Montenegro in May

Is it worth going on holiday to Montenegro in May

Montenegro in May 2024 – is it worth going on seaside holidays? Weather, air and water temperature, is it possible to swim, prices in hotels and on excursions. What to do in Montenegro, in Budva and Tivat, Bar and Kotor in early May and late spring, what to visit – in the review of of good Time for Trip.

Montenegro is a European country, so far poorly known to the mass European and American traveler. Incredibly beautiful one, having a lot of beaches, still very inexpensive…

Is it possible to call it a hidden gem? We would say “yes” – the tourism potential of this small state is great but still poorly appreciated today. So no wonder that even in May in Montenegro you will meet only a small number of foreigners. And the vast majority of them arrive on cruise ships – in transit from Italy to Greece!

Should someone who knows a little more take advantage of this? Undoubtedly – in this case he will get a huge number of bonuses.

After all, in Montenegro during May you will be able to swim in the sea and sunbathe, become a participant in wonderful excursions to unique places. Will admire the mountains dressed in fresh green outfits, and the sea, flaunting bright turquoise shades.

And pay for this price, which will surprise not only you, but also all your friends! Everyone knows that there are no more places in Europe where only 40-50 € you can rent a room in a nice hotel right on the beach and watch the sunsets right from a balcony. With very few exceptions…

What about the weather and clothes? What exactly can you do and see that time? How much money have to be spent?

We found out the details!

Weather in Montenegro in May

Frankly, it will please those who are not inclined to take the prophecies of meteorologists too seriously, as well as data from tourist guide portals. Because in fact, the local weather is much better than one might assume by studying the statistics of previous years.

In the main resort of Montenegro, Budva, in early May, the air temperature reaches +20-21 °C (68-69.8 °F). And at the end of the month, meteorologists are predicting real heat up to +28-30 °C (82.4-86 °F).

May in Montenegro is a good time to visit

It may be warmer in the south of Montenegro. In Bar and Ulcinj, the temperature in the beginning of May reaches +22-24 °C (71.6-75.2 °F) on some days, and the Velika Plaza sees the first bathers. Welcomes spring with might and main and Podgorica, the capital of the country.

It is still warm enough (up to +18-20 °C – 64.4-68 °Fin the shade) on May 1-10 in Tivat, Kotor and Herceg Novi. Well, as well as in many other resort towns located on the shores of the picturesque Bay of Kotor, of course, too!

By the middle and end of May, the air temperature in Montenegro usually rises to +24-28 °C (75.2-82.4 °F). Of course, it gets warmest in the very south of the country, in the vicinity of Sutomore, Bar and Ulcinj. Quite hot in the end of May and in Budva.

It is noticeably colder

At Night

throughout the month – about +14-18 °C (57.2-64.4 °F) on the coast and no higher than +6-10 °C (42.8-50 °F) in mountainous areas. Therefore, warm clothes in the holiday wardrobe will be appropriate even for those who came to spend vacation at the seashore.

It’s worth considering that, unlike in the south, May in the north of Montenegro is not a particularly warm time. Since in Zabljak and Kolasin, at the start of the month, the air temperature ranges in the daytime within +8-15 °C (46.4-59 °F) . On the peaks in Durmitor Park, as sometimes on the passes, in other years there is laying snow.

  • 3-Days Weather Forecast in Montenegro –

What to Wear

Naturally, thick sweaters and insulated windbreakers will be useful if you organize a hike or an excursion to the mountainous areas. Whether decide you to take the cable car from Kotor to Lovcen or spend a day in a picturesque but cool place like Durmitor National Park.

At the same time, it should be taken into account that the May weather in this region of Montenegro is poorly predictable, and sunny calm days can quickly turn into rainy and windy one. Again, due to the quite high altitude of the region, it is usually 6-10 degrees Celsius (10.8-18 °F) colder here than on the coast.

Rains and Sun

In comparison with late autumn and winter, precipitation in Montenegro at late spring is not so abundant – the average monthly norm doesn’t exceed 80 mm on the Adriatic coast and 110-120 mm in mountainous areas in the north. Sunny days happen often, although they are not yet an endless summer sequence.

In general, you won’t witness the suffocating heat. And will have every right to say that the air smells of freshness and spring if at this time you take a tour to Skadar Lake or decide to take a mini-cruise along Boka Kotorska.

The weather in Montenegro in May allows you to take mini-cruises along the Boka Kator Bay

The probability of a sunny days don’t exceed 50% by much, – there are enough cloudy and rainy ones . The area of the Bay of Kotor and the old capital of the country and, concurrently, its wettest place, Cetinje, see up to 8-10 rains in the last month of spring. Including, by the way, stormwater ones.

In Sutomore, Petrovac and – of course – in Budva in May it is drier. But even vacationing at these resorts, you should not exclude the possibility of rain.

There will be enough sun to get an even bronze tan. Some manage to burn out, because even on a cloudy day, ultraviolet light perfectly “sees” bare skin. So don’ot forget about sunscreen and other items that you always need to take to the sea.

Sea Temperature in Montenegro in May

It is better to start swimming in the open water area after May 20th! By this time, the Adriatic is warming up to +18-20 °C (64.4-68 °F) almost everywhere. And the cool breeze, cheerfully fluttering the sea surface in April and early May, subsides. As nature begins to prepare for the summer holidays.

In Budva, by the middle of May, sea conditions begin to favor beach holidays and swimming. The reviews note the exceptional purity of the water at this time, for example, on Yaz beach and further in the coves of the Lustica peninsula. However, you probably won’t have to complain about sea’s clearness even in the high season.

Note that there are frankly few vacationers at the seaside resorts of Montenegro, even in the end of May. Since, according to the popular belief, the beach season does not start here until July!

What to Do in Montenegro in May

Kotor and the Bay of Kotor as a whole, Ostrog Monastery, the Church of Our Lady of the Rocks on a man-made island opposite Perast, the old towns of Budva and Bar, Herceg Novi, Tara Canyon, Durmitor Park, Black and Skadar Lakes – this is a short list of the main attractions of Montenegro.

Although, after carefully studying, you will find other places worth visiting in Montenegro especially in May – this small European country is extremely beatiful and fotogenic.

You’ve probably heard, for example, about the island of St. Stephen (Sveti Stefan), which, however, is hard to penetrate today. But nothing prevents you from admiring it from the outside – from one of the observation decks perched along the coastal highway.

We emphasize that it is difficult to visit all the most interesting places in Montenegro within one 1-2 week trip. Therefore, we recommend selecting those attractions that are geographically close to your resorts or just seem more interesting.

The air temperature in Montenegro in early May reaches +20-21°C (68-69.8°F)

What Else

Many tourists vacationing in Montenegro look at neighbouring Croatia with curiosity. No wonder – you can get to Dubrovnik from Budva in just 2-3 hours, the distance along the highway is only 90 km!

It takes 5-6 hours to drive to Split, a famous landmark of which is the partially preserved Diocletian’s Palace. Along the way, Split is also the gateway to the Krka National Park.

You can also visit the Plitvice Lakes, perhaps the most famous natural attraction in Croatia. However, to do this, you will have to plan a whole trip – it is almost impossible to go there from Montenegro in one day and then get back.

Prices 2024

In post-pandemic times, everything went up in price: from flights to accommodation, tours and meals. Although in general, it’s no need to complain about the high cost of hotels in Montenegro in May, especially at the beginning of it!

Because for just a modest 40 € per day you can rent a very nice room in Becici or even in the outskirts of Budva. If you decide to stop closer to the center of the latter, then, of course, you will pay more – from 50-55 € per day for two.

By the way, in Bar located to the south, it will be possible to rent an apartment even cheaper – for a day of accommodation for a couple of tourists in Villa Kovacevic (rating 8.7) they charge about 30 €. For similar money you can rent a self-catering studio in Apartment Alexandra located away from the city center, but 5 minutes from the sea!

It is more expensive, but still more than acceptable (from 40 € per day) to rent a separate apartment in Budva in mid-May. In some modern complex like Adriatik Lux Apartments, located at a not gigantic distance from both the old town and the beaches.


For unknown reason, guest houses and hotels in Tivat cost the same or slightly more. A pretty resort town, however, experiencing a certain shortage of good beaches.

So we recommend that you consider offers in the urban district Seljanovo, cozy and green, located very close to the old town of Tivat. And, on the other hand, next door to the fashionable resort Porto Montenegro, where luxury yachts are moored.

Very good, for example, is the guest house Apartments Ratković, surrounded by a blooming garden. And, by the way, it’s not expensive – for a room with a kitchenette in May you will pay about 35 €.

Montenegro in May – how much money do you need to travel


Excursions with English-speaking guides can also be called a very affordable entertainment. In particular, for a one-day walk to Durmitor Park and Tara Canyon, plus a visit to the national shrine, Ostrog Monastery, you will have to pay about $ 70. A cruise along the Bay of Kotor with a visit to the island of Our Lady of the Rocks, the Blue Cave and the Mamula Island costs from $ 80.


It is worth bearing in mind that in Montenegro it is easy to travel between cities by public transport. The bus service is well developed here, routes mostly follow according to schedule, and tickets are quite cheap.

However, the regular routes connecting both passenger airports, in Podgorica and Tivat, with bus stations, don’t yet exist in nature. So immediately after arrival or upon returning home, you will have to take a taxi (by the way, inexpensive – from 12-15 € per trip to/from Podgorica bus station) or rent a car directly at the terminal. Well, or in advance, online – this kind of service is very common here.

Tourists arriving in an organized manner are met by (hotels) bus transfers right at the airport. But for independent travelers who do not want to take risks by renting cars in Montenegro, it is more difficult to get to – a taxi from the airport to the resorts is an expensive pleasure.


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