Prague in May

Is it worth going to Prague in May

Prague in May 2024 – is it worth visiting? Weather, air temperature, what to wear, prices in hotels and on excursions. What to do in Prague in early May and late spring, where to go in the Czech Republic – studied good Time for Trip.

A tourist trip somewhere in May has long been a great alternative of a summer vacation. Fortunately, it has properties that are difficult to find in popular places in high season: prices both in hotels and for everything else have not yet reached their upper limit and there would be a lot of travelers around, but still not too much.

Would you say that there are also a lot of disadvantages?! After all, for example, in Europe at the end of spring, can it not be quite cool, windy and rainy everywhere?

And we’ll answer that these aspects are still not decisive! Because if you go, for example, on a trip to Prague in May, and indeed to the Czech Republic, you will get something more in return. A blooming nature, feeling of freshness and youth, surge of energy, which is difficult, of course, to feel while roaming around this city and many others in the summer heat.

As for the weather… Well, it will be quite good either – it’s already pretty warm in Prague in May.

Keep in Mind

And if it is also a little rainy at times, then this is only fine – there will be an incentive to wander around Prague Castle without sparing time. Go to one of the museums of the National Gallery – the same Schwarzenberg Palace – and then leisurely sit in a restaurant with a glass of beer and a delicious pork knuckle. Well, or with some other dish of traditional Czech cuisine: hearty and very inspiring!

If we have created a spark of interest in you, it’s excellent! Because we ourselves have long been personally convinced that May is the best time for visiting Prague and wandering around its historical center.

Well, maybe October is still good enough for this also. But we aren’t sure!

Weather in Prague in May

Easily captivates you! If not by stability – there is no even traces of it – then by the clear promise that winter is over and summer is awaiting ahead!

The weather in Prague in May may not be hot – especially in the first half of the month – but it is full of new colors, emotions, impressions and flavors.

The weather in Prague in May is very pleasant.

At the same time, the air temperature ranges from +15 to even +30 °C. During the day, of course, at night it can be much colder!

In early May 2023, Prague observed relative warmth in the form of +16-22 °C during the day. But by evening, the temperature dropped into a completely different range, from +4 to +10 °C maximum.

There was no rain at all, and tourists wandered around the Old Town on excursions as much as they wanted. Humidity also lived in a pleasant range from 60 to 70%, so even not particularly warmly dressed citizens had a chance to freeze only after sunset.

By the middle of May, the weather in Prague had deteriorated somewhat. The air began to warm up to a maximum of +18 °C even in the afternoon, and the sun seemed shy, preferring to hide behind a dense veil of clouds. It also rained several times – however, not heavy.

In the third decade of May, Prague warmed up to +20-26 °C. Although there were still excellent chances of freezing at night – the air stubbornly cooled to +8-12 °C.


Against this background, even the sometimes stormy spring rains were perceived as something extremely positive – as a much-needed break for tourists tired of non-stop sightseeing Prague. During which they could take a deep breath and throw in the amount of calories needed for new achievements!

According to long-term statistics, May in Prague is one of the most rainy months of the year. And the total amount of precipitation can reach an impressive 80-90 mm.

What to Take with You

Wear in comfortable and light clothes that won’t get wet while walking in (suddenly) rainy weather. Be sure to bring a raincoat or a waterproof windbreaker, practice suggests that this is better than an umbrella.

In any case, this way you will free both hands. And if necessary, you can make spontaneous videos from unexpected angles. Or, if you’re lucky, take pictures of the roofs of the Old Town against the background of a multicolored rainbow – in the of spring Prague in May is incredibly photogenic.

When visiting Prague in May, it is worth taking light clothing and a raincoat

During evening excursions, a warm sweater or at least a hoodie will not hurt, because by the end of the day, not only the air temperature decreases, but the wind also becomes sharp. Those who are not too sensitive to the state of their own hair can wear a hat or cap.

It is worth remembering that the streets of central Prague are lined exclusively with paving stones. Which, of course, is polished by millions of tourist feet to a mirror shine and therefore turns into a very slippery surface after any rain.

Therefore, we recommend that when going on a trip to Prague through May, you consciously forget shoes and heeled boots at home. Instead, taking with you light and practical and, if possible, waterproof shoes with thick soles that will allow you to keep your feet dry even during a downpour.

Moccasins or sneakers are suitable for roaming in clear and dry weather. The sneakers – especially, as in the Czech capital, you often have to go up and down.

What to Do in Prague in May

Despite the high probability of rainy weather, we recommend walking a lot. If possible, avoiding wasting time in queues to enter such popular and overcrowded on weekends attractions as Prague Castle or the National Gallery .

And make the most of the opportunity to participate in non-standard and informative city tours with English-speaking guides. This way you will also save some hours and learn facts that are difficult to find in the usual way, using an Internet search.

If you find yourself in Prague at the end of spring, then by all means visit its gardens and parks. Take a walk on Petrshin Hill, which has several parks and a surprisingly bright The Rose Garden, at the very top.

Definitely take a look at the Vrtba Garden in a Malá Strana, noticed by UNESCO, you will get to it from Prague Castle in just 10 minutes. By the way, the guests of the luxurious 5-star Aria Hotel Prague can admire this well-kept Baroque garden just by having breakfast or lunch on the terrace!

Some of the most beautiful gardens are located just around the Prague Castle. Incredibly beautiful and decorated with a fancy summer Renaissance palace the Royal Garden, which is located on the site of former medieval vineyards. By terraces descend from the fortress hill Gardens below Prague Castle.

Where to visit in Prague in May

Where to Go

Note also Pruhonice Park on the outskirts of Prague, home to more than 1,500 species of plants, roses and peonies bloom, and a unique colony of rhododendrons. There is a beautiful fairy-tale castle in Pruhonice Park, which seems to admire its reflection in the lake.

Travelers with children should definitely spend the day at the huge Prague Zoo. And for lovers of castle architecture, we’ll advise to visit one of the Czech castles near Prague.

The same Karlstein, for example, or Konopiste. Shrouded in a robber aura and therefore very colorful Kokořín Castle, amazingly beautiful, white Orlík hovering over the Vltava River.

Naturally, we will be only glad if you can visit other main sights of Prague. Or to get out somewhere else in the Czech Republic – in May this country is especially wonderful.

Prices 2024

No one can call them low – for the amount of about 140-150 $ per day, you can rent a room in the rather modest, although beautifully located Hotel Prague Star, a hundred meters from Wenceslas Square. The price includes “great breakfasts”, and in general this hotel is praised in reviews: for cleanliness, new furniture and recent repairs.

In Prague-2, that is, far enough from the center (to the Old Town Square – about 4.5 km), there are well-maintained, newly renovated Apartment Jana Masaryka, representing a small but cozy studio with its own kitchen.

To our mind is a nice choice, although it is located far from the city center, Park Hotel Pruhonice. Getting from here to Prague by public transport is not very convenient – you will have to spend about an hour on the way – but tourists traveling in the Czech Republic in May by their own or rented car will certainly find this option interesting.

City tours will cost much less. So, for a fee of less than $ 40, a local guide will take you around Prague Castle, show and tell you everything (entrance tickets are included). After paying $ 60, you will take an exciting 3-4-hour tour of the best Prague pubs, tasting several varieties of wonderful Czech beer and traditional local snacks to it.


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