Most Interesting Places in Antalya and Near

Antalya is a city where sea, sun, history and nature merge into one

What to see in Antalya: best attractions in the town and its environs. Interesting places, routes, distances, how to get there by bus or car? Where to go in Antalya with children, prices 2022 – studied goodTimeforTrip.

Antalya is an extraordinary resort, in recent years its name has become very famous. Why, the city has become the epitome of seaside relaxation!

And not only lazy, purely beach, but also sightseeing one. Promising a lot of new experience and impressions.

Is it any wonder that even in November Antalya and its satellite cities: Belek and Side, Beldibi, Goynuk, Kemer, Camyuva, Tekirova, Kas are in great demand?! And in season: high and low, this coast turns into a real magnet for both European and American tourists.

What can you see in Antalya and vicinity? What top sigths should you pay attention to and what places definitely to visit?

As for those who tune in to a calm, leisurely vacation on the seashore? And extremely inquisitive, active citizens? Lovers of renting cars and moving all the time?

Again – where to go in Antalya with children? Yes, so that the interests of adults are not affected at all or minimally?

And by the way, is it necessary to organize leisure activities on your own? Or it’s easier to buy a tour – both in the city and outside it (prices 2023).

We tried to tell about all this in the framework of our material!

What to Visit in Antalya

In many guidebooks everything wonderful is mixed. Places with a purely urban location appear along with those that are outside the city. Why not – it’s all Antalya?! If not a city, then a province – for sure!

In our article, we tried to separate one from the other.

If only because walking along the streets of Antalya, stopping in Konyaalti or even Lara is not a particularly labor-intensive business. And therefore not troublesome – every tourist can master it.

But not everyone will gather to get to Termessos or Phaselis, to visit the slopes of the fire-breathing Mount Chimaera – it’s still far away!


Walk through the old town of Antalya, Turkey

The old town of Antalya is great place for relaxing walks. After all, a tourist is always not averse to roaming along the cozy streets past the tenderness of well-groomed houses.

Again, do not forget about the opportunity to buy a souvenir – after all, you will bring gifts from Turkey to your family and friends – there are a lot of various galleries and shops here. As well as authentic Turkish restaurants.

The iconic places of interest in the old city of Antalya can easily be attributed to the Ivli minaret or the Great Mosque. The building that dates back to the XIII century.

And also, in fact, the symbol of the city – Antalya Saat Kulesi. The clock tower was built in the 19th century, but looks absolutely medieval.

The reviews advise you to see the beautifully decorated Tekeli Mehmet Pasha Mosque, which has recently undergone reconstruction. And be sure to visit the old port.

Where it is supposed to sit almost for hours with a cup of Turkish coffee with sweets, inhale the sea air and absorb the flavor. Trying to dive headlong into the life of the Ottoman Empire.

Of course, you won’t pass Hadrian’s Gate, which is actually a triumphal arch erected by a Roman emperor himself around 130 AD. Their exact address is Ataturk Street, 36/1.

Also pay attention to the Kesik minaret. All that remains of an ancient mosque built on the foundations of a Roman temple.

And visit the top of the Roman tower Hidirlik. In 2022, they are already allowed inside, and from the panoramic platform you can enjoy excellent views of the Mediterranean Sea.


We also mention the Kaleici Panoramic Elevator, which easily and free of charge lowers those who wish directly to the port from the old city. And its upper platform is considered one of the best observation points here.

Note that in the high season you will have to stand in line – the capacity of the cabin is only 4 people!

The Antalya Archaeological Museum is another notable attraction. Which is usually not ignored by an inquisitive tourist: the exposition is significant and for the most part unique. There are audio guides.

Tourists should see Karaalioglu Park in Antalya. Big, green and conveniently spread out right at the southern borders of Kaleici.

The main opportunity that opens up before people who visit it: to see the sea and the coastline in all its glory.


Most pay little attention to the offers of guides who promise to take you through the secret places of Antalya and reveal a lot of interesting facts. But we believe that this is not very correct.

Of course, everything is individual. After all, in our time not everyone dares to give 60-70 € for even a meaningful excursion.

Where to Go with Children

There are several places, and all of them are well known. The most popular, although operating in Antalya exclusively from May to October, is the water park combined with the dolphinarium – Aqualand Antalya Dolphinland.

There are a lot of visitors during the season, the queues for the slides can discourage the very desire to ride. And not everyone in the reviews is satisfied with the state of the water park itself. As it ‘s apparently in need of a major overhaul.

But the city oceanarium, located almost opposite on the other side of Dumlupinar Boulevard, many reviews characterized positively. Even more than that, it’s called amazing. Of particular interest is the underwater tunnel, the flooded aircraft and submarine…

The price tag, however, makes you think about the appropriateness – an adult ticket when buying online will cost 33 USD. At the box office you can buy it only for cash – keep this in mind!

Aktur Park is a good amusement park in Antalya, which also has a Ferris wheel. There is nothing particularly outstanding here, but the children will be delighted.

Adults will like not too high prices for entertainment. Yes, and Aktur Park is well located – across the street there is the Migros shopping center, filled with various clothing stores.

With children, you can also visit the Antalya Zoo. Inexpensive (childs under 12 go for free), but do not stand out from their own kind.

It is located in a large green area on the outskirts, inside you can drive by car. Most vacationers get there from the resort by light rail – get off at the Fatih stop.

Attractions Near Antalya

The Duden waterfalls, located within the national park of the same name, are a very popular place. Which can be easily reached by public transport.

They distinguish the Upper Duden, a completely land waterfall 10 km northeast of the city. And its Lower counterpart, majestically falling straight into the Mediterranean Sea.

The second one is more popular. But the Upper Duden is very beautiful in autumn, when nature around is dressed in incredibly bright colors. So if you are going to Antalya in early November, it is a must-visit place.

The Upper Düden Waterfall is one of the best holiday destinations in Antalya

The easiest way to get to the Upper Duden is by bus VF 66. To the lower one you can go on the KL 08 route connecting Konyaalti and Lara.

Located very close to Antalya, near the town of Aksu, are the ruins of Perge, an ancient Greek polis, a large settlement during the time of Alexander the Great. Despite this, they are practically unknown to holidaymakers.

You can get there by the AntRay high-speed tram, following from the Antalya railway station in the direction of EXPO. Get off at the Aksu-1 stop and then walk another 2 km.

Aspendos, Side and Termessos

But the huge amphitheater of the ancient Aspendos, which is situated 50 km east of Antalya, is one of not only interesting, but also very popular places. Perhaps because it is a landmark of all-Turkish scale.

You can get there by bus with a change in Serik. But by car, obviously, it will be easier.

Especially if you are planning a trip to Turkey in October or even later. In a word, during a period when the heat and the number of tourists drops sharply.

Be sure to visit the ancient Termessos, lost in the mountains 25 km northwest of Antalya. Due to the difficulty of access – you will have to climb up – completely unclaimed by the broad tourist masses.

But those who visited it were completely satisfied. For this amphitheater and the ruins must be seen. To understand at least what true beauty is.

As for Side, you can get to it from Antalya by bus only with a transfer. First, by shuttle to Manavgat, and only then – by dolmush.

The car covers a distance of ~ 68 km in a little over an hour. The reward for perseverance is the opportunity to see the ruins of an ancient polis, founded around the 7th century BC, decently filled with columns and fragments of walls. Not so little – agree?!


Equally, public transport will not take you to the main peak of the province of Antalya. The cable car to Tahtali can only be reached by car. Or with a tour. Once again, not too cheap…

First, drive towards Kemer, pass it and Chamyuva, turn off at the sign. Then go a few kilometers along the mountain road, and you are there.

Distance – 60 km, the journey will take about an hour.

The actual price of the cable car, however, is terrifying – that’s where the real gold mine is! 33 € is a return ticket for an adult, and 16.50 € for a child 7-12 years old.


Settled on the very shore of the sea and is usually little visited – it is virtually impossible to get here, except by car. Although the distance – 55 km from the center of the resort – allows us to talk about the extreme desirability of the visit.

Moreover, upon arrival you will find a solid portion of ancient ruins: the remains of building walls, an amphitheater and even a Roman aqueduct.

On the shore it is good to think. And if you come to Phaselis at an inopportune time for tourists – there are not so much vacationers in Antalya in October – you can immerse yourself in a state close to nirvana.

Olympos and Chimera

Another pile of stones of the ancient era, Olympos, theoretically can be reached by bus. You need to move towards Cirali, and then walk a little along the seashore.

The distance to Olympos (105 km) inspires respect. And when planning for this sightseeing trip, you should take a full day.

There is a pay for access to the remains of the ancient city. But sometimes you can get there for free – especially in the afternoon in autumn. By the way, the local beach is considered the cleanest on the coast.

Çıralı is the gateway to the another interesting place, which is one of the main attractions of Antalya. We are talking about the fiery mountain Yanartash or Chimera.

The same monster from ancient Greek myths… Kemer, by the way, was named after it!


Church of St. Nicholas, in which the relics of the saint, the patron saint of sailors and children, once rested. The very one that is now honored in the world under the name of Santa Claus.

Despite the fact that Italian merchants transported the remains of St. Nicholas of Myra to Bari back in the 11th century, the temple in Demre is ardently loved by pilgrims. Yes, and ordinary vacationers – too.

And this, alas, is shamelessly used by merchants. Icons and various other “objects of worship” in Demre are sold for fabulous money.

On the northern outskirts of the town, the ruins of Myra, the capital of the legendary Lycia, have been preserved. In the season, however, they are overwhelmed by sightseers – the buses just arrive in columns.

Among the ruins of Mira you can feel the ancient Lycian culture

Distance from Antalya – 140 km. And if you have no intention of renting a car, an organized tour is the easiest way to see the ancient polis.

Moreover, it is not too expensive – you need to pay 30-40 € per person. And usually the program includes a yacht trip along the coast of the island


Where you can admire the walls of the now sunken ancient city. And even swim in the actually open sea.

Distance on the highway – 160 km. If you exclude Pamukkale and Cappadocia, which are more than 450 km from Antalya, the trip to Kekova is the longest tour route here.

Lycian Trail

Specific entertainment, which not every vacationer wants to take part in. And of those who come here with children, there are only a few.

While the more than 500 km seaside hiking route of the Lycian Way, stretching from Fethiye to Antalya, is incredibly beautiful, it is also tiring. And it requires a lot of preparation.

First of all, moral and physical – walking in the mountains, even not in the heat, is exhausting!

The most popular section originates in the Goynuk canyon and descends to the sea in Cirali. On the way, you can storm Tahtali (2 365 m), despising the help of an expensive cable car.

  • Skip this step if you’ve been there before…


Quite often, tourists dilute beach leisure with a visit to the main metropolis of Turkey. Deliberately ignoring the fact that the distance between Antalya and Istanbul (700 km by highway) virtually eliminates a day trip.

Even if you get up before dawn and head north on a plane flight!

That is, of course, you can do it. But whether such a rush will please you and what you can take out of such a visit is a big question.

After all, the number of attractions in Istanbul is so great that it will take at least 3-4 days to visit only the main ones. And you still need to find time for trips to the surroundings: to the Princes’ Islands and Edirne, to the ruins of Troy.


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