Istanbul in June

Istanbul in June is enjoying by warm weather

Istanbul in June 2024 – is it worth visiting? Weather, average temperature, what to wear, is it busy, prices in hotels and on excursions. What to do in Istanbul in early June and closer to July, where to go: in the vicinity and beyond – in a detailed review by good Time for Trip.

June is a summer month. Its name alone clearly provokes people, yearning for warmth and sun, for a trip to the seashore.

And why don’t they choose Istanbul as their travel destination? After all, the largest and most interesting metropolis in Turkey meets all three (heat, sun and sea) designated conditions?

Therefore, although no one in a dream will call this city a beach destination, at the dawn of summer people come here with pleasure. After all, this city, like a magnet, attracts the attention of travelers.

There is a reason – during June the weather in Istanbul is warm and even hot. Rains are rare, and there is a lot of sunlight – aren’t they considered ideal conditions for visiting interesting places and exploring the sights?

On the one hand, it’s a pity to miss valuable summer time – there are many other places in Turkey in June where the weather allow you both to swim and sunbathe! On the other one, beach resorts will not go anywhere for those 3-4 days that you spend on sightseeing in Istanbul?!

Organizing such a composite trip with subsequent departure to the beach, of course, isn’t very simple. But no special difficulties are foreseen for those who risk to do it.

After all, all you need is to develop a route, buy airline tickets, book a hotel and rent a car. The latter, of course, is optional – not everyone wants to drive on vacation.

Too many items? Don’t hesitate – you will succeed! Moreover, below you’ll find practical information that should help you do this.

Weather in Istanbul in June

It is unlikely that in 2024 it will be very different from its usual version. Therefore, you should prepare yourself for temperatures from +25 to +30 °C (77-86 °F), the sun shining day long and a low probability of precipitation.

At first it will be colder at night – up to + 17-18 °C (62,6-66,4 °F). But towards the end of June, Istanbul will feel completely ready for the high season and raise the night bar to + 22-24 °C (71,6-75,2 °F)

Even in early June in Istanbul is warm

In 2023, the weather in Istanbul in early June and later behaved in a similar way. Unless after sunset it was little cooler – no higher than + 20-21 °C (68-69,8 °F).

It rains here a maximum of 2-4 times in the first month of summer. And according to statistics, total volume of precipitation is low – up to 30-35 mm

Of course, you’d be better off developing an alternative plan to proactively deal with unexpected weather events. And wait out a little rain in one of the main of Istanbul attractions. Perhaps in Topkapi Palace or in any of the local museums.

By the way, the Istanbul Welcome Card will allow you to do this for free for 7 days!

It’s quite possible to wait out the bad weather in some restaurant. While tasting some original Turkish foods

The winds from the Bosphorus in Istanbul in June aren’t too strong. And therefore – pleasant.

After all, they completely forget about their spring desire to penetrate. On the contrary – sea breezes in the early summer gently blow over the skin heated by the sun. And only in the evenings their impulses can make you nervous, forcing to button your jacket or blouse.

Sea Temperature

Is it worth swimming in Istanbul in early June? With this it’s better to wait a little! After all, you may well do this pleasant and even useful thing at the second stage of the journey to Turkey.

Having gone, for example, to the resort town Sharkoy on the European coast of the Marmara Sea. Or by planning a vacation in its more famous Asian “colleagues”: Mudanya or Erdek

The latter is well suited for families with small children. Because it attracts mostly calm and balanced holiday-goers. Aspiring to relax, and not jump from evening to morning in discos.

However, in June, the Marmara Sea rarely warms up above +21-23 °C (69,8-73,4 °F).

Quite another thing is the popular resort Kusadasi. As well as the world-famous Bodrum and Marmaris, which are located slightly to the south.

There the swimming season isn’t only open, but has also gained good momentum. Although most tourists are still just preparing for a trip to the sea at this time.

Yes, to get to the resorts on the Aegean Seashore from Istanbul by car, you will have to cover a decent distance. About 550 km – if you are going to Kusadasi, and 700 km – when deciding to stay somewhere in Bodrum.

But such a trip, made in daylight, wouldn’t be particularly tiring

By the way, the distance between Istanbul and Antalya is also not too big – you will have to drive 700 km along the highways laid in the central regions of the country. This is about 9-10 hours on the way.

Note that there is also a place to go on a beach holiday north of Istanbul – by getting to the good resorts on the Black Sea coast.

For example, by going to Kumkoi, which Istanbul residents consider to be something like a сity beach. Slightly less known Shile and Agva. Located, however, also not far from the metropolis: 75 and 100 km, respectively.

What to Wear in Istanbul in June

It is clear that the restrictions imposed by airlines on the volume and weight of luggage make you carefully approach the packing of a travel bag. But in this case, you’ll do it without serious problems.

It’s too early to swim in Istanbul in June

Because the jacket or hoodie that you will wear when going on a trip will be enough in the June Istanbul in most possible situations. Especially if your clothes can protect you in case of a little rain.

Sneakers or moccasins should be duplicated with lighter shoes. You should not be shy about sending a big number of shorts and T-shirts, skirts, sundresses and tops to the suitcase.

There should be two pairs of swimsuits – this is the standard amount that you need to bring to the sea. Some people even take three of them if they suspect that the humidity will be high!

Equally useful are wide-brimmed panama hats and at least one cotton or linen shirt with long sleeves. What for? You’ll know when you get a sunburn.

Oh, yes: sunscreen and ointment stimulating the regeneration of damaged tissues should also be present in the luggage of the vacationer. Well, and a first aid kit – without it, it’s better not to leave the house even for a short distance trip today.

Prices 2024

It’s better to stay in Istanbul closer to the historical center – you’ll be able to see more sights in fewer days. Moreover, don’t neglect such amenities as air conditioning and a personal shower in June.

All hotels where a room costs less than 70-80 € per night are an excellent offer for two travelers. Up to 100 € is tolerable if everything else has already been snapped up or you are finding more fashionable hotel.

Pay attention, for example, to the promotional offer of the Sokullu Pasa Hotel. Its spacious rooms (from 21 m2) are cleaned every day, top Istanbul attractions are nearby.

The rooms are equipped with new furniture and quite high-quality plumbing. And the breakfast included in the price is a great help for a traveler who is used to taking care of every minute.

The Florenta Hotel is also worthy of the closest study. Moreover, it’s deployed even more successfully in the heart of the Sultanhamet district! That is, only 600 meters from the Hagia Sophia.

A tour of the main sights of Istanbul like the Topkapi Palace and the Blue Mosque costs about 50-80 € per person. Spending a sum of about 30-35 € you can go on a sightseeing cruise along the Bosphorus.

You can do a lot of things visiting in Istanbul in the summer months

What to Do in Istanbul in June

There are plenty of places of sincere tourist interest in the former Constantinople. We talked about the most popular attractions earlier. And even connected them with convenient daily routes.

But something, of course, still remained behind the scenes. Or at least it was mentioned in passing

This is normal: for those traveling for the first time it’s more important to see the main thing. And those who are lucky enough to fall in love with a city on the border of the West and the East, each new arrival is able to find something new and unexplored in its depths.

We will definitely advise you to still climb the Galata Tower – even if you have to stand in line for it. Yes, what’s there, just to see it firsthand is like being in a fairy tale.

In the depths of the bustling Beyoglu district, the Church of Anthony of Padua also lurks. Surprisingly European, even, perhaps, Venetian.

This church isn’t old, but it’s so soulful, soothing and … cool – once you find yourself in Istanbul in June, you will understand how important it is.

Be sure to get to the Chora Church (now Chora Mosque) with early Christian frescoes. It’s located in the Fatih district, but away from the Sultanhamet central historical quarter .

A completely logical and even expected step at the beginning of summer is a boat trip along the Bosphorus. After all, on a hot June day, it’s equally refreshing and saturates with vivid impressions. And in the evenings, when the setting sun gives the last rays of the ancient city, it becomes immensely romantic at all…

Where to Go Nearby

Is it worth getting the beach vacation on the Prince Islands ? We aren’t sure that you should waste your time on this! Especially if you plan after visiting Istanbul to go to “real” resorts on the Aegean or Mediterranean Seas.

But a trip to the ruins of Troy, which are still being gradually excavated and cleaned of age-old layers, will be an interesting experience. Moreover, like a visit to Ephesus, it can easily be entered into a route that provides for a long stop at the sea in Bodrum.

It is quite easy to travel from Istanbul to Cappadocia. Although the famous “Land of Beatiful Horses” located far from the coast. And on a June afternoon it can be very hot there.

On the cotrary, we won’t advise you to go to Pamukkale and Hierapolis in June. Because in summer it’s excessively hot and overcrowded there.

How you can get positive impressions after being in the scorching sun for a long time at temperatures above +35-40 °C (95-104 °F)? Not even having the opportunity to cool down a little in the local thermal baths – in summer there’s no free space in them.


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