Antalya in May

Is it worth going on a seaside holiday to Antalya in May

Antalya in May 2024 – is it worth going on a seaside holiday? Weather, sea temperature, is it possible to swim, prices in hotels, on excursions and country tours? What to do in Antalya in early May and late spring, what to visit nearby and in Turkey as a whole – found out good Time for Trip.

If you did not know, we will inform you that the famous Turkish Riviera is in demand even in low season. Not as much, of course, as in summer or, for example, in September-October, but every new year an increasing number of people wishing to spend even a short vacation on the warm sea arrive on local shores in late spring.

And Antalya in May especially attracts their attention. There is a reason – the main resort of Turkey at this time of the year enjoys warm, sometimes even hot weather!

Experienced vacationers from Europe and North America are even more rational. And they come to Antalya at the very end of May.

And it makes much more sense! After all, the closer summer gets, the more the sun warms here, and the clear days go on in an increasingly long sequence. As for the Mediterranean sea and the opportunity to swim in Antalya in May, there is no doubt at all – it must warm up to a comfortable temperature.

An additional bonus

is the opportunity to organize extremely boring leisure time. At least because it is on the mild days of May that there is something to do in Antalya. Equally there are quite a few non-ordinary attractions nearby the resort!

Excellent opportunities also open up for adherents of long-distance travel: the distances separating Antalya from other interesting places in Turkey are quite surmountable not only by plane, but also, for example, by car. You will not seriously doubt that, for example, it is very beautiful and warm in Istanbul in May? Or a region like Cappadocia look extremely charming in late spring?!

Weather in Antalya in May

Already in the middle of spring the local climate gives a lot of reasons for optimistic expectations. Although it doesn’t promise a completely serene relaxation – the point is significant changes in air temperatures throughout the day!

If in early May in Antalya the atmosphere sometimes warms up to +25 ° C (77 °F) during the day, then at night it cools treacherously to +15-17 °C (59-62.6 °F). Thus, the weather seems to be trying to make vacationers doubt the correctness of their choice, and start running around the shops in search of warm clothes.

The air temperature in Antalya in May reaches +25- +28 °C

Already in the second decade of May, the weather in Antalya aims to storm +28-30 degrees Celsius (82.4-86 °F), successfully overcoming it before the middle of the month. Meanwhile, night temperatures are also on the rise and eyeing the range of +18-20 °C (64.4-68 °F).

It is worth considering that after sunset it gets much fresher here anyway. Therefore, a warm jacket or windbreaker will definitely not be superfluous in your luggage.

In 2023, it was less warm in Antalya during May. In the first half of the month, the air temperature was able to reach +26-27 (78.8-80.6 °F) and even overcame +30 °C (86 °F) a couple of times. But then, shortly before the onset of June, it got colder at the resort – up to +20-21 °C (68-69.8 °F).

Note, however, that such weather is liked by holidaymakers who hate outright heat and are ready to put up with temperature changes. Because in general it’s perfectly fit for wandering around Antalya itself and sightseeing trips in the surrounding area.

Sun and Rain

After all, there are many sunny days! This means that you will not only be able to create an extremely eventful itinerary, but also successfully implement it.

By the way! The chances of getting badly burned by thoughtlessly coming to the beach at noon are still high here even at May. Therefore, in order to minimize damage to health, we recommend gathering necessary things at sea in advance and don’t forget them home.

The probability of rains in Antalya in May is not zero, but it is not too high either! In the worst case, you need to prepare for two or three rainy days throughout the whole month.

Sea Temperature

The water off the coast of Antalya during May reacts to strong changes in air temperatures and warms up slowly. Therefore, you have the right to expect that the sea will reach +20 °C (68 °F) level only by the middle of the month, and +22 °C (71.6 °F) by its end.

It's already possible to swim in Antalya in May

Obviously, water of this temperature is refreshing, if not invigorating to the point of goosebumps. And most vacationers would rather admire the horizon than dip into the waves with a joyful shout. Speaking of waves – the end of spring is mostly wind free in these parts.

Therefore, in principle, it is possible to swim in Antalya in the middle of May. Moreover, there were years when the coastal waters warmed up to higher values by these dates!

Despite the fact that swimming in the open sea during this period is not to everyone’s liking, you will not stay without such a pleasure. Since almost every Antalya hotel has heated pool.

What to Do in Antalya in May

The number of types of active entertainment offered by local travel agencies is impressive. So you won’t get bored on vacation: sightseeing city tours and trips nearby, rafting and ship cruises along the coast, diving with an instructor, hiking in the mountains – there is an interesting activity for everyone! So, even if the weather in Antalya throughout May does not turn out to be particularly hot, you will get the right amount of positive emotions.

Even if you decide that you want to have an extremely relaxing time and limit yourself to walking along the ancient streets of Kaleici and watching sunsets on the beach. However, vacationers with small kids should visit the local Antalya Aquarium anyway.

As for country trips, the range is much more diverse here – there is something to visit near Antalya!

A very adrenaline-fueled pleasure is boating on a stormy river in the Köprülü Canyon, which is just a 2-hour drive from the resort. A trip to Termessos in May will be an excellent active entertainment also. Because climbing the mountain on which this ancient city is located, of course, is better not in the heat.

The ascent to the top of Tahtali in the cabin of a modern funicular is addressed to those who can’t live without mountains. Divers will definitely want to scuba dive into the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

For a full day

(more than 12 hours) an excursion to Kekova Island is planned, during which you can explore the ruins of the ancient city that went under the sea and even swim in the turquoise water. Most of the routes of the trip to Kekova also include acquaintance with the Lycian tombs in Myra and the St. Nicholas Church in Demre.

What is worth seeing in Antalya in May?

Overly active tourists can go on jeep safari in the Taurus Mountains, go to the Duden waterfalls or pay a visit to Pamukkale. Excursions to Cappadocia are planned for 2 days, if desired: with or without a hot air balloon flight.

There is not much point in walking along the Lycian trail during the short May holidays, because this activity is not designed for 1 day. But it definitely wouldn’t hurt for you to personally visit the fire-breathing Mount Chimaera, as well as meditate on the ruins of ancient Olympos.

Trips to the remains of the ancient city Perge, as well as to Aspendos, where an incredible ancient amphitheater has been preserved, are equally very popular among travelers.

Prices 2024

It is generally accepted that holidays in Antalya and neighboring resorts do not promise ruin even for family tourists. Although due to the strong rise in the cost of travel in the post-pandemic era, many now prefer to spend their holidays out of season in order to save some money.

Because in that time even in the old center of Antalya, you can book a hotel room for not too much sum – from € 70-80 for two people per day!

Pay attention to the perfectly locked Castle Inn Boutique Hotel. After all, it offers an excellent level of service and is located within walking distance of the main resort attractions.

You will have to get to the beach by tram. But maybe it’s for the best? Isn’t it more interesting than moving from the hotel to the beach and back every day?

A few more expensive, but the Solo Boutique Hotel is even superbly located. Key attractions can be reached in just a few minutes on foot. And going to the beach will not tire even vacationers with young kids.

Excursions in Antalya cost from € 20-25, and their program may include not only a guided tour of the old city, but also a cable car ride, as well as a visit to the Duden Waterfalls. For € 65 you can go on a one-day tour to Pamukkale and Hierapolis, a little more expensive is a two-day trip from Antalya to Cappadocia.


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