Florence in March

Is it worth going to Florence in March?

Florence in March 2024 – is it worth going? Weather, air temperature, what to pack for and wear, prices in hotels and on excursions. What to do in Florence in early March and closer to April, where to visit in Tuscany – in the review of good Time for Trip.

Tuscany is the most popular historical region of Italy among foreign tourists. However, with one caveat – from May to mid-October, because during this period of time the local hills and vineyards “dress” in life-affirming green outfits.

Equally, during the so-called high season, most travelers come to visit Florence, the administrative center of Tuscany. The large city with an exceptionally rich history and a lot of perfectly preserved architectural monuments.

Is it worth joining the existing trend and paying the maximum price for such a trip to Italy? We don’t think so, because in other months, in particular, in March, Florence is immensely beautiful and charming.

Are you afraid that it will be cold and damp? And the rains will interrupt your interesting city tour at the most inopportune moment?

In vain – the capital of Tuscany welcomes spring early! So you have every right to hope that Florence will be warm and sunny in early March.

Therefore, you will almost certainly have time to implement all your excursion plans. And not only in Florence itself – the local weather in March just provokes you to go on a trip to Tuscany!

After all

who wouldn’t like to pay a visit to San Gimignano or to see Siena’s attractions, taste famous wines in the local distilleries?!

We are not talking about a possibility to get out further. After all, probably any tourist will be glad to have the opportunity to visit in March Rome? Or, for example, have a chance to wander around Venice again?!

Is it interesting? From our point of view, – very much so! That is why we tried to thoroughly clarify the issue and prepare the “ground” for the trip!

Weather in Florence in March

It is able to frankly surprise those who know geography and remember that Tuscany is located much north of Rome, that is, for sure – not in southern Italy! Since even at the start of spring, temperatures of about +10-12 °C can be expected in the region and its capital.

In Florence in March you can expect temperatures around +10-12°C

For example, in early March 2023, the air in Florence warmed up to +12-14 °C during the day. And already at the beginning of the second decade of the month, temperatures were recorded up to +18-22 °C.

Not a bad gift for someone who came from a city that was still lying among the snows at that time? So we think the same way! Even though at night the air temperatures retreated to the territory lying below +10 °C.

In the second half of March, the weather forecast in Florence consistently promised from +15-16 °C to +20 °C. Nature flourished violently, rejoicing at the unusual warmth, and rare tourists praised their own foresight, devouring some original Italian dessert on a sunny morning, and then going on a pre-purchased ticket to explore the Duomo complex. Or, for example, to the Uffizi Gallery, which at this time of the year sees only 40-50 percent of the maximum number of visitors.

It rains

infrequently in Florence in March – on average 3-4 times a month. But the humidity is still high (65-85%) – affected by the fact that the city is located on the banks of a quite large river Arno.

The probability of a sunny day is about 50%. But even on a cloudy day in early spring, you will find something to do in Florence – it has enough places of interest. And if this is not the first time you have visited the Tuscany capital and managed to see literally everything, you can always go explore the whole Tuscany, full of real treasures.

Daylight hours on March 1 in Florence don’t exceed 11 hours: the sun rises above the horizon at 6.50 am and sets at 6 pm. On the threshold of April, the duration of the day increases to almost 13 hours!

What to Bring to Florence in March

Obviously, despite the signs of the onset of real spring, the local weather at the beginning of spring can’t boast of stability. As a result, warm days quickly and without warning change to very cool ones.

So the main advice that we can give to tourists who are interested in the question “what to wear in Florence in March” is to take with you a sufficient amount of light, but not freezing clothes on a chilly day.

In particular, hoodies and sweaters, cardigans and windbreakers with lining will not hurt you. That is, everything that, if necessary, can be easily removed and put in a backpack.

When visiting Florence in March, it is worth taking with you a sufficient amount of light, but not freezing clothing

So, the best advice, especially relevant for March in Florence is the following:

Dress in Layers

Should you take any evening clothes with you to go to a respectable restaurant? There is no need for this – even if you dress in ordinary jeans or cotton trousers, you will not stand out from other visitors.

Also, you can bring a light scarf or a neckerchief. After all, they will not only warm you on a cold day, but give your appearance a zest – in Italy they like to dress stylishly and appreciate this skill in foreigners.

On your feet, we recommend wearing sneakers or other light shoes with a thick enough and embossed sole. Since many streets in the center of Florence are paved with cobblestones, which tourist feet have polished almost to a mirror state over the centuries.

Will you need an umbrella in Florence through March? Perhaps it’s so, but much more practical thing is to take the raincoat with you. Since opening an umbrella over yourself, you will experience serious inconvenience from time to time, trying to miss other pedestrians on the streets.

Prices 2024

The old center of Florence is small and can easily be bypassed by a tourist in a few hours. Therefore, there is no need to overpay for a hotel located next to Piazza della Signoria. Since there are much more inexpensive accommodation facilities at a distance of 0.5-1.5 km from it.

Like the Hotel Bavaria, where a couple of travelers in March will be able to stay for less than 90 € per day. “A delightful place with a unique flavor” – reported in the reviews of this hotel, located in a 16th-century building.

More practical travelers add that there is a Conad supermarket not far from the hotel. A visit to which will allow you to purchase some popular and fairly high-quality Italian dishes, such as frozen pizza or ravioli.

In fact, Hotel Nella is located in the historical center of Florence, a 5-minute walk from the main city station Santa Maria Novella. Where in early spring, for a fee of € 100 per day, a couple of travelers will rent a small room with a bathroom inside. The rating of the hotel on the Booking is 9.1, in the reviews accommodation here is called an “excellent option” for a traveling couple.

The PopArtment complex is situated at a noticeably greater distance from the center (about 1.7 km). Where for less than 100 € you can book a spacious room with an area of 30 to 45 m2 equipped with its own kitchen.

No, we understand that during the trip you would like to have a wonderful gastronomic experience, visit cafes and restaurants. But sometimes in the morning it’s so nice to drink coffee and treat yourself to a crispy baguette before starting another round of excursions around Florence?!

By the way, about

City and Country Tours!

It costs about 50 € to take part in a walking tour of Florence, which includes a visit to the Academy Gallery. For about the same amount, you will be given an individual excursion of the Uffizi Museum.

And for 50-70 € you will be able to go on an introductory tour of Tuscany, visiting not only wineries, but also charming towns!

What to Do in Florence during March

Despite the fact that sales in Italy are coming to an end in early March, you may well spend an hour or two of time shopping. Because even in ordinary times, you can buy a lot of interesting things in the capital of Tuscany.

What to Do in Florence during March

You probably would like to bring a stylish leather thing from Italy – Florence and the surrounding area are famous for their manufacturing traditions. Again, in local enotecs and even supermarkets, you can buy a bottle of good wine at a decent price.

As for boutiques, their concentration in Florence is maximum on Via de Tornabuoni – there you can buy original items from Armani or Versace. Also, fashionistas should visit the shops on Via della Vigna Nuova, where it is easy to find designer shoes and clothes.

As for the sights, first of all we recommend you to buy a ticket to the Uffizi. Indeed, in March, the famous gallery, which in other years was recognized as the most visited museum in Italy, sees far from the maximum number of guests.

We recommend to enter the Gallery of the Academy and pay a visit to the castle of Bargello. Art lovers will be happy to see the beautiful works of Raphael stored in the halls of the Pitti Gallery.

Almost every first tourist will want to walk through the famous Palazzo Vecchio, which at one time saw the greatest geniuses of mankind: Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. After that, a short hike to the Arno embankment and a selfie taken on the city’s oldest bridge, the Ponte Vecchio, look like completely logical steps.

The Florentine Duomo? The obligation to visit this Cathedral is not even discussed. It is also worth a look at the Basilica of San Lorenzo and the church of Santa Croce.

Where to Visit

In the vicinity of Florence, should definitely be visited in March pretty Pisa with its Leaning Tower. As this town is not only connected to the Tuscan capital by a direct railway line, but is also a transport hub through which many travelers arrive in Italy.

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