What to See in Szentendre

What to visit in Szentendre in 1-2 days in 2023? Main attractions and just interesting places, ticket prices, excursions. How to get to Szentendre from Budapest, what to visit nearby – in the review good Time for Trip.

The small town Szentendre in Hungary is known in Europe. Of course, not for every first tourist, but definitely for the majority.

In any case, those who have diligently studied the question “what is worth visiting near Budapest” have met this name. Quite possibly, they even read that they should go to see Szentendre immediately after they take a cruise along the Danube and explore the Hungarian Parliament.

And not only because the Marzipan Museum in Szentendre is a tourist attraction of a national degree, in the opinion of many, one worth the trip. But rather because marzipan and everything connected with it is just a good addition to the existing settlement from about the IX century.

It was founded at one time by the Hungarians themselves, but by the XVII century almost depopulated. And thanks to foreigners took the right to a second birth…

After all, Szentendre, which today is viewed with affection by prosperous and refined tourists, was once founded by Serbs and Greeks who fled from the Balkan Peninsula from the yoke of the Ottoman Empire. And in general, this locality has preserved its authentic, original appearance to this day.

Over the centuries, the Hungarians, of course, have brought a national flavor to the town. But still today Szentendre looks as if it was moved here from somewhere in the Balkans.


Toy houses, tiled roofs, bright colors… the town, even on a cloudy day, seems to glow from the inside. Giving everyone a little bit of their always festive mood.

That is why we strongly recommend that you waste a day or two to see Szentendre in details. And can guarantee that the time spent here will definitely decorate your trip to Hungary!

There are many things to see in Szentendre

If you don’t want to plan a trip yourself, book an excursion! Individual tours to Szentendre from Budapest are quite expensive, but they promise to get from visiting the most vivid and positive emotions.

By the way, you can also explore Szentendre during a grand tour of the bend of the Danube. Which also includes a trip to Esztergom, to the Basilica of St. Adalbert, and a visit to the tiny Visegrad, famous for the royal castle where Dracula was once kept.

Main Attractions of Szentendre

The first thing that will meet you at the railway station of the Hungarian town is the Urban Public Transport Museum. It has an extensive collection of rare equipment (trains, trams, trolleybuses) and talks about the development of the Budapest transport system since its foundation.

The museum is open only in the summer season, from April 1 to October 31, the boys will obviously like the inspection of its exhibits. An adult ticket costs 350 forints ($1), and cards are not accepted here…

We have already mentioned about the city Marzipan Museum above – you will spend 10-15 minutes on this attraction. After that, it’s unlikely that you will refrain from treats in a pastry shop or buying a solid portion of copies of exhibits – marzipan is the best gift that you can bring from Hungary.

And then it’s time to visit some of art galleries and shops in Szentendre. After all, in terms of their number, it will be inferior only to Budapest. And it will obviously bypass the metropolitan colleague in terms of the effectiveness of sales of paintings and etchings – the hand here reaches for the wallet itself.

Touching tiny houses and cobblestone streets, wonderful stairs and tubs with flowers – you want to wander around the town. Without purpose and meaning, just absorbing its atmosphere.


Also, it’s worth visiting several churches in Szentendre: both Orthodox and Catholic. They’re small and not very old, but amazingly cozy, settling in the soul of peace, which is difficult to find in a large and filled with visitors huge cathedrals.

The main square of Szentedre is decorated with Blagovestenska Church. And two steps away from it you will find almost a fairy tale – the Christmas Museum.

Which, however, is more of a store. Where anyone can buy a lot of things to give the home interior a festive entourage.

If you are in Budapest in December, be sure to visit Hubay House in Szentendre – they sell really soulful things there!

Blagovestenska Church - what to see in Szentendre

The Szántó Jewish Memorial House, on the contrary, is a sad place – it’s a memorial to the victims of the Holocaust, combined with a tiny synagogue. It reminds everyone of times that should never happen again.

We strongly recommend that you personally visit in Szentendre and Retro Design Center. After all, a lot of things of the socialist era in the history of Hungary are collected there. The main delight of visitors is a collection of rare cars.

Garden and Zoo

Szentendre has its own Japanese gardens – the artistic vein of the locals makes itself felt. And if you wish, you can meditate in the “rock garden”, admire the fish swimming in the ponds, take pictures of the miniature gazebo and the sacred Japanese torii gate many times.

Travelers with little kids may also want to explore a small town Zoo. The number of animals contained there is not so large, but they are kept in excellent conditions. In addition, they can be fed by you, which will undoubtedly please young travelers.

In winter, the Szentendre Zoo is open only on weekends, from 10 to 17 hours. But in high season it is closed only on Mondays.

Adult ticket will be ruined for 1,200 HUF ($3.5), children (from 2 years old) it costs 800.


The Hungarian Open-air Ethnographic Museum, named after a Stockholm colleague, is one of the most famous sights of Szentendre. It’s located on the outskirts of the town, the distance from the station is about 2 km.

Skansen near Budapest is extensive and clearly deserves a visit: original historical buildings from all over Hungary are collected on a huge territory. You’ll see here houses, barns, mills, whole towers.

Inside the buildings there are also original interiors, covering the period from the XVIII to the XX century. As well you can take a ride on the territory by train, which is dragged by another curiosity – a steam locomotive.

Skansen in Szentendre is worth visiting, By Nord68, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=207692

In winter (from November 1), the Hungarian Skansen is closed – an exception is made only for St. Martin’s Day. In summer, the museum is open on all days of the week except Mondays. The cost of an adult ticket is 2 000 HUF.

How to Get to Szentendre

The town is located just 20 km north of Budapest and is connected to the Hungarian capital by regular rail service. You can dive into a commuter train, for example, at the Budapest metro stations: Batthyány tér and Margit Híd.

The rail road ticket costs 310 HUF one way, the trip lasts about 40 minutes. We recommend getting detailed information on the official website of the Budapest transport system.

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