Antalya in September

Vacation in Antalya in September is a good idea

Antalya in September 2024 – is it worth going? Weather, average sea & air temperature in Belek and Side, Kemer, what to wear, can you swim, hotels and excursions prices? What to do in Antalya in early September and close to October, where you can go outside the resort – in the article of good Time for Trip.

It is paradoxical, but true – with the coming of September, resort life in Antalya, south and one of the hottest Turkish resorts doesn’t stop, but receives a new impetus.

The contingent of vacationers is obviously changing: children went to school, and their parents returned to work. But number of tourists in Antalya in general aren’t becoming much less. And prices are in no hurry to decline just because the calendar autumn has come!

And there is a simple explanation for this. Even a few ones!

Firstly, the weather in Antalya in the beginning of September is getting a bit milder compared to its summer version. Which is rather harsh in terms of heat and high humidity.

Secondly – with the coming of fall the Mediterranean Sea is in no hurry to cool down.

And thirdly – all the locals leisure centers and water parks continue to work as if nothing had happened.

In principle, these reasons alone should be enough for you to start packing your suitcase for a seaside vacation here. If you are planning to go to Antalya in the second half of September, get also the fourth and fifth motive.

Namely: a highly reduced number of holidaymakers on the beaches and significantly more modest prices in hotels, on city and country tours. Including those that are departing from Antalya to Istanbul or Cappadocia!

The cost of cars rental also begins to decline – for 23-25 € per day you can book something like a Renault Clio with an automatic transmission.

However, let’s talking about everything in order!

Weather in Antalya in September

In a broad sense, I can call it optimal from the many points of view. And – of course – it allows you to swim as much as you want. Not to mention sunbathing!

Kaputas Beach - you can swim in Antalya during September

In the beginning of September (at least) the air temperature in Antalya during the day easily overcomes the mark of +30 °C. Close to the sunset it gets cooler, not too much, up to +25 °C. So you will be enjoying life with all your might, walk around, hang out at discos, visit restaurants.

In the middle of the month, sometimes happens a moment when the atmosphere begins to warm up to slightly lower values. It’s difficult to catch, however, – if you are not a weather forecaster. Because there is no significant difference between +30-32 °C and +28 °C.

But at the end of September, in Antalya average temperature drops much more. That is, from the point of view of European tourists, summer days, of course, continue – how else if the air every day warms up to +25-27 °C? But in the evenings and at night, street thermometers show not so joyful +21-23 °C.


It rains very infrequently in Antalya through the whole September – a day or two, maybe 3 as a maximum. So a number of the clear days in the first month of fall are much more possible.

Humidity rarely rises even to 75-80%, helping to endure the heat without any troubles consequences!

Even for people with delicate health and of those age groups that are forced to regularly monitor their pressure and breathing

Obviously, such weather in every possible way contributes to a beach holiday. But to go on tours, as well as independently sightseeing Antalya during this period it’s better in the evening hours.

Plan your suburban trips with caution! At noon, it’s hard even for youth to climb to Termessos or visiting Aspendos amphitheater , which as it seems accumulates the sun’s rays.

Sea Temperature

Both at the beginning and at the end of September, the sea in Antalya is warmed up to values ​​that allow vacationers of all ages to swim. Both kids who have barely learned to walk, and pensioners.

If in the first decade of the month the sea area near the coast is warmed up to +27-28 °C, then in its middle it cools down to at least +26 °C

You can’t get out of the water in Antalya and on the eve of September. Since the sea cools down to “only” + 24-26 °C.

In any case, you should always remember about the destructive effect the local sun impact on the skin. And try not to appear in the open-air spaces from 11 am to 5 pm.

There is hot in Antalya in September enough you want to refresh

What to Take With You

What do people wear in Antalya throughout September? It’s obvious – the same summer clothes as in July and August: sundresses and tops, shirts and shorts – you will meet very few people dressed warmer.

Nevertheless, I recommend taking some kind of jacket with you on vacation – preferably with a hood. As well as comfortable trekking shoes if you plan to make trips to the mountains. Those tourists who are going to master more difficult routes like The Lycian Way, of course, should be equipped much more thoroughly.

Sunscreen and at least a first aid kit with supplies in case of sun or heat stroke must also be present in your luggage. Take with you at least 2 bathing suits, as well as 2-3 beach towels. Otherwise, you will have to buy them on the spot, because wet laundry is getting dry slowly here.

What to Do in Antalya in September

You won’t be bored – that’s for sure! Equally, will you arrive with kids or go on vacation with your lover (spouse).

In the first case, the lion’s share of the time (outside the beach) would be spent on the Aqualand Antalya Dolphinland slides. Judging by the reviews, it isn’t the best similar park in Turkey but not too expensive! And, in addition, combined with a dolphinarium.

Vacationers also praise the local Oceanarium. Well-equipped and guaranteeing a lot of positive emotions entertainment center.

If this isn’t enough for your family, I recommend visiting the Aktur Park. Whose attractions are invariably liked by kids

Someone will want to visit the Antalya Zoo. Moreover, in September, its inhabitants begin to behave much more actively than in summer.

As always, I advise adult tourists to roam the streets of Kaleici, Antalya’s Old Town, take a ride on the local Kaleici Panoramic Elevator and admire the view of the small but neat city port.

Inside old quarters you’ll see the Hadrian’s Gate. And a bit outside – enjoy the panoramas from the observation Hidirlik Tower.

Kaleici in Antalya is worth visiting any time

The resort has absolutely excellent Archaeological Museum as well. Lovers of stunning natural landscapes should definitely visit the cascading Duden waterfalls. They are impressive at any time of the year, but especially beautiful in autumn, when nature begins to acquire ochre tones.

Where to Go Nearby

There are many places of the (eager) tourist interest in the surroundings of Antalya as well as far from it!

And firstly I would mention Termessos. At one time, this ancient city didn’t surrender even to Alexander the Great. But withered about a millennium later, apparently due to an earthquake.

It’s remarkable that the shovels of archaeologists have not yet reached Termessos to this day. And you can feel like a opener if dare to climb the mountain where it stands.

Don’t climb at noon or anything like that. As it’s still very hot here in September

Also, I highly recommend visiting Tahtali, the highest mountain nearby Antalya (just take warm clothes with you). And feel nirvana in the bay, where the ruins of another ancient city, Phaselis, lurk.

By the way, you can go here not only by land – yachts regularly depart to Phaselis from Antalya. And sailing here – you will see – is a great pleasure.

Extremely popular are excursions to Demre, to the church of St. Nicholas. As well as the tours to the ruins of the Lycian Myra located in the vicinity of Antalya and the Kekova island, near which the ruins of an ancient flooded city are visible through the water.

Perhaps this is where the legend of Atlantis came from? Unlikely, of course, but who knows?

Looks quite natural (at least to me) a trip to Perge and Side, Aspendos. As well as to the pristine beauties in the Köprülü Canyon.

Long Trips

The list of popular long-life excursions is opened by those that taking holidaymakers to Pamukkale. One of the main attractions of Turkey, which is in high demand even out of season.

Pamukkale is a must-visit place in Turkey

Some routes to Pamukkale from Antalya include a visit to the Lake Salda. Incredibly picturesque salty reservoir, unofficially referred to as the “Turkish Maldives”.

Also, have their fans two-day tours from Antalya to Cappadocia. By the way, they are usually eventful as the program includes both ground events and hot air balloon flight.

Few tourists in September dare to get from Antalya to Istanbul. Since even in the case of a flight, such a trip looks like an excessively tiring event. And quite expensive too!


If you would like to stay near the center of Antalya here is an excellent option for you – Sibel Hotel. A room for two costs here around $ 100 a night, all the main attractions can be reached in a few minutes.

At the same time, this “lovely little hotel” is located on a quiet street. And you won’t have to complain about the noise from the tourist “river”. Breakfast here are “stunning”, you can eat them in the small private garden.

Going to spend holiday in Antalya in September near the beach (preferably the sand one)? Then it’s better to you to settle somewhere in the Lara area.

Yes, in this case you will spend more money. Since a double room in a (“fabulous”) place like Pure Blanche Hotel will cost around $ 120-150 per night (discounts possible).

Breakfast there are included in the price also. And you can reach the hotel beach not by foot but by the elevator

As for excursions, an introductory walk around the city will cost from $ 30-35 €. Long tour visiting the ruins of Perge, Side, Aspendos, costs from $ 95.


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