Florence in May

Is Florence Italy worth visiting?

Florence in May 2023 – is it worth visiting? Weather, how to dress, prices in hotels and excursions. What to do in Florence in early May and closer to summer, what to see and where to go – found out good Time for Trip.

Florence is not a city that can complain about the lack of tourists. In the high season, that is, in summer and September, the capital of Tuscany is an extremely popular destination. The streets of which are seething with human crowds, and museums are overflowing with those who want to see and photograph world-wide recognized masterpieces.

Is it possible to avoid dissolving in this endless human ocean? That is, to visit the birthplace of the Renaissance at a time when it looks at least a little emptier or is just preparing for a new tourist’s invasion?

It seems to us that “Yes” – in May, Florence noticeably loses in popularity to its famous colleagues. After all, simultaneously with the onset of good weather, first Rome, and then Venice in late spring become unconditional hits of tourist preferences.

Of course you should take advantage of this! After all, the most visited museum in Italy – the Uffizi – is located in the Tuscan capital. Also the fourth most popular is the local Accademia Gallery, and the 11th is the National Museum of Bargello – smart-tourism-capital.ec.europa.eu/florence-italy-shortlisted-2022-competition_en.


Moreover, at the beginning of May in Florence the weather isn’t too hot but mostly sunny. Which will allow you not only to carefully examine all the palaces and cathedrals of Firenze, walk through the streets and gardens, but also pay visits to other interesting towns of Tuscany.

And at the same time, don’t go broke – prices in hotels of Florence in the spring have not yet peaked. Yes, and you can taste truly Italian dishes in a cafes for sane money!

Almost persuaded? Then it remains to prepare for the trip!

Is May a good time to visit Florence Italy?

Weather in Florence in May

In most cases, it is excellent for the implementation of the planned large-scale sightseeing plans. Someone will say that, judging by the statistics, it is a little excessively rainy (maybe).

But we, as eyewitnesses, solemnly declare that the rain will not interfere with anything. If it even happens!

May 2022 in Florence, however, turned out to be unexpectedly sultry. And in its second half, the air temperature repeatedly exceeded +30 degrees Celsius. But usually the last month of spring in Tuscany is much less hot.

For example, the beginning of May in Florence is warm but not sultry. Air temperatures during the day reach the level of +18-24 °C, but they rarely step over it. It is colder at night – from +8 to +12 °C.

That is, just enough to make you want to walk along the medieval streets full of secrets and mysteries, looking extraordinarily solemn and beautiful.

Especially when the full moon reigns in the sky, and Florentine houses from the first to the last floor are flooded with its silvery light. At this moment, for some reason, it seems that now a medieval patrol in camisoles and swords will appear around the corner, and you will have to explain yourself confusingly. Well, or run using the advantages of modern shoes…

Until the third decade of May, the weather in Florence doesn’t make sudden movements. Street thermometers show something from the range of +20-25 °C by noon, and drop to +14-16 °C at night.

Closer to summer, warming comes to the banks of the Arno. Usually very soft and insignificant – the air temperature during the day gradually rises to +24-27 °C.

But in 2022, we repeat, the sun simply tried to melt the local streets and squares, heating the atmosphere to temperatures of +32-35 °C!

Daylight Hours and Precipitation

Like April, May in Florence is considered one of the rainiest months of the year. Although it will not be easy to notice: the rains are episodic and don’t differ in duration.

So it may be useful to arm yourself with umbrellas. But raincoats and rubber boots will be clearly superfluous!

On May 1, the sun rises in Florence at about 5 am. A month later, it does it half an hour later!

Daylight hours are between 14 and 15 hours. And at the end of May, you can walk the streets without fear of getting lost, until at least 8 pm. Although it doesn’t threaten you later – the center of Florence is not too big!

In late May Florence is full of visitors

How to Dress

In most cases, you won’t have to think about what to wear for city tours or trips to the surrounding area. Because in Florence in May everyone wears summer clothes. So light trousers and shirts, dresses and skirts, t-shirts and shorts will be enough for any tourist.

The jacket is useful except for walking in the early morning or in the evenings. Or if the sky begins to frown, and the temperature refuses to rise above +18 °C.

That happens in Florence at the end of spring extremely rare!

Prices 2023

The old center of Florence is quite compact, so there is no need to overpay for a hotel located right next to Piazza della Signoria. Since at a distance of 500-700 meters from it you can find much cheaper accommodation facilities.

Like Hotel Bavaria, where a couple of travelers can stay for less than 100 € per night. “A delightful place with a unique flavor” – say in the reviews of this hotel, located in a house built in the 16th century. And more practical travelers add that there is a Conad supermarket nearby. A visit to which will save money on food.

The Casa Carolina apartments on the other side of the Arno also look like an excellent choice.

OK, you will have to walk 15-20 minutes to the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. But this is definitely not a particularly high price for an apartment of 55 m2, well-equipped with appliances.

And in May it available for 100 € per day. Plus – alas – a considerable city tax.

In general, it should be borne in mind that places in inexpensive hotels and apartments in Florence for May tend to end in February. So it’s worth deciding on a trip and booking the option you like right after the New Year holidays.

Would you like to know how much organized


cost? Please:

  • about 50 € costs participation in a walking route in Florence, which includes (free of charge without a queue) a visit to the Accademia Gallery
  • for the same amount, you will be given an individual tour of the Uffizi
    And for 50-70 € you can go on an introductory tour of Tuscany with a visit to Siena, Pisa and San Gimignano.

Things to Do

Despite the fact that in May there will be slightly fewer tourists in Florence than in the Italian capital and Venice, you won’t have to wander alone. Rather, on the contrary, tune in to the fact that you will see long queues at museums. And you will be forced to choose the angle for the photoshoot for a long time in such busy places as, for example, the Ponte Vecchio bridge.

However, if you plan your visits to the sights of Florence wisely and prudently, you can minimize the loss of time.

For example, tickets to the Uffizi and the Accademia Gallery are best purchased online. And to visit the Pitti Palatine Gallery, arrive 15 minutes before the opening of the box office. Just an hour later, the line will take up the entire square in front of the palace.

A (free) inspection of the interior of the Florentine Duomo is best done in the afternoon, when the tourists get tired and disperse to cafes. Those who certainly want to climb the dome of the cathedral and visit Giotto’s Bell Tower should book a time well in advance of the travel dates. Since the number of slots is limited and they run out quickly.

You can almost certainly visit Bargello Castle in May without waiting. Equally, you will not have to crowd in the halls of the Palazzo Vecchio – if you go there on a weekday, not a weekend.

Not too crowded in late spring and near such an iconic place in Florence as the Basilica of Santa Croce, whose walls inside are painted with frescoes by Giotto. There is no particular excitement near the church of San Lorenzo, whose Medici Chapel is decorated with a sculpture by the incomparable Michelangelo.

Basilica of Santa Croce is definitely worth a visit and deserves to be inserted among your bucket list for your next trip to Florence!

Where to Go

Once in Florence – no matter what month of the year – you definitely need to go to other cities of Tuscany. Most travelers will prioritize Pisa with the famous Leaning Tower and San Gimignano, wholly included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

But we will invite you to visit a little less advertised, but at least equally beautiful places.

It is a must to see Siena – and it will be better if you stay there for a couple of days. Enjoy the beauty of Volterra, a a very attractive sleepy Tuscan town. And visit Sorana, which is as pretty as it is not spoiled by the attention of the mass tourist!

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