Rome in December

December is really a wonderful time to visit Rome.

Rome in December 2023 – is it worth visiting? Weather, what to wear, reviews, prices 2022 on hotels and tours. What to do in Rome in early December and close to Christmas, where to go in Italy – explored good Time for Trip.

Rome is good at any time of the year! This replicated phrase over the years, if not centuries, has managed to turn into an axiom. Although in recent years, in the era of global warming, this statement should be to subject to a thorough revision.

Really, who in their right mind would enjoy a stay in the “Eternal City” in July or August? Only staunch masochists!

Or a small category of tourists, so hardened that temperatures above +40 °C and high humidity do not cause any deterioration in well-being. There are people who, even in intense heat, see no reason to reduce activity – they visit main attractions of Rome as if nothing had happened.

All others are forced to put up with it, since they can only go abroad during the traditional holidays months. And therefore, with a forced smile, try not to pay attention to the extremely hot weather, which is clearly not suitable for sightseeing tours of “The Etermal City”.

They try not to notice the incredible crowds of tourists. Just like them, suffering from stuffiness, a ban on swimming in fountains and other restrictions from the city authorities.

Is there a way out of this visual vicious circle? Yes, of course – and this is not a transition to the night mode of wakefulness!

You just need to break the mold. And decide that some unusual months like December in Rome is a good enough time for traveling. After that fully accept this and … enjoy!

If not by loneliness, then by silence and comparatively few people on the streets of the Italian capital. As well as tours and hotel prices that fall to normal, that is, healthy level.

Will you have to face some weather disasters if you, for example, decide to celebrate Christmas in Rome? Is it possible to freeze or get wet here on the eve of the New Year during a long tour of the Roman Forum or just a walk around the city?

Let’s find out now!

It's worth to celebrate Christmas in Rome

Weather in Rome in December

Really deserves praise! Because it allows a tourist a lot.

Compared to the autumn months, already in the beginning of December it becomes sunny in Rome. The amount of precipitation also decreases proportionately.

That is, rains really become less than in November. But you should not count on constantly dry and clear weather – the humidity is a bit high!

Daytime air temperatures in Rome at the beginning of winter range from +10-14 °C (sometimes +17!) at the beginning of the month to +8-12 °C – at its end. Night (+2-10 °C) forces you to be more careful in choosing clothes.

In December 2022, Rome observed similar weather. Throughout the month, daytime temperatures regularly reached +10-12 degrees Celsius and more. And in some moments – for example, at Christmas, the air warmed up even to + 13-15 °C – you could walk the streets with a long tours without any fear!

It was colder at night: up to +3-7 °C. But even in the last decade of the month, that is, in New Year’s Eve in Rome and after sunset was recorded +9-11 °C. Such is the winter here, not loving the extreme cold.

Showers, as well as snowfalls, are rare. And usually the case is limited to cloudy weather or light rain. Cloudless days are also not uncommon – in December, the Italian capital sees at least 15-20 of them on average.

Once again – heavy snowfalls at this time are quite a rare occurrence. But snowflakes barely reaching the asphalt and immediately melting occasionally try to spoil the mood of the Romans.

What to Wear

You don’t feel like walking in a light windbreaker, but also don’t want to put on a thick winter down jacket either. Everything is in accordance with the latest fashion trends: a weightless but warm jacket, a designer scarf, sneakers or demi-season boots.

And then you will definitely be capable of long walks around the “Eternal City”. And enjoy a close inspection of the most interesting sites of Rome. On what – we emphasize once again – in the conditions of summer heat, sometimes there is simply not enough health!

Italians do not like to wear hats – they take care of their hair – but this practical wardrobe item will not hurt cold tourists. Especially if you are going to wander the streets in the evenings, watching the gray-haired antiquity by the light of lanterns.

Frosts are extremely rare and are not able to seriously affect the planned activities. Since during the day the air will still warm up to at least +10 °C!

By the way, if you go to Italy by car, then remember that the use of winter tires is not mandatory even in the northern, alpine regions. This fact alone eloquently testifies to the climatic features of the country!

People are watching a sunset in Rome in December

Prices 2023

If we are talking about the first half of December, then you can find a room in Rome (for two) for a quite modest 110-130 € per day. At the same time, it will be located not too far from the Colosseum – high-rating KISS ME ROME Luxury Rooms, for instance, are situated near Termini Station.

On the contrary Domus Giordano in the Portuense area has the best qualities from the point of view of a not too rich tourist. It is quite far from the old city and, moreover, the Vatican.

But close to the nice authentic area of ​​Trastevere. Where you can more clearly than anywhere else be able to feel the atmosphere of real, not touristy Rome.

Somewhat more expensive, but located near Piazza Navona, Largo di Torre and Pantheon Argentina the Nikis Collection Navona. Earned on booking 9 rating based on almost 500 reviews!

Look very good Dimora ai Fori – Guest House where they are asking around 250 $ for a night in a double room . From which the Roman Forum can be reached on foot in 5 minutes.

Guests praise the actual condition of housing. And some so simply promise to return when they are going to visit Rome again.

Note that on the dates near Christmas, it will no longer be possible to rent a room for such money. For during this festive time, many Italian tourists arrive in the city and prices are rising by leaps and bounds!

Tours cost standard amounts – this time though you can count on a little cut-price.

A walk through the Forum in the company of a knowledgeable guide will cost 45 + €. At the same time you can buy a tour of Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel for an even more modest 37-40 €.


Rome tends to be reasonably cold during December

Those (a few) tourists who visited Rome on New Year’s Eve, have little reason to be dissatisfied. Since the weather, if not ideal for walks and trips, was close to it.

Rainy dank days, that can completely ruin a trip, do not happen often. But on the contrary, there are quite a lot of sunshine.

The main thing that is especially remembered, blowing away the reviews – a very small number of tourists. You can hardly meet excursion groups; on the Tiber embankment, you can sometimes feel lonely at all.

Separate praise – prices. Except for a brief stint at the end of December, fee for everything is commendably moderate. And they will not make a hole even in a modest vacation budget.

What to Do in Rome in December

The abundance of possibilities is amazing. Due to the relatively low chance of rain and the predicted abundance of sunshine, especially active pastimes can be planned.

In just a few days, you will have time to explore Rome itself, make several trips around the Lazio region and beyond!

In particular, we recommend visiting Viterbo and Orvieto. And also spend a day exploring the well-maintained summer residence of the Popes in Castel Gandolfo.

It makes sense to go further – for example, try to visit Florence in a day.

It’s not too easy, given the powerful number of attractions there. But on the other hand, you will spend very little time on the trip itself – the fast train to Florence from Rome takes about 1.5 hours.

It’s too early to go to Milan in December – the famous SALDI start only in early January. But a ride to the south of Italy is a sound idea.

Since very fast Frecciarossa will spend on the road to Naples, for example, just over an hour. So in a couple of days you can both see the capital of Campania itself and go to the famous Pompeii. Where there will be very few visitors at the beginning of winter!


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