Istanbul in September

There is hot weather in Istanbul in September

Istanbul in September 2024: is it worth going? Weather, average temperature, what to wear, is it possible to swim, prices in hotels and on excursions. What to do in Istanbul in early September and close to October, where you can go in surroundings – found out good Time for Trip.

For some unknown reason – to me personally – many tourists stubbornly refuse to consider September as the most important, if not the best component of the high (especially beach) season. Although it would seem: the weather is often gorgeous, sunny days are in abundance, and even the sea is warmed up to pleasant (for most swimmers) temperatures.

Istanbul in September is no exception to the rule – on the contrary, early fall is the best time to travel to it – in my mind!

The only thing that can raise your doubts is whether shouldn’t you go somewhere further south at this time? For an obvious reasons: catching the elusive summer days, sunbathing and swimming.

I tend to think that this is a promising and very interesting undertaking – in September the weather in Antalya and many of other Turkish resorts is excellent. But refuse to understand – why the seaside holiday can’t be made ONE of the points of your extensive vacation program in Turkey?

Let’s say – in early September go to Istanbul first, and only then move towards the resorts. After all, the duration of a standard two-week vacation existing distances (from Istanbul to Antalya) allow you to do this?


you easily can go from Istanbul to the sea in Bodrum or Marmaris. Or, for example, to Kas, Antalya, Side?!

Above I emphasize that most travelers are no longer interested in beach vacationing at the beginning of fall. Because they get back to working days and temporarily lose possibility to travel abroad.

And this is an additional great opportunity – don’t you think?!

It doesn't rain in Istanbul at the beginning of September

Weather in Istanbul in September

is hot, sometimes even too much. By noon the air temperature easily reaches +30 °C, sometimes getting over this psychological mark.

For the lion’s part of September Istanbul is watching the same weather picture – without any significant temperature fluctuations

Because even at night the thermometers don’t tend to fall below +20-22 °C. And during the day they keep the range +26-29 °C as if been sewn on.

By the end of September, you have the every right to expect cooling. But at the same time, be sure – in any case, it will also be quite warm in Istanbul during the day, from +17-19 °C (minimum) to even +26-28 °C.

On September 1, the sun rises in Istanbul at 6.30 am and sets at 7.35 pm, the duration of the day – more than 13 hours. On the eve of October, the daylight hours are reduced to less than 12 h.


here at the beginning of autumn are rare guests. According to statistics – and in this case it may be called an exact science – for the entire month a maximum of 30-40 mm of precipitation falls. And the number of rainy days does not exceed 2-3.

Average Temperature in Istanbul in Sept., °C
Date Day Night Sea
1-15 +27 +22 +24
16-30 +23 +19 +21

What to Take With You

So I advise you not to overload your vacation suitcase with warm and water-resistant things – it’s better to pack in thin clothes in light tones. And don’t forget the sunscreen, as well as swimsuits (at least pair of them), sandals, assorted T-shirts and blouses, summer skirts and sundresses.

As well as hats and caps – all this will protect you from possible heat stroke during the long tour of the (red-hot) old town!

A hooded windbreaker will come in handy – if your trip is planned for the end of the month. Some kind of warm clothes: sweaters and sweatshirts, hoodies you need to pack if after Istanbul you are going to visit in September Cappadocia. Or some other region of Turkey that is not located on the warm coast.

Also, it seems reasonable to leave an empty space in the luggage. For those things that you (almost certainly) will want to take home from Turkey. Starting from the very tasty oriental delicious and not ending with original ceramic and textiles.

Can You Swim?

The water in the Bosphorus, Black and Marmara Seas near Istanbul are warm enough in September. In any case, almost anyone can swim there without fearing to freeze.

The Bosphorus, of course, is the nasty place for swimming at any time of the year (remember about mud and tankers), but an idea to spend a few days at the sea shore looks great – in early autumn especially!

The temperature of the sea area near Istanbul fluctuates from +23-24 °C in the beginning to +20-21 °C closer to the end of September

Firstly, I advice you to pay attention to Kilyos, a popular Black Sea resort nearby. And secondly – on the beaches of the Princes’ Islands – on Sile, the village 70 km away!

Bosphorus - in September You can even swim near Istanbul

What to Do in Istanbul in September

Now about the most interesting things! Which contain not only of a rich sightseeing program in Istanbul itself but mainly in a free of hands – at the end of the trip you may spend some days on the seashore!

It is worth taking three or four days to explore the old city – you will spend 4-5 hours on the Topkapi complex alone. Also, you need to pay attention to the Hagia Sophia and  Blue Mosque, Dolmabahce and Beylerbeyi palaces .

Anyone (usually) is going to climb the Galata Tower, see inside the graceful Suleymaniye Mosque, admire the Byzantine frescoes of the Hora monastery or take a cruise along the Bosphorus – if not to the Princes’ Islands, then within the city. Again, the Rumeli Hisar fortress, which once guarded the famous strait from the Black Sea, is best viewed from the water!

It makes sense to visit thermal baths in Yalova, 90 km away of Istanbul, spend a day on relaxing on this wellness resort! One of the greatest ideas for a day-trip from Istanbul is getting to Edirne with its wonderful mosque, the creation of the great Sinan.

As for long journeys I recommend to see the ruins of Troy or go for a drive to Cappadocia – a road trip to Goreme from Istanbul will take 7-8 h.

Such a dream will easily come true – you just need to rent a car. And stop being nervous – driving in Turkey is no more difficult than in Europe or USA.

Beach Holiday

As for the resorts, they are available in the immediate vicinity of Istanbul. We have already mentioned Kilyos, Sile and Agva on the Black Sea coast of the Anatolian Peninsula.

The first is located just 70 km to the northeast and connected to the metropolis by a highway of excellent quality. The second is a little further away, and therefore sees fewer tourists.

There are also worthy seaside places on the Marmara Sea shore. And if in Chynardzhik, Armutlu, Gemlik and Mudanya it is sometimes too busy even in September, then Erdek in early autumn is well suited for a family beach vacation.

After all, it is located at a sufficient distance – 260 km – from Istanbul that virtually excluding crowds!

Sharkoy lost in Thrace – it’s on the other side of the sea – equally looks like an interesting option.

If we consider popular resorts, then Kusadasi is located 550 km faway. And you can get to the beaches there by car in just 6 hours!

It is already about 700 km from Istanbul to Bodrum – curious that the distance  to Antalya, the “Queen” of all beach destinations in Turkey, is about the same.


Early booking promises of giving positive emotions. Since the chances of making a profitable deal are higher, you only need to diligently monitor promotional offers.

Let’s take for example the Meserret Palace Hotel-Special Category. The fashionable place which is located in the very center: 4 stars, good reviews telling you about “clean spacious rooms” and “friendly staff”… well – in early September couple of travelers can stay here for just $130-140 a night.

Looks very cool the family hotel located in a nice old house, almost a mansion, in the heart of the Fatih district. Staying here for 1 night in September will cost from $ 60. And you won’t be disappointed – it’s the really lovely place for relaxing.

City Tours&Cruises in Istanbul in Sept. 2024
Entertainment Duration, h Price from, $
Bosphorus sunset cruise on luxury yacht 2 50
Best of Istanbul private tour with a pick up 4-7 approx. 48
Istanbul must see tour 8-9 approx. 70


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