What to Visit in Rhodes

What to visit in Rhodes

What to do in Rhodes: main attractions and interesting places. Where are they located, how to get? What to visit in Rhodes with kids, tours prices 2024 – in the article of of good Time for Trip.

Rhodes is a small Greek island in the eastern Aegean Sea. It is located near the coast of Turkey, so it is often visited by tourists vacationing in the large Turkish resort of Marmaris.

The area of Rhodes is 1,400 km2, it is inhabited by about 125 thousand people. In high season, the island receives hundreds of thousands of foreign tourists. Subjectively, it is best to spend holiday in Rhodes in June, but the most heat-resistant citizens come here in July and August also.

It’s very good on the island in the first half of autumn. The weather is warm if not hot in Rhodes in September. As well as in October where, in most cases, you can swim in the sea here.

The warm climate and the 4 to 5-month swimming season are the main magnets that attract tourists to the Greek island. However, you will not have to limit yourself to beach activities only – there is something to do in Rhodes besides swimming and sunbathing.

The local attractions are small in number, but unique. In principle, they are alone, without the sea and the sun, swimming will be a good reason for a visit.


Rhodes has been known not only since ancient times – it was densely populated back in the time of the Minoan civilization. And this, by the way, is 15 centuries in the opposite direction from the Birth of Christ.

The island was home to one of the “Seven Wonders” of the ancient world, the giant bronze Colossus of Rhodes, a statue dedicated to the Greek sun god Helios. The 36-meter monument was erected at the entrance to the port in the 3rd century BC. Alas, the statue did not survive to modern times, becoming a victim of a strong earthquake.

The most interesting page in the history of Rhodes is associated with the Order of Knights Hospitaller. The paramilitary organization that owned lands in Palestine was ousted from the “Promised Land” by the Saracens and the Templar Order.

Faced with a choice, it first went to Cyprus. And then occupied Rhodes, forced Genoese merchants to leave it.

The Palace of the Grand Masters is a must see in Rhodes

For two centuries (since 1306), the Hospitallers ruled the island. They built a huge fortress and Palace of the Grand Masters in the capital. As well as the fortification system in Lindos and the castle in ancient Halicarnassus (now Bodrum) in Asia Minor.

But over time, the knights’ capabilities came to naught and they could not resist the pressure of the Ottoman Empire, which was in its prime. In 1522, the fortress of Rhodes repulsed several assaults by the Turkish army and surrendered upon honorable surrender with the right of unhindered exit of the population.

The knights boarded the ships again and sailed away again. First to Sicily. And then to Malta, granted to them by the Emperor and King Charles V.

Main Attractions of Rhodes

The old town in the island’s capital, which has been perfectly preserved to modern time, surrounded by powerful fortress walls, is the most desirable attraction for tourists. The medieval quarters of Rhodes, built during the reign of the Knights Hospitaller, are actually based on an ancient foundation.

Which is unlikely to surprise those who have heard at least something about the Colossus of Rhodes. A giant 36-meter statue of the Greek god Helios, erected on the island in 280 BC and considered one of the “Seven Wonders” of the ancient world.

Old Town of Rhodes

This statue, alas, has not been preserved – it was destroyed by an earthquake and finally finished off by the Arab invasion of the 7th century. But the medieval city and the fortress, which began construction in the 14th century, have mostly survived. And they have reached our days in excellent condition, they’re the first places visiting by tourists in Rhodes.

The length of the fortress wall reaches about 4 km, 11 medieval gates have been preserved

At one time, the castle successfully withstood several brutal Turkish sieges. And even after the troops of Suleiman the Magnificent captured the fortress in 1522, it retained own appearance – the conquerors didn’t destroy the virtually ideal fortifications created by the best Italian architects.

Curiously, the defenders of Rhodes, who were numerically inferior to the besiegers many times, were able to freely board ships and sail under the terms of surrender. It happened on January 1, 1523, decades after the fall of Constantinople.

Today, the Old Town of Rhodes belongs to the number of iconic historical monuments, and in 1988 UNESCO included it in the World Heritage List. Its medieval cobblestone streets, houses and churches that are many hundreds of years old, the massive Palace of the Grand Masters (however, restored after the explosion of the arsenal in 1856), towers and walls are truly unique. So we will not go against the truth if assume that every first tourist who personally saw this landmark of Rhodes would remain impressed forever.

To get another portion of positive emotions, we advise you to visit

The old town in Rhodes is worth a visit

Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

After all, it lives in an extremely atmospheric building of the hospital of the Knights of the Order of St. John, inside there is a collection of ancient Greek ceramics and sculptures. The main jewel of the Museum is the statue of Aphrodite of Rhodes, dating from the 1st century BC.

It would be strange if the attractions of such a large island were limited to the old town of its capital. And, of course, this is not the case!

Another popular tourist sight –


Although rebuilt by the Crusaders, but preserved the ancient Greek Acropolis, it is a must-see once you are in Rhodes. After all, this is the second largest such complex in the world after Athenian one!

The Acropolis of Lindos is located on a coastal cliff, reaching a height of 116 meters, it dates from either the V or even the VI century BC in the VI century BC. Inside, first of all, pay attention to the temple of Athena Lindia, the ancient Greek kollonnade has also been preserved. From the top there are amazing views of the surrounding area.

The village Lindos, built up exclusively with white houses, is beautiful and very original, nestled under a rock. You can’t tell, but its age is about 3,000 years old!

Any excursion departing to Lindos from the island’s capital will not miss Seven Springs. A picturesque and cool place that is especially pleasant to visit in Rhodes in the middle of a hot day.

Castles and Prasonisi

We also recommend to get to the charming ancient town Ialyssos, as well as the ruins in Kamiros. Lovers of the Middle Ages will certainly want to explore the ruins Monolithos and Kritinia Castello, which occupy the peaks of the coastal cliffs. At one time, the Knights Hospitaller did not tire of building fortifications, turning the entire island into a citadel.

Lovers of natural attractions will undoubtedly appreciate the view of Cape Prasonisi at the southern tip of the island. It separates the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas and, apparently, the climatic zones – it is always very windy here.

Look especially charming bright houses of Simi – every first tourist vacationing in Rhodes strives to visit this small island with an area of about 60 km2. He will have to take a ferry to Simi, but a day spent among cozy houses, a visit to an ancient monastery and a meal at a local tavern would pay for his efforts.

They take you on Simi and organized excursions. Inexpensive – participation in 2024 will cost about 30 €.

Every first tourist vacationing in Rhodes strives to visit the small island of Symi

What to Do in Rhodes with Kids

In the first decade of May, the Rhodes Waterpark starts operating near the town Faliraki. It is not too big and doesn’t have any overly adrenaline slides, but there’re quite enough options for the entertainment of small children.

Again, this waterpark is the quite inexpensive place! In 2024, an all-day entrance ticket will cost a modest €27 per visitor aged 12 and over.

Best Time to Visit

There are two different climatic seasons in Rhodes. From April to October, there is little precipitation, but on the contrary, there are a lot of sunny days. The November-March period is characterized by frequent and heavy rains. It never gets to snow here, though.

The air temperature at night in winter can drop to +5-7 °C, but during the day it still rises to +15-20 °C. Rhodes usually welcomes the New Year with warm (up to +15 °C), albeit wet weather.

The tourist season lasts for 4-6 months, during the peak summer times: in July and August, the air warms up steadily to +33-35 °C. It is cooler (about +27-30 °C) and much more comfortable in the island in September or, perhaps, June.

Some travelers start swimming in Rhodes in May, when the air temperature is set at +25-27 °C, and the sea warms up to +21-22 °C.

Swimming in the open water area stops here in mid-October. When the Mediterranean Sea is still warmed up to temperatures (+20-21 °C), completely unthinkable at resorts in England or Germany, even at the height of the high season.

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