Antalya in April

Is April a good time to visit Antalya?

Antalya in April 2024 – is it worth going? Weather, sea temperature, what to wear, is it possible to swim? Prices in hotels and on excursions, what to do in Antalya in early April and close to May, where to go nearby – found out good Time for Trip.

Antalya is the most popular Turkish resort among foreigners. Not always, of course, – only in high season!

Outside of it, the ancient city in the south of the Asian country seems to be sinking into shadow and hibernation – in winter, even in January Antalya rarely appears even in any reports and news. And tour operators seem to forget that at other times they actively actively call anyone here for a seaside vacation.

On the one hand, this is justified – in the cool season and spring, the focus of attention of beach travelers shifts noticeably to the south. To those tropical regions, whose climate allows to swim and sunbathe all year round.

On the other hand, such an attitude in a good way needs to be revised! Because in some considered unseasonal months, the weather on the Turkish Riviera allows much of what is (mistakenly) considered impossible.


In particular, in April you can swim in Antalya. Not every day, of course, but quite regularly.

And the air temperature in some years reaches values that conditional London, if sees, then at the very peak of summer. Since in Antalya and in the middle of April it can be hot up to +30 °C (86 °F) – is it worth wishing for something more, even from the point of view of relaxing on the beach?!

Entertainments in Antalya in the middle of spring are, perhaps, obviously less than at the peak of the season – many cafes and tourist organizations haven’t yet opened after winter. But excursions around the old town and the surrounding area are conducted as if nothing had happened. And in general, life is boiling so actively that you won’t get bored.

Especially if you initially set yourself up for an active pastime. Even at home, make an impressive list of interesting places in Antalya and nearby, where you are going to visit. And try not to stay anywhere too long.

We have prepared for you some information that would help facilitate the planning of the trip. And will start traditionally, with the main thing –

Weather in Antalya in April

has every chance to please a vacationer from Scandinavia, Great Britain, Germany, the northern states of the USA. Since there will almost certainly be many sunny days and few rainy ones. And the atmosphere will regularly warm up to temperatures that allow you to strip down to T-shirts.

Moreover, in April in Antalya everyone is walking in shorts and short skirts, tops and T-shirts. You can throw jackets over your shoulders only in the evenings, so as not to freeze, admiring the sunset somewhere beyond the mountains.

In the beginning of April 2023, the air temperature in Antalya reached +18-19 degrees Celsius (64.4-66.2 °F). Not on a regular basis – until about the middle of the month, the thermometers in the shade, in the morning and in the evenings, showed +16-18 °C (60.8-64.4 °F) with much greater pleasure.

Which, of course, also deserves praise. Since it leaves enough space for wide excursion creativity.

How hot in Antalya in mid April?

It was colder at night, but still above the long-term norm. If usually in the first half of April in Antalya, after sunset, the temperature sometimes drops to +8-10 °C (46.4-50 °F), then in 2023 it tended more to the range of +12-14 °C (53.6-57.2 °F). As if it didn’t want to ruin the few tourists who dared to come at such an unpopular time.

Closer to the end of April, almost summer heat comes to Antalya. In the meaning of European and most American tourists, of course – daytime temperatures move in the range of +23-25 degrees Celsius (73.4-77 °F).

Nature is blooming, unimaginable aromas are spilled on the streets. Not the ones that accompany a broken perfume bottle, but much brighter and richer.

And at the same time: fresher and thinner! The sky turns blue so brightly, as if it was specially painted by a whole team of talented artists.

Precipitation and Wind, Daylight

In April it rains infrequently in Antalya – the central month of spring in these place is considered a dry time. On average, up to 40 mm of precipitation falls, the number of rainy days doesn’t exceed 3-4.

However, it’s impossible to guarantee that during your vacation you will not witness one of them. As in April in Cyprus, the weather on the Antalya Riviera is sometimes capricious. That is, it doesn’t like stability at all.

Winds up to the middle of the month can be a problem. Because their gusts of up to 10-15 m/s disperse the waves. And they force swimming citizens to at least get out on the shore, and at most – to hide in the local hotels and apartments.

The sun rises on April 1 in Antalya at 6.42 am. And sits down behind the mountains at the beginning of the eighth evening. Thus, the duration of daylight is 12.5 hours.

By the end of the month, the sun appears on the horizon 40 minutes earlier. Yes, and goes to bed at 15 minutes to 8 pm.

Sea Temperature

In early April, the sea off the coast of Antalya warms up to +17-18 °C (62.6-64.4 °F) at best. That middle-aged holidaymakers will find it completely insufficient for swimming and bathing. But young people who have missed water sports over the winter are happy to wallow in the waves!

One way or another, but you will definitely see the swimmers. And on especially hot days (remember, we wrote about +30 °C?) and you will want to be among them.

Moreover, in the second half of April, the weather in Antalya seems to include the following speed. The sun starts to get hot in summer mode, and the Mediterranean Sea warms up quickly to +20 °C (68 °F).

There are a lot things to do in Antalya in April

What to Wear

Going to Turkey in the middle of spring, you should definitely take with you not only bathing accessories and shorts with beach flip-flops. But also to stock up on much more substantial clothes – in some reviews it is strongly recommended not to forget even about wool gears.

Because on some days it may seem that things have turned not to summer, but, on the contrary, to winter. And you sincerely want to put on everything that is in the suitcase.

Note that a jacket and a hoodie will definitely come in handy when visiting a mountainous area. Both during excursions to the Köprülü Canyon, and when climbing to the relatively low-lying Termessos. We aren’t talking about visiting the (possibly snow-covered) top of Mount Tahtali.

Again, it may happen that you unbearably want to travel from Antalya to Istanbul or even to Cappadocia. Where in April, especially in the morning and in the basket of a balloon, it can be very cold!

Prices 2024

Independent organization of a trip to Antalya even in late April may be not only interesting, but also profitable. If you manage to buy air tickets, of course? – they are especially cheap in winter.

If you book early, you will be able to find a great hotel. If not in the very center of the old town, then very close to it!

Very inexpensive (60 €/night) is a family mini-hotel Sibel Hotel. Not too modern, but extremely cozy establishment, leaving the doors of which you will immediately delve into the maze of streets of Kaleici.

Fans of a more modern style and spacious rooms will be advised to pay attention to the City Moonlight Apart Hotel. Recently experienced a total reconstruction and therefore liked by every first guest.

It is a little more expensive than the first option, but it provides guests with a much larger set of amenities. And for a very modest amount you can settle in a 2-room apartment of 40 m2.

By the way, breakfast is traditionally included in the room rate in both cases. And it’s not for nothing that the proud epithet “magnificent” flaunts in front of them!

Please note that in 2023, Turkish hotels are required to make deductions for each tourist to the state treasury – this is such a kind of tax. There is no doubt that it is already included in the price. Just not in a separate line!

A guided city


will cost about 30-40 € per person – this is not much when compared with modern European realities. For 40-45 €, you will be provided with entertainment for the whole day with a rafting trip to the Köprülü Canyon.

A one-day tour to ancient Lycia with a visit to Demre and Kekova costs less than 40 € per person.

Can you stay on Kekova Island near Antalya in April?

What to Do in Antalya in April

Of course, arriving on vacation in Antalya in April, you definitely should mix bathe and tan with city tours and trips in the surrounding area. Moreover, there are enough interesting places in the vicinity for more than one week!

We mention again the ancient city of Termessos, which once greatly impressed authors of this review. And let’s sing praises to Phaselis, who is perfectly settled on the shore of the most beautiful bay – it’s great to think there.

From Antalya, you definitely need to go to Perge and Aspendos, to inspect the ruins in Side for order. Another beautiful resort of the Antalya Riviera, famous for its diving centers.

We advise you to definitely visit Demre, see the ruins and Lycian tombs in Mira. And then visit Kekova Island, near which an ancient sunken city stretches under the water. Who knows, maybe it was he who became the prototype of the legendary Atlantis?

Anyway – don’t sit still. And always remember that the weather in April in Turkey often gives special opportunities to an active tourist. After all, it’s not hot yet, but it’s not cold anymore, very often the weather is clear, and rains are rare.

In a word, what prevents you from implementing a program of actions in a few days, for which a couple of weeks will not be enough in Antalya in the summer – it’s too hot?!

Where to Go

And if the surrounding attractions seem to be few to you, you can improve the plan by adding to it a sightseeing of April Istanbul. To get to which from Antalya is quite simple!

It definitely makes sense to spend a couple of days on a trip to April Cappadocia. As on the one side, it is especially beautiful during the spring flowering period. And on the other – not yet crowded with travelers!


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