Montenegro in June

Montenegro in June 2024 – is it worth going? Weather in Budva and Becici, Tivat, Herceg Novi, average air and sea temperatures, what to wear, is it busy, can you swim, prices in hotels and on excursions. What to do in Montenegro in early June and closer to July? What to visit with or without children – in the review of good Time for Trip.

Montenegro is considered a primarily beach destination with a quite short high season. Therefore, tourists go to Budva and Bar, Sutomore and Petrovac, Tivat mainly in July and August. And – quite a small proportion of them – also in September.

Very few people think about the possibility of trip on the Adriatic coast at the end of spring, at an ambiguous due to the high probability of rains time. Not the largest number of foreigners travel to Montenegro and in June.

Although it is warm here in early summer – sometimes even hot. And there are a priori more sunny days than in the same Brighton or Blackpool

We asked ourselves the question – and actually where did such distrust come from? Maybe vacationers do not believe that the swimming season in Montenegro really begins in early June and do not want to take risks? Or do they just not suspect what the local climate really is?

Then we studied all the facts. And that’s what happened!

Weather in Montenegro in June

It is well suited for vacation on the sea (and in the mountains too)! The daytime air temperature on almost the entire coast ranges from +28 to +32 degrees Celsius. And the number of rainy days does not cause an attack of desire to give up everything and go home.

For example, in 2023, in early June, the air temperature in Montenegro reached +27-29 °C both in Budva and Tivat, at other coastal resorts

The only difference is that in Petrovac and Bar, Ulcinj it was even hotter – in the afternoon up to +30-32 °C!

At night, the air cooled down to +20-22 °C in a disciplined manner. As if the weather understood that tourists needed to take a break after a hard day’s work.

The previous year it was hot in June and in the center of Montenegro – in Podgorica people felt themselves as on a frying pan. And only in the country’s north, in mountainous Zabljak and Kolasin, that time there was moderately warm – up to +24-26 °C.

Further, during the month, the weather did not give any reason for discontent. As there weren’t registered any significant temperature changes!

Closer to the end of June, in Montenegro became frankly hot. So by noon, the street thermometers in Budva and Becici, Kotor and Tivat showed +30-33 °C even in the shade

At night, however, temperature still dropped down in a much more comfortable range of +22-25 °C. In mountainous areas, of course, it was even cooler – up to +14-16 °C.

In some years, it happens in a different way – throughout the entire first month of summer in Montenegro it’s warm, but not hot. And the air temperature by noon can’t overcome the mark of +25 °C.


Despite the widespread belief that it is impossible to have a good vacation in Montenegro in June due to heavy rains, in fact this is not the case. After all, even in May, not to mention the beginning of summer, sunny weather definitely prevails. And that amount of precipitation (statistically quite impressive, up to 40-60 mm per month) that pours out of the sky is not able to seriously upset the holidaymakers.

With one exception, probably! In Herceg Novi and Kotor, Tivat, in June heavy rains sometimes fall

But if you will get to know about some of the climatic features of the Bay of Kotor, incredibly picturesque and green, you don’t be surprised.

Besides, downpours here occur at the beginning of summer 2-3 times a month at most. And they last no more than a few hours. Then resort life returns to a pleasant, sunny course.

What to Wear

The study of meteorological statistics suggests that a certain amount of clothing with sleeves and hoods in a suitcase will not hurt a tourist. After all, really: would you walk around in T-shirt on a rainy day or wander through the wild woods of Durmitor National Park only in shorts?

In fact, jackets and hoodies are worn in Montenegro on June evenings and on the coast. They are quite in hand the same Budva or Tivat, on the beaches of Lustica Bay, during the promenades along the embankments in Herceg Novi

It is definitely worth paying special attention to packing a suitcase families with young children. Also, it’s worth taking more warm waterproof clothes for fans of trekking and hiking – in the Montenegrin mountains at the start of summer it can be cool even during the day!

Sea Temperature

in Montenegro: in Bar and Budva, Tivat in early June can rise up to +21-22 °C. There were years when the water area not only in the Bay of Kotor, but also off the (open) seacoast warmed up to +23 °C at the start of summer.

But sometimes it happened that instead of opening the swimming season, tourists were greeted by real coolness – few people would want to enter the water of the temperature up to +19-20 °C.

So we advise you not to rely too much on the fact that the Adriatic Sea near Montenegro will be too warm in early June

But starting from the middle of the month, the temperature of the coastal water area is rapidly growing, by July reaching the range of about +25-26 degrees Celsius.

Moreover, such a rapid rising of the sea temperature is observed everywhere on the country’s coastline! At the end of June, in Ulcinj and Petrovac, Rafailovici and Becici, in Budva and on Yaz beach, you can swim at almost the same water conditions.

Hotels And Tours Prices 2024

They will definitely appeal to those tourists who have previously vacationed by the sea in Italy – for example, in Viareggio or Taormina. We will say more – prices for accommodation in Montenegro, even in the high season, much lower than those in neighboring Croatia.

So for the amount of about 250 € per week, you can easily book a room or even a separate apartment for two

For example, Apartments Milosevic near Bar cost about that much at the end of June. The beach can be reached in 7 minutes, all guests without exception like the panoramas opening from the room’s balconies.

We advise you to study the offer of Pansion Nobel in Petrovac, where the price includes hearty and delicious breakfast. A pretty important thing when you came to a foreign country and would not like to waste time looking for a decent cafe or restaurant.

However, it is difficult to get to the sea from Pansion Nobel on foot. But in Montenegro, even in summer, you can rent a car for very sane money (from 30-35 €/day).

Near Budva, in Rafailovici, pay attention to Apartmani Bugarski, which are located 2 minutes walk from the beach. Each room has a kitchenette – a great option for those who like to cook on their own!

As for tours, they are also inexpensive in Montenegro. In particular, for the amount of about 40 €, you can take part in a boat trip (in fact, a real cruise) along the Bay of Kotor and beyond. Participation in a one-day exploration of Durmitor Park, combined with a visit to the Ostrog Monastery, will cost 70-80 € per person.

What to Do In Montenegro in June

If you come to spend holiday by the sea with a child, you should definitely visit the water park. There is little choice – there are only 2 similar leisure centers in the whole of Montenegro.

However, the opportunities that Aquapark Budva offers are quite enough for both adults who do not like too much adrenaline entertainment, and for children. Again, you will not have to queue, because in June it isn’t busy in Montenegro

Almost every foreign tourist wants to visit Durmitor National Park. Which also looks incredibly picturesque in the photo on the Internet – those who happened to see it firsthand are completely stunned to the (temporary) loss of speech.

Be sure to make a trip to the country’s religious shrine, the Ostrog rock monastery. Moreover, a visit to this place is usually included in the program of tours to Durmitor.

The canyon of the Tara River and the Djurdjevic Bridge, as well as more adrenaline-fueled entertainment like a trip on a zip-line or rafting, attract those who can break away from a beach holiday for at least a day. A walk through the ancient quarters of Budva is also a mandatory event being in Montenegro.

Excursions to Kotor, which has a perfectly preserved old town, are equally in demand. The ascent to the fortress of St. John is also considered something of a rite of passage, although not every traveler can master this entertainment in the June heat.

Kotor is connected to Lovcen by a modern cable car. Taking a ride on which you can see stunning mountain panoramas

Be sure to visit Perast, which many travelers call the most beautiful city in the entire Bay of Kotor. And, probably, take a small cruise by it – Montenegro just looks great from the water!


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