Istanbul in April

It is already very warm in Istanbul in April

Istanbul in April 2024 – is it worth visiting? Weather, air & sea temperature, what to wear, hotels and city tours prices. Do tulips bloom in early April in Istanbul, what to do in the city, where to go in the vicinity – found out good Time for Trip.

Istanbul is a place that you want to return to. For a lot of reasons, the main ones are: a large number of interesting sights and a warm climate.

However, so far, a relatively small part of of tourists who have ever visited Turkey. Although in the post-pandemic era, apparently, the world seemed to see the light, rushing to Istanbul –!

Even during periods of the year that previously seemed poorly or insufficiently well suited for travel!

For example, suddenly became popular trips to Istanbul in April. Not only those at the beginning of the month, which usually accounts for the celebration of Easter, but also at the end ones!

For here, in a great city on the border of Europe and Asia, in the middle of spring it is really good – nature no longer comes into leaf, but powerfully blooms. Giving all the witnesses of this traditional process an incredible boost of energy. As well as
opportunities that in summer or autumn can be seriously undermined by the heat and a large number of other travelers.

In comparison with some other months of the year, Istanbul is especially fresh and energetic in April. And if in late March nature hints that it intends to dissolve, then a bit later it puts the idea into practice.

The trees begin to be covered with timid greenery, the sky acquires delicate blue shades, the Bosphorus casts a juicy turquoise. So much so that when cruising on a boat, you should wear sunglasses.

And most importantly, city parks and squares are covered with carpets of blooming flowers at this time. Tulips, of course, most of all – they are literally the personification of Istanbul in late April. But there are also delicate irises with hyacinths, daffodils, royal roses.

To catch the peak of flowering, you need to come to Istanbul no later than mid-April. By doing so, you will take away from Turkey not only gifts, souvenirs and an even tan. But also the most memorable impressions, as well as photos that will make all your friends sincerely admire.

How to prepare a trip? Read our selection of facts and conclusions!

Weather in Istanbul in April

The first thing that tourists who are going to visit the city at this time need to realize is that summer is not even on the way yet. It’s usually quite cool, and if the wind blows from the Sea of Marmara – you start to freeze.

However, the air temperature in Istanbul already in early April willingly overcomes the mark of + 15 °C (59 °F). And on some days the thermometers show even above +20 °C (68 °F).

Long-term observations of meteorologists indicate that the probability of warm weather is quite high. In 2023, already in the second decade of April, Istanbul warmed up even to +23 °C (73.4 °F).

However, it is not worth counting on stable heat. Since it follows from meteorological archives and reviews that the weather is very changeable. And in fact just provokes travelers.

Sweating, the tourist happily strips down to his T-shirt, exposing his vitamin D-starved skin to the bright sun. And then the Istanbul climate presents him with a surprise in the form of leaden clouds and sharp gusts of wind.

Especially careful should be those, who are going to participate in a multi-hour boat trip. Because if on a regular ferry you can always hide in a glazed space, then during the tour you want to stay on the open deck.

Boat trip is a main thing you should to do in Istanbul in early April

Towards the end of April, the weather in Istanbul is a little more generous. And the sun heats the air to +23-25 °C (73.4-77 °F) by noon. Although in any year there are “deviations” to +15-17 degrees Celsius.

A few days before the visit and throughout it, we recommend that you check the weather forecast on the website


Rains are infrequent – only 3-4 times a month. And it almost never comes to showers. So you need to prepare for a maximum of light, but not always fast-passing rain.

It’s not difficult – just put on a windbreaker with a hood. Or plan a route to explore the most interesting places in Istanbul so that, if necessary, you can go to a museum or cafe.

The abundance of sunlight will please the northerners, the probability of a clear day is about 50%. However, a cloudy day here will turn out to be rich and interesting if you dress properly.

Note that the duration of daylight at these latitudes closer to May reaches 14 hours. So at the end of April, take a sunscreen with you to Istanbul. And some other things that are absolutely necessary in Turkey during high-season.

As for swimming in the Sea of Marmara, most likely, it will not come to that. Since the water area is warmed up to the maximum of +15-17 °C (59-62.6 °F).

What to Wear

It is better to leave shorts and sandals at home. Instead of that put an extra sweater or hoodie in the suitcase going on a trip to Istanbul in April.

At the same time, it is assumed that you will go on the road in a fairly warm jacket. And you will wear sneakers or comfortable shoes on your feet.

Hats will be useful to a few, but it’s better to take them for kids. The same applies to scarves

To witness frosts here in the middle of spring is a rare “luck”. But it is quite cool in the evenings, and on the shore of the Bosphorus – in general.

Keep this in mind if you want to admire a magical sunset or a night city from the straight!

Prices 2024

You can book a room for two in a decent hotel with an amount from 50-60 € per day. Around this time, the “night + breakfast” is usually appreciated in the cozy Istanbul Holiday Hotel in the Fatih district. And this is a standard price without discounts!

It will cost a little more to stay in a small Hotel Black Tulip. Located much closer to the main attractions.

Do you want to walk a lot in the center of ancient Constantinople? Then this is right choice!

The Idylle 4* hotel attracts potential guests with a modest prices and an excellent location near the Gulhane Park. Which at this time of year is full of charm and floral scents!

The cheapest way to get from the airports to the central part of Istanbul is by public transport. And if you buy an Istanbulkart right away, a one-time trip in 2024 costs less than 18 liras (regular price – 25 TRL).

It doesn’t matter if you go by bus, tram, metro or ferry!

What to Do in Istanbul in April

Surely you will spend some time on the delights dedicated to the numerous flower beds with tulips. And even photo shoots on their background. After all, the age of these spring flowers is short, and they fade very quickly…

But then, tired, rush towards the more famous sights of Istanbul. You can have time to visit a great many of them in April!

First of all, pay attention to the former Hagia Sophia, which lost its museum status in 2020 and turned into a functioning mosque. Judging by the reviews, the grandiose structure did not get any worse from this.

In April it is pretty warm in Istanbul

We also advise you to visit the Blue Mosque and the Museum of Archeology, marvel at the scale of the Basilica Cistern and look into Suleymaniye. Visit the Chora Monastery, where the beautiful frescoes of the Byzantine period have been preserved and look into the Gothic Basilica of St. Anthony of Padua.

An indispensable element of any trip to Istanbul is the ascent of the ancient Galata Tower. Almost certainly you will want to feel like a part of the human river on the busy Istiklal shopping street.

By the way, it is better to admire the Galata Tower outside in the evening, under artificial lighting. At the same time, remembering all the oriental fairy tales you know, it looks just magical.

The former residence of the sultans, Topkapi, is better not to mix with anything else. Since it will take about 3 hours just to inspect it and the adjacent gardens together with a guide. And you will simply get fed up with impressions.


We can recommend an author’s tour of Istanbul. During which, for a modest amount of money, you will be initiated into local legends and mysteries. Having received the amount of information that will make your trip especially memorable.

It is worth seeing the Rumeli Hisari fortress, which was once an avant-garde point of defense on the Bosphorus. Moreover, almost all cruise ships running along the Bosphorus reach it.

Also visit the Rahmi M. Koch Museum of Technology at the far end of the Golden Horn Bay. The few who have been there leave invariably enthusiastic comments!

Where to Go Nearby

Of the possible suburban routes, we will highlight several main ones. The first is the Princes’ Islands, which you can get to without much effort. Just by boarding a boat at the Eminenyu pier and after 1.5 hours disembarking at the Büyükada Island pier.

The advocates of ecotourism must follow this route in April without fail. Because the air of Isles of Adalar is fresh and clean – the movement of vehicles with internal combustion engines has been banned there. And locals and tourists travel exclusively in horse-drawn carts, bicycles or on foot!

Route number 2 leads to the Yalova Thermal Resort. After all, when else to recover in thermal baths, if not in the spring? When a certain obsession even settles in the mind to put in order an organism that has grown tired over the winter.

For those who are ready to rent a car, we will also advise longer routes. For example, the one that leads to an inconspicuous town to the walls of the legendary Troy. Whose ruins you can still see today.

Over 500 km along the highway will have to be overcome to see the ruins of the largest ancient city on the peninsula of Asia Minor, Ephesus. More than 700 kilometers of distance separate Istanbul from Cappadocia. A region of immense beauty, deserving of at least 2-3 days’ stop.


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