erdek by car will take only 3 hours!

Reviews on the Internet about a seaside vacation in Erdek or Mudanya, however, are not enough. And that’s why mostly only local, Turkish themselves, know about their real potential!

At the beginning of May on the local coast, however, it is quite cool. Only in the middle of the month and not earlier the air temperature reaches a stable +22-24 °C. As for the coastal sea area it warmed up to a maximum of +19-20 degrees Celsius at the very end of spring.

But there are very few cloudy days in Erdek in May. So it will turn out not only to get a tan, but also heat stroke – if you don’t take certain precautions!

Izmir and Kusadasi

These resorts in Turkey on the Aegean in May promise a much more optimistic pastime. Already at the beginning of the month, the atmosphere here warms up to +27-29 °C. However, only during the day – at night it is noticeably colder, no more than +15-20 °C.

Naturally, with this approach, the sea doesn’t have a significant chance to warm up to comfortable values. So the water temperature in Kusadasi even at the sunset of spring does not exceed +20-22 °C.

Not everyone likes the idea of swimming in such obviously cool sea, and hotel pools help out gentle foreigners. Raise their mood and trips to various notable places – from Izmir you can easily get to Ephesus or Pamukkale.


Even in early May, it’s quite warm at this resort of Turkey – however, not enough for long swims.

During the day thermometers show something like +23-25 °C, and only +18-20 °C – at night. The Aegean is initially warmed up to +20 °C. But by the time the calendar summer arrives, the coastal area sometimes heated up to +23 °C.

Usually there are no more than 2-3 rainy days in Bodrum for the whole of May. So, in most cases the local sky pleases with a deep blue color and the absence of clouds

Turkish Bodrum in May is the very sunny place

Judging by the reviews, swimming in Bodrum in May is better in the afternoon. Because it can be a bit cool in the during the first half of the day.

However, heated pools at hotels guard the interests of vacationers!

The weather conditions in Marmaris and Fethiye are slightly different from those in Bodrum. Unless the atmosphere warms up by 2-3 degrees more.

Oludeniz, which has its own pond fenced off from the sea, a Blue Lagoon, is in an even more privileged position

In the evenings, however, in all of these resorts you will be glad finding a thick jacket or windbreaker in the suitcase.


We told you in detail about the traditional May weather in Antalya in a separate article, since we were lucky enough to rest there at the end of spring. In short, the disposition looks like this: almost complete absence of rains, the apparent gravitation of street thermometers to the level of +30 °C.

And the Mediterranean Sea, of course, warms up to values that the great number of seaside resorts, for example, on the North Sea, can only dream of

Until the middle of May weather in Antalya isn’t too hot. So, after the sunset, it’s still worth throwing a jacket over your shoulders. But in the second half of the month and in the evenings you can walk in one T-shirt and shorts – the long-awaited summer warmth is spilled in the atmosphere.

Note, that all of the above applies both to Antalya proper and to the resorts that gravitate towards it. That is, approximately the same weather is expected in Belek, Side, Kemer.

But in Alanya, perhaps the warmest place in Turkey, it will be hotter in May. So much so that people who don’t tolerate sultry weather will be forced to abandon the trip here until about the middle of autumn.

Prices 2024

Despite the warmest climate, Antalya and its resorts are not the most expensive destinations in Turkey. Anyway, at this time of year!

Hotels are waiting for the onset of the high (read – summer) season. And therefore they set prices lower than in Marmaris, at the level or slightly cheaper than in Bodrum.

If you don’t intend to lay on the beach whole day long, then choose something like the Sibel Hotel (about 70 € per day for two), located in a very green place a stone’s throw from the huge Karaalioglu Park.

From our point of view, this is an ideal place to stay if you arrive in the first half of May and devote most of your time to excursions and trips

Lovers of mainly beach holidays will be advised to stay in Side. Where, however, is the night even in an inexpensive (but good!) Side Village Hotel – All Inclusive will cost a lot of money – from 100-120 € per night.

Istanbul in May traditionally finds itself in the very center of attention of foreign travelers. As a result, in 2024 you will hardly find a good hotel in the city center for less than 70-80 €.

For our part, we are ready to recommend a small and cozy HHK Hotel, that is stationed at a certain distance from Sultanahmet Square and the Topkapi residence. It occupies a mansion from the time of the Ottoman Empire. Some rooms overlook the Golden Horn Bay. And from the roof terrace, too!

From many points of view, the end of spring is also the best time to travel to Cappadocia. As a result, prices in hotels and on excursions, as well as hot air balloon flights, are growing dynamically. Often peaking before the onset of summer.

That is why we recommend booking rooms in such a high-quality and inexpensive facility as Stone House Cave Hotel. As well as in – if you can afford to settle not in a cave – Royal Stone Houses. One of the best budget hotels here!

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