Rome in May

Piazza Venezia is the most beautiful square in Rome

Rome in May – is it worth visiting? Weather, temperature, prices 2023 in hotels and on excursions, in cafes, the number of tourists. What to do in Rome in early May and later, what to see – in the review of good Time for Trip.

May is probably the best time of the year – at least in the northern hemisphere. When nature is not just blooming, it gives hope for a better future. And even an inveterate pessimist, impressed by the warmth, some primal freshness and juicy colors, begins to believe in something good!

Of course, such sentiments encourage those who love traveling. Especially the people that are going to places like Rome, in May is becoming the really world’s tourist capital.

There are many reasons for this – even in addition to those voiced above. So you have to take into account that May is not the best month to visit Rome.

And even if you don’t refuse a trip to the “Eternal City” at the end of spring, just take into account that there are enough disadvantages to such an idea!

For example, few people know, but at the end of May Rome is a hot and sometimes even stuffy place. And long walks around the city outside of air-conditioned spaces can cause unpleasant consequences like heat stroke.

Also, at this month you will have to put up with a lot of travelers intending to see the main sights of Rome before the start of the summer season. Thus, queues at ticket offices and museum halls, real traffic jams from tourists on the streets, and a wall of backs near the Trevi Fountain are awaiting for you.

And yes – prices in Roman hotels in May, due to increased demand, shamelessly tend to go beyond reasonable limits.

However, the high cost of a trip to the Italian capital is usually fully redeemed by excellent impressions. So, of course, you have every reason to strive here!

Weather in Rome in May

Average daytime air temperatures this month live in the range of +20-25 °C. Below they drop rarely, but climb above it – regularly. At night, the atmosphere tends to cool down to +14-18 °C, turning evening and night walks around the “Papal City” into a real pleasure.

At the beginning of May 2022, the air temperature in Rome fluctuated between +20-23 °C (during the day) – +10-15 °C (at night). But even before the end of the first decade of the month, it took a course for the summer.

Spanish Steps are a beautiful panoramic point to get good views over Rome

As a result, in mid-May, Rome warmed up to +25-27 °C. And at the end of the month, thermometers recorded temperatures above +30 degrees Celsius several times.

In other years, similar weather is observed in principle. Although usually the air in Rome throughout May doesn’t warm up above +26-28 °C.

According to statistics, there can be up to 3-5 cloudy days per month, the rains are not too strong and certainly not long. After waiting out the bad weather for a portion of excellent pasta or some other foods of Italian cuisine, you should be ready for an immediate photo seccions. Because rainbows over the Eternal City look enchantingly beautiful!

In general, if compared with summer, Rome in spring, especially late, is an ideal time for long excursions around the city, a thoughtful study of arches, columns and forums, stairs and walls.

But not only that – at this time of year, the Italian capital generously shares with everyone the energy and vitality accumulated over the centuries. On the threshold of summer, the Roman air is clear and fresh, and the atmosphere is full of positive expectations.

How to Dress

What do they wear in Rome in May? Perhaps it will be a revelation to you that the Italians themselves do not particularly like to walk the streets in T-shirts and shorts, even when the weather allows it.

On the contrary, well-tailored suits, stylish jackets are appreciated here, and due attention is paid to accessories in the form of scarves and hats. And this should not be surprising – the ability to dress well is listed as one of the key traditions of Italy. At least of the North part of the country!

Therefore, focus only on the weather forecast! And we believe that it will allow you to walk in T-shirts and blouses, skirts, sundresses and light trousers – shorts still look out of place, for example, in cathedrals and churches, the same Vatican museums.

The jacket in the wardrobe is useful in case of evening walks or trips out of the city. Too warm clothes in the form of thick sweaters and sweatshirts are unlikely to be in demand.

Take into account another moment – at the end of May, you can already swim near Rome. As the Tyrrhenian Sea warms up to +20-21 °C!

So take with you bathing accessories and towels, other things necessary for the sea. And plan to spend a day or two in Lido di Ostia, Anzio or Terracina.

Prices 2023

A hotel room or apartment rental with a decent rating (8+) in the Italian capital in early May will cost at least 90-100 € per night. At the same time, it is unlikely that they will be located in the city center.

For example, we can recommend Affittacamere Roma Centro, situated about a kilometer from the Vatican walls. Accommodation without special frills, but clean and comfortable, the rooms have a kitchenette, breakfast is served to guests (included in the price).

The metro station is a 10-minute walk away, there are many grocery stores and cafes nearby.

Somewhat more expensive, but also better located B&B Hotel Alle Porte di San Giovanni is just three metro stops from Termini Station. The rooms are very cozy, the breakfasts are substantial.

Also not far from the San Giovanni metro station is the mini-hotel Alle mura di San Giovanni with only 4 rooms. Breakfast is included in the price, the rooms are clean and modern, there is a shared kitchen.

By the Way!

Try to choose a hotel within walking distance from Termini station. Because with the help of fast trains, even during a short trip to Rome, you will be able to discover some other cities in Italy.

Definitely worth a visit Florence – Frecciarossa will get there from Rome in just 1.5 hours. Someone will go to Bologna (2 hours on the road) or south to Naples (1 hour and 10 minutes).

It is unlikely to get further: the train from Rome to Venice runs, for example, almost 4 hours. It’s too long a trip for you to want to come back the same day.

Which Piazza is best for eating in Rome?

Cafes and Restaurants

Visiting local or international fast food establishments will cost € 8-10 per person, depending on appetite. A hearty meal in a restaurant in the center of Rome will cost from € 20 with drinks per person. A substantial lunch or dinner for three will cost 70-80 €.

A cup of coffee costs from 3 € – a cup. But keep in mind – Italians like modest portions of espresso and Americano, just for a couple of sips.

Bottled water is relatively inexpensive if you do not buy it in the central squares. A capacity of 1 liter costs from 0.5 €.

What to Do

Obviously, any tourist who finds himself in Rome for the first time will strive to see the Colosseum. Don’t try to visit amphitheatre immediately after arrival – you will run into the tail of a giant queue and just lose time.

Therefore, if you arrive in the morning, it is better to unpack your suitcases and make a familiarization trip to the city. Wander through the streets and squares, reach the Vatican. Explore the cathedral and St. Peter’s Square, see the power of the Bernini fountains, take a look at the balcony in the very center of the cathedral, from which the Pope addresses the faithful.

You should definitely go inside the St. Peter’s cathedral – just to make sure of the power of human genius. Climbing to the roof is worth only for the skinny humans – the stairs are too narrow, and there are many people who want to go up.

Go to the Castel Sant’Angelo, climb upstairs, look around. Imagine how the pontiffs felt when they looked from here at the city occupied by the enemy.

Stand on the Hadrian’s footbridge and take a look at the olive Tiber, fraught with so many secrets. Walk to Piazza Navona, the most remarkable square in Rome, and soak up its atmosphere. After all, this place has appeared in dozens of novels and hundreds of films!

Finish the day by climbing Capitoline Hill. The Aracoeli staircase shows that the path of life is difficult (124 steps), but leads to the ancient, but stunningly beautiful inside the Basilica of Santa Maria in Aracoeli.

The cordonata or Michelangelo’s staircase is much more gentle and useful for tired tourists – it leads directly to the Capitoline Square and provides everyone with a panorama of peacefully falling asleep Rome.

In May, one of the best views of Rome opens from the Capitoline Hill


Now about the legendary circus – it’s better to go there by the opening, at 8.30 or even earlier. Otherwise, you will be one of the links of the ribbon encircling the Flavian Amphitheater, and it is likely that you will curse the idea itself. However, perhaps you will buy tickets online and avoid dubious pleasure.

The Colosseum is traditionally at the epicenter of tourist preferences. A ticket to the amphitheater entitles you to visit the Roman Forum (it is nearby) and the Palatine Hill:

Thus, on the first you can visit the gladiator arena before sunset (in summer it works until 19), and on the second you can continue your research at the forum.

Pantheon and Trevi

Once in Rome, it would be unwise to ignore such a church as the Pantheon. And such a monument as Vittoriano on Venice Square, near the Capitoline Hill. You can climb up, and inside you can explore the exhibits of Museum of the Risorgimento.

Surely you will not miss the chance to throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain – you always want to return to Rome. Not necessarily in May – you can, for example, in December.

Vatican City

The Vatican Museums and the famous Sistine Chapel are worthy targets for any traveler. That’s just you need to book tickets in advance, a few weeks before the trip. And pay for them online.

If you are going to do this after you arrive in Rome, it is far from a fact that fortune will be merciful and you will receive the coveted reservation.

A similar scheme will have to be followed when visiting the Borghese Gallery. Another popular and therefore visited by a large number of tourists attractions of the “Eternal City”.


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