Beach Holidays in Montenegro

Montenegro is one of the most picturesque countries in Europe

Best beach resorts in Montenegro – where to spend seaside holidays with or without kids? Best time to go, prices 2024 in hotels. Where are located best sandy beaches in Montenegro, what should you know – found out good Time for Trip.

In the minds of most tourists, Montenegro is a place exclusively associated with beach vacations on the Adriatic coast. It’s safe to assume that almost everyone who comes to this country for a holiday does so primarily for swimming and sunbathing.

The beauty of the local nature also plays a significant role when choosing. One could argue, but according to a well-founded and widely accepted opinion, Montenegro is one of the most picturesque countries in Europe. Mountains, lush pine and palm trees, coastal cliffs, a sea of turquoise color, and incredible purity – who wouldn’t be amazed by all this?!

Also, it would be wrong even during a leisurely seaside vacation to ignore Montenegro’s main attractions. All those well-maintained ancient towns, pleasant to stroll through between swims, panoramic viewpoints in the mountains, beautiful national parks..

Shouldn’t be overlooked and other interesting ways to do in Montenegro: there are water parks, you can take sea cruises or go for a fishing, diving, other adrenaline activities like zip-lining and bungee jumping in the Tara Canyon.


considering all this, a process of choosing a beach resort in Montenegro, suitable for both kids and adults, becomes significantly more complicated. Planning must take into account not only the weather and prices for accommodation and meals, the presence of good beaches, and a developed transport infrastructure but also other important factors.

For example, the presence of interesting attractions nearby, which can be easily reached on your own or by ordering an inexpensive individual excursion, some entertainment centers and other places for children’s leisure.

Resorts In Montenegro With Sandy Beaches

The longest naturally formed sandy coast, where families with children primarily seek seaside vacations in Montenegro, is located in the south of the country. This is the Ulcinj Riviera and its extension on the border with Albania – Ada Bojana Island.

The central sandy beach in


is the Small Beach covered with dense gray basalt sand. It has shallow waters, a gradual entry into the sea, and can get quite crowded during the season. However, the Small Beach in Ulcinj is greatly suitable for children – it’s difficult to deny!

As for hotel prices, if you go to Montenegro in June, before the “real” high season, you can find accommodation for two for € 30-50 per day (in 2024). And it won’t be a cramped room in a hotel that hasn’t been renovated since Yugoslav times!

Most options are on par with their counterparts in more popular beach resorts in Italy or Croatia. Sometimes they even surpass them in terms of proximity to the sea and scenic views

For example, consider Adriatic Apartment, where a couple in the middle of summer will pay around € 50 per day for a room with a balcony. This family hotel is located right by the sea – just step out the door and you can go swimming!

Almost in the old town of Ulcinj and not too far from the sea are situated Apartments Gusar. In July, a whole family can rent a room with a kitchen for € 75-80. The beach can be reached in 5-7 minutes – the only downside is perhaps the need to climb a hill after a relaxing time by the sea.

Note that in the hottest months of the year, in July and August, the abundance of tourists on the town beaches forces people to finding relaxation beyond Ulcinj. After all, Velika Plaza, located south of the resort, is one of the longest in Europe, stretching all the way to

Ada Bojana Island

In Montenegro there are plenty of resorts with sandy beaches

Its coast is covered with fine, pleasant gray sand, said to have healing properties. The sea entry is also shallow and has no significant stones.

Ada Bojana Beach is an extension of Velika Plaza: the same sand and sea. The clientele here, however, is quite specific: the triangle of land washed by the Adriatic waters is dedicated to nudists.

For those free from prejudices people, who enjoy walking as nature intended and do not feel uncomfortable visiting cafes and restaurants in this attire, this place will be enjoyable. Families with small kids might prefer to find something less advanced and more traditional.

From Bar to Sveti Stefan

The Golden Beach between Bar and Sutomore is considered sandy, but it also consists to a large extent of pebbles. There is practically no infrastructure, so for relaxing on this stretch of coast you need to take with you both beach towels and awnings, as well as some food.

Sutomore boasts a predominantly sandy coast that stretches for kilometers. Here, there are water attractions, paid sunbeds and umbrellas, and plenty of cafes on the promenade

Hotel prices in Sutomore are comparable to Ulcinj, and can’t be considered high. For example, for a quite symbolic € 40 per day, a pair of travelers can stay at the wonderful Apartmani Orange Dreams. In this place you’ll be literally a stone’s throw from the sea and enjoy a magnificent view of the waves right from the window.

One of the most beautiful beach in Montenegro, Queen’s Beach in the Pećin bay, is accessible only by the sea. It’s located north to Sutomore, near Čanj, and was named after Montenegrin queen Milena Petrović who liked to rest here.

The central beach in Petrovac is sandy-pebbly – if you’re heading there, it’s worth preparing in advance with appropriate footwear. Not far from the town there is Lucice beach, slightly less crowded during the season. By the way, in some reviews, it is even called the “best beach in the vicinity of Budva”.

The coastal areas near Sveti Stefan are beautiful and offer excellent views of the sea and the red tiled roofs of the island-hotel. The coverage of local beaches is predominantly sandy, with some pebbles parts

They ask for merciless money for beach loungers – so, here you can find relaxing only well-off people. Those who can shell out a couple of hundred euros for a set of sunbeds and parasol.

The Royal Beach with golden sand near Sveti Stefan in Montenegro well suited only for rich people

Budva and Becici

Here we won’t go into too much detail about Budva, the most famous and (probably) best beach resort in Montenegro. If you want to learn more about this place, read our material on this topic (it will appear a bit later).

The 2-kilometer-long Becici coast is also a recognizable symbol of Montenegro. Unfortunately, the local beach doesn’t consist entirely of sand – it’s interspersed with pebbles.

To our mind, Becici looks a bit overcrowded place in the high season. Although, it depends on what to compare – in the hot summer day, the same Blackpool or Brighton probably see even more people

The transport infrastructure around Becici is excellently developed, and you can get there by regular bus from Budva. Or by taxi – for a quite small fee.

The nearby village Rafailovici is famous for its half-kilometer predominantly sandy coast. Staying here should appeal to families with young children. However, you’ll have to relax in a crowd: like most other places, this Montenegrin seaside resort is well-known and visited today.

A slightly less known and therefore more pleasant place near Becici is Kamenovo. Half of this pebble beach is equipped with sunbeds, and on the other one, anyone can lay on their own towel

There are noticeably fewer vacationers in Kamenovo than in other resorts in the vicinity of Budva. Therefore, the sea here is clear and even transparent.

There are plenty

of private guesthouses and apartments for rent in Becici. And their pricing policy will make a British familiar with the realities of summer vacation at Sidmouth or St Ives shed a tear.

Accommodation prices in Becici, of course, are noticeably higher than in Ulcinj, Sutomore or Petrovac. So, you’ll have to pay from € 75-80 per day for two deciding to stay at a place like

Apartment-Hotel Vila Petrovic-Becici whose rooms though are well-equipped and has all the necessary appliances even for extended holiday

From here you can get to the sea in about 7 minutes. But for the way back, you’ll have to budget twice as much time – the road goes uphill.

Keep in mind that the coast in the northern half of the Montenegrin coastline is largely covered with imported sand. And heading, for example, to Budva, vacationers often do not find the promised “sandy-pebble” shore.

Pebbles, although quite small, cover all the space visible to the eye. And sandy beaches exists in the form of a few and relatively useless islets

Bay of Kotor

Those who are going to holiday at the resorts of Montenegro, located on the shores of this possibly most picturesque bay in the entire Adriatic Sea, rarely aimed to spend all the time on the beaches. After all, in Tivat and Kotor, Perast and Herceg Novi, there is much to do and see.

The beaches in this part of Montenegro are not so extensive, covered exclusively with pebbles (with rare inclusions of sand) or paved in concrete. Therefore, it is not very convenient to rest here with small children.

However, there are exceptions. In particular, the excellent sandy beach Plavi Horizonti on the Lustica Peninsula will surely appeal to family vacationers. Moreover, it’s easily accessible by car from Tivat

Lustica also has other excellent and incredibly picturesque beaches with crystal-clear water. For instance, pay attention to Velja Spila, located just 1.5 km from the elite resort Lustica Bay. Or to Zhanitsa, which can easily be reached by motorboat from Herceg Novi.

Renting an apartment in Lustica Bay or staying at a hotel like The Chedi Lustica Bay is something only well-off people can afford. Because a room for two people here in the season costs around € 600 per night.

However, if you look for accommodation a bit away from the coast, you can find excellent options like Apartments SLAVA for only € 80 per day

Listica Bay beach resort in Montenegro

Montenegro Resorts for Families

Some family vacationers going for this country without any hesitation choose Budva and do not consider themselves deprived. But it’s quite natural that children would much rather play in the sand than build towers from large pebbles.

After all, walking on a sandy beach can be done barefoot, and there’s always the option to engage in castle building

Moreover, entering the water near sandy beaches is much more convenient. Not to mention that the depth increases gradually, and the chance of immediately diving into the sea is minimal.

For this reason, for families with small kids we recommend paying close attention to the Ulcinj Riviera, Rafailovici, Sutomore – these resort areas are less crowded compared to Budva and Becici

Especially if you come to Montenegro in June, not in August – the traditional and in every sense hot holidays month.

Best Time to Go to Montenegro

This European country has a bit unique climate. Here, not only rains but also downpours are quite common, and from October to May, it’s advisable to have a raincoat and umbrella at hand. The best, or rather, the only time for predominantly cloudless holidaying in Montenegro by the sea is a period from July to September.

In the summer, from June to August, there are occasional rains. But they are not prolonged and exhibit a “proper” pattern, occurring mainly in the evenings and at night

In June, the outdoor temperature is quite comfortable – primarily below +30 °C – but the sea along the coast of Montenegro not always provide grounds for unrestrained optimism as it warms up only to +22-25 °C. In July, things get better (up to +26-28 °C), and in August, the coastal waters maintain this temperature.

It’s worth noting that you can still swim in Montenegro in September, practically until October. Just keep in mind that the daylight hours that time significantly decrease, with the sun setting around 5-6 p.m, and near the sea becoming cool.

High Season

Starting from late June, Montenegro experiences incredibly hot weather. The air temperature on the coasts regularly rises to +35 °C, and in Podgorica, this “Balkan frying pan”, the roads seem to melt from the heat, reaching up to +42 °C.

Periods of such scorching weather can last not just for a few days but for weeks, during which the sky won’t shed a tear of rain

With the arrival of September, Montenegro becomes noticeably cooler. Although the sun still beats strongly during the day, and the sea warms up to a very comfortable +24 °C.

Only in October do air temperatures gradually decrease. And in early November, they drop to the range of +12-16 °C on the coast and of +2-8 °C – in the mountains.

How to Get There

Tivat International Airport is not the largest in Montenegro, but considered its main tourist gateway. At least in the summer!

This hub is quite small, and therefore, it can sometimes be literally crowded with passengers arriving on a swarm of low-cost flights. So, on the Internet, you can easily find angry reviews from British and American tourists who are simply shocked by the crowds they found inside during the season.

However, in May 2024, at Tivat Airport should be open after reconstruction Terminal 2 that provide greater comfort to arriving and departing tourists

The huge popularity of Tivat Airport among travelers is explained by its great location at the intersection of “all the ways”. Since it is very convenient to get from it to both Budva and Becici, as well as Montenegrin resorts in the Bay of Kotor: Tivat, Kotor, Herceg Novi.

Budva is the main beach resort in Montenegro

There are big inconveniences also – it is not possible to leave this airport by public transport: only by taxi or pre-booked transfer.

Unfortunately, the Tivat bus station, from where you can drive both to Budva and Podgorica or in the opposite direction, is located 1.5 km away from the city airport.

And getting to it on foot is problematic – you have to walk along a busy (and narrow) highway not having any footpaths

Fortunately, an increasing number of seasonal flights are served by Montenegro’s largest

Airport in Podgorica

By the standards of major European cities, however, it also cannot boast large dimensions.

Its transport infrastructure is underdeveloped also – you can only leave Golubovci Airport by taxi, transfer, or rented car. Although, of course, you can save money by taking a taxi to the bus station in Podgorica and then a scheduled bus to your desired Montenegro resort.

Podgorica Airport is located further away from the coast, so the trip from there to Budva in summer traffic conditions can take about 1.5 hours. Approximately the same time will take a car or bus ride to Ulcinj. But to Petrovac or Sutomore you will get a little faster – in an hour.


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