Crete in September

The weather in September in Crete is pretty hot - Balos Lagoon

Crete in September 2024 – what to do? Weather, sea temperature, can you swim, what to wear, hotels and tours prices. What to see in Crete in early September and closer to October, where to visit with kids – found out good Time for Trip.

Not every experienced tourist will call the main Greek island, Crete, unconditionally brilliant place for a beach holiday. Because there is a reasonable opinion that even in the high season, strong and cooling winds blow over Crete’s coasts.

The sea, as if for this reason, is often very worried. And swimming, especially for small kids, becomes a rather risky activity.

As a result, potential holidaymakers reasonably have a question – if this happens on the Greek island in the height of summer, then what is going on there outside of the high season? Wouldn’t it be a mistake to go to Crete in September? At the beginning or even end of the month?

And then, if you do get ready, what’s period is it better to go, to some of Crete’s beaches? Those, where there are no (big) waves at this time, or at least pretty calm weather is often observed?

Well, I know the answer and let you know too – obviously. Along the way, I’m going to reveal how hot it’s in Crete in September. As well as to tell you to what degrees is the sea warmed up, what are accommodation & tours prices for, how busy is it in the main beaches.

Weather in Crete in September

Usually doesn’t cause any complaints! Since, even at the start of autumn, the air temperature here fluctuates in the range of +28-30 degrees Celsius during the day. And at night in early September, in Crete doesn’t get colder than +20-22 °C.

Starting from the third decade of the month, it becomes noticeably cooler. As day temperatures drop to the range of about +23-25 °C and the night ones – to +16-18 °C

Yes, this doesn’t happen every year -sometimes the September weather in Crete is exceptionally warm until October coming. So you may encounter something like +26-28 °C on a regular basis during the day and about +21-23 °C – at night.

Rains on the island in the first month of autumn are rare, and the humidity rarely exceeds 75-80%. That makes a September vacation in Crete acceptable even for those categories of holidaymakers who don’t tolerate hard heat and stuffiness.

The probability of a clear day is about 75-80%, the duration of daylight even at the end of the month exceeds 12 hours. Naturally, this allows to plan a rich and interesting program of sightseeing in Crete, combined with daily swimming.

What to Take with You

Obviously, there is no need to expand on the topic of what locals and vacationers wear in Crete during September. In most cases you’ll see people dressed in light summer clothes. Or in general (on beaches) – only swimsuits.

Despite the fact, that long-term meteorological statistics fully justify such behavior, I advice you to be a little more prudent. And to take on vacation some sort of light jacket or even windbreaker.

There is (not so little) chance of being quite cool even in the coastal areas on September evenings (keep in mind there is also very windy). As to the trips to the mountains, not to mention the descent into the caves, they will inevitably lead tourists into a less warm environment. Where a sweater or real trousers will be very appropriate.

Bali Beach - there is possible to swim in Crete in September

Sea Temperature

Won’t definitely cause indignation among holidaymakers. Since most of them are morally determined that the sea will be warmed up to a maximum of +22-24 °C. And obvioгsly will experience a rush of happiness if their worst expectations wouldn’t met. And they won’t met – for sure.

Since in early September, the sea off the coast of Crete keeps summer temps of  about +26-27 °C. And loses them quite slowly – in recent years even on the eve of October, the coastal water area near Rethymno, Agia Pelagia or Elounda cooled down to only +23-24 °C.

Naturally, there is a rational explanation for this! Even a few: high average daily air temperature and an abundance of clear days.

The prevailing northerly winds until about mid-autumn don’t spoil the overall picture much

Don’t neglect the unwritten rules that apply in this area in sunny and hot weather. That are:

  • try not to appear in open spaces without a hat from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • drink a lot of water
  • use sunscreens with a high (from 50) SPF factor.

What to Do in Crete in September

To say in short – just rent a car and drive the island by your own – natural beauties are the main attractions of Crete. And no Venetian fortresses, not to mention the freshly renovated Knossos Palace are able to outshine them.

Views from the car windows: on coves and beaches, or the ones from panoramic platforms near road serpentines assuredly remains in your memory. Also, they will occupy the lion’s share of the memory of smartphones.

Anyway, the main places that magnetic attraction of tourists are listed in our article concerning the most interesting places of Crete. If you have time to familiarize with it, you’ll get a realistic picture of the possibilities.

For those staying in Elounda and near, there is no way to avoid a trip to Spinalonga Island, also known as Kalidon. Just to see where does the sun come from regularly)

Also on Spinalonga, you can wander through the ruins of a once powerful Venetian fortress, and look at the houses some time ago occupied by a leprosarium. The fact is that in the first half of the XX century local people infected with leprosy were isolated on this island.

I also recommend you to personally inspect the ruins of the ancient Greek polis Falassarna on the west coast of Crete. And at the same time, to spend some hours sunbathing on the local, often almost deserted, sandy beach.

Spinalonga island - you can do some cruises while resting in September in Crete

Balos, Phaistos and…

Any traveler coming to Crete dreams of getting to the incredibly beautiful Balos Lagoon. Moreover, it’s good to do on a weekday in September, when there won’t be an incredible number of other people around!

The ruins of the palace of Phaistos, erected by the Minoan civilization, should smooth out the impressions of the reconstructed Knossos. Phaistos is located in the southern part of Crete, on the Mesara plain, and stands on a hill, offering literally stunning views.

A full day should be taken for a walk along the impressive Samaria Gorge

Some guidebooks recommend going through the gorge and coming out by the sea to Ayia Rumeli. I’ll advise you to make things easier – to cash an inexpensive tour from Heraklion for not to get lost and save yourself a lot of energy.

Best Places to Go On Holiday

In the season from May to September, that is, during the period when a mass tourist goes to Crete, the northern coast of the island is often fluttered by the winds. Sometimes they blow with such force that it’s just impossible to enter the sea and cause big waves.

You can avoid them in some island’s hidden bays. An excellent, but today already well-known (and therefore overcrowded) place is Bali Beaches 30 km east from Rethymno. They are considered the calmest in Crete: the islets of land are sheltered in small bays, perfectly guarded from the wind by coastal rocks.

Those who have settled in the vicinity of Heraklion should pay attention to Agia Pelagia. Which main disadvantage is small size – in September , though, you will find a free space with ease.

Also, I must note Psaromoura Beach a bit to the north.

Traditionally, almost never waves the sea near Plaka and Elounda in the eastern tip of the island. Good choice is staying in Agios Nikolaos.

In general, the Mirabello Bay, in which the mentioned places are based, from many points of view, in September is the best location in Crete for beach holiday.


It’s better to book a room or apartment no later than in the end of spring! Because otherwise you will have to choose from the remaining (usually overpriced) options.

The average price in good hotels & apartments in Crete in the first half of September starts from € 50 per night for two.

In Agios Nikolaos looks very interesting the offer of the quite big Creta Hotel, which is located 600 meters from the beach. Accommodation for 2 will cost from € 80, the location of it is just perfect – 150-200 meter both from beach and the town’s center.

Take a look at the offer of the Bella Vista guest house (less than €50/night) located near the Bali Beaches. Which, as I mentioned above, should be considered one of the best in northern Crete.