What to Bring Home from Venice

Gondoliers' costume - the best souvenir from Venice

What to buy in Venice as a gift or souvenir? What items would definitely testify that you visited the “City of Canals” and (or) decorated your home: Venetian masks, Murano glass, engravings? The list of the most beautiful and practical things you can bring back from Venice – in the review of good Time for Trip.

The main tags you can bring from the trip are impressions – so, most likely, an enthusiastic young traveler will say. And of course he will be right!

Even if photos did not work out or turned out to be not enough, the main things will remain in your memory. In the case of Venice there are: canals and haze hanging over the water, marble lace of palaces, imperturbable gondoliers, the Byzantine golden splendor of St. Mark’s Cathedral, powerful bell towers arrogantly thrusting their spires straight into the sky…

Naturally, it will take effort for such memories to retain their freshness. Well, or the presence in front of your eyes of things that you once bought there in “The City of Water”.

Best Souvenirs from Venice

The local carnival is world famous. So a visit to Venice in February has become a kind of branded event for centuries attracted many foreign guests. Although initially it was just a festival before Lent.

Today, the Venetian Carnival has turned into a real holiday! On the eve of spring, tens and hundreds of thousands of tourists come to watch shows and parades or take part in them directly.

The most enterprising and the richest people dress up in magnificent costumes and masks. And if you can’t get the first ones, then try to purchase carnival masks – they have long become a symbol of the city.

So you can buy these souvenirs in Venice in gift shop, without being particularly distracted even during a sightseeing tour of the city!

Why not – mini-masks are sold at any souvenir kiosk or street stand. Although, of course, they do not differ in high quality – this is not handmade at all

Carnival masks are most often are bought in Venice as a gift

Carnival Masks

Those specimens that you usually really want to bring back with you from Venice have a size of an adult’s face. Material: gypsum or clay, some of masks are made of leather.

And yes, they are handmade by local craftsmen. Such things cost from € 120-150 today

Mini-copies that can decorate the wall in the kitchen are sold cheaper. Such an elegant reminder of the visit of Venice can be purchased for only € 20-30.

Chinese crafts on the theme of Venetian masks are sold at bargain prices and have an unsightly appearance, one has only to take a closer look at them. But buying them will not ruin budget – you can get such a thing by spending just € 5-10.

You can also buy a magnet mask. And hang it on the most sought-after item in the home – the refrigerator

Actually about magnets. They are sold in Venice on every corner and cost € 3-4  each. You can manage to buy four magnets for just 10-11 euro.

Murano Glass

If tourist want to buy beads or a pendant, a ring or earrings, glasses or vases made in an iconic place in Venice, it’s better for her (him) to get to Murano. As there are sold such things that you cam hardly find in the San Marco district of Venice or anywhere else.

Tourists bring glassware from Venice

A costume jewelry is not particularly expensive. A pretty and looking quite original Murano glass ring costs from € 5-7 apiece, simple beads will cost at least € 12-15.

So for those who want to buy really interesting handsome things, we advise to visit the “alma mater” of the glassblowing industry. Because the selection of glass items of their own production in Murano is much richer.

And the island itself, it turns out, is a miracle how beautiful! Especially if you consider it in the company of a well-educated guide.

You may know that there is a whole Glass Museum in Murano. And there you can learn a lot of interesting things about the centuries-old traditions of its manufacture – museovetro.visitmuve.it/en/home/.


Not every first tourist usually acquires lace goods – why, if you can buy way cheaper souvenirs in Venice? In addition, much more glaring ones?!

Nevertheless, Buran lace is a brand that has been around for hundreds of years. The island has been famous for its lace makers since ancient times!

So you can buy very original napkins and tablecloths, handmade curtains, gloves and even umbrellas from the sun there

And if you finally didn’t get them, at least you would look at the memorable colorful houses that are the main attraction of Burano. By the way, souvenirs in the form of wooden and clay houses are also sold in local shops. Alas, not for nearly nothing – the colorful island lives by tourism.

Burano Lace from Venice is a good souvenir also

Venetian Dolls

These local souvenirs are less well-known all over the world. Although the prices for them are very impressive: handmade porcelain dolls in the shops of the San Marco area will cost at least 50 euros per one. And only if you are lucky with some kind of discount promotion!

Anyway, if you bring such a toy from Venice, you can be sure – it will decorate your bedroom or lounge! However, you will still have to explain to the guests that the dolls are made in Italy.

Paintings and Tapestries

Everything is clear here: any person who knows how to draw will certainly want to capture ‘La Serenissima” on paper or canvas, wood or metal. And if you can then sell your work, it’s absolutely gorgeous!

Therefore, there are many shops trading paintings, engravings, and lithographs in Venice. But purchasing something worthwhile or at least unordinary is a problem

At least because there are many tourists in the “City of Canals” at any time of the year – even in November Venice full of foreigners. Most of them simply can’t differ a really decent thing from an ordinary daub.

To create a special mood in home interiors, giving them an unique style, you can purchase a Venetian tapestry. The real decoration of your living space can be works with panoramic views of Venice, still lifes and paintings with a pronounced marine theme.

Naturally, such things can’t be cheap. So get ready to pay from 60-70 € for the thing you like.


For some unknown reason, there are several shops in Venice selling miniature copies of guitars of world-famous rock and pop music personalities. Perhaps this is a kind of reference to the romantic essence of “The City on Water”.

Such souvenirs are not cheap nor expensive – you will buy locally made guitars for at least 25-30 €. But they are made with such a love and attention to detail that actually catch your heart.

That’s why travelers tempt to buy them, and then bring back from Venice – after all, a tiny instrument will surely decorate a music lover’s desktop?!

Which street is best for shopping in Venice?

Leather Products

Purses and handbags, belts and backpacks – these items are in abundance in the local souvenir shops. Although most of them are not locally made, so they have no real connection with the famous Italian city.

Leather goods are brought here for sale mainly from Tuscany, which is considered a major manufacturing center. But it is curious that in Venice, Tuscan gizmos can be bought cheaper than in Florence itself!

Clothing and Textiles

Among the emotional and simply ruinous purchases, we will mention the one that will allow you to get hold of a set of clothes of a real gondolier. That is, a black hat with a ribbon and a striped sweatshirt.

Children will surely like such a gift from Venice. Especially if they want to impress their friends at a school or on a private party.

Have you been looking for an unusual plaid or sofa bedspread for a long time? In Venice there are enough shops trading similar goods from Italian manufacturers of very high quality. But not everyone can afford to buy them!

Although, of course, some stylish woolen blanket covering your favorite sofa will remind you of the (romantic?) trip to Venice for a long time.

Wine, Food and Cosmetics

Someone advises to buy in Venice and bring it home (unharmed?) Bellini sparkling wine. The alcohol drink, named after a local artist, is supposedly great for making sophisticated cocktails.

Although it is better to buy here Valpolicella wine, produced only in the Veneto region. Or original prosecco, a sparkling wine from the commune of Valdobiadene, in the province of Treviso.

Try it once, and you will no longer need to look at French champagne with a sigh!

Olive oil, soap and cosmetics, hard cheeses, capers and artichokes are traditionally brought back from Italy as a gift or for daily consumption. Venice is no exception in this sense.

Although it is difficult to buy something like this here for a cheap price. Since there are no large supermarkets, except for the Coop next to Piazzale Roma.

Where to Go from Venice

You may notice that consideration of such a question does not correlate with the topic of the article. But we will argue that in fact everything is interconnected. Because both in small towns in Italy and in large tourist centers, you can find interesting things that would be nice to bring home from Italy.

Clothing and textiles from unknown, but still high-quality brands, souvenirs and cosmetics, various Christmas and just festive, gift paraphernalia. So don’t hesitate, be sure to take one or more trips both in the Veneto region and beyond.

In particular, we strongly advise you to visit Milan. Moreover, you can visit to the capital of Lombardy for only 1 day. Such a trip will be especially interesting in the time of famous Italian sales.

It will also be quite useful to go from Venice to Verona. Where there is a huge Roman amphitheater, the second largest surviving after the Roman Colosseum, the “House of Juliet”, the Scaliger Arches and a lot of more interesting things. There are also a number of shops where you can buy some interesting souvenirs.

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