Turkey in November

November in Turkey is pretty warm

Turkey in November – is it worth going? Weather, water temperature, is it possible to swim, are there many tourists in Istanbul and Bodrum, Antalya, Side and Cappadocia? Prices 2022, what to do and what to see in Turkey at the end of autumn – in the article of good Time for Trip.

In the off-season, and November undoubtedly belongs to this period – Turkey is the destination more for romantics than pragmatists. Those who are in love with this Asian country and can easily refuse to swim. Without tears, replacing it with no less interesting and exciting things like walks, trips and excursions.

Sitting in the sun under the shade of any evergreens is also included in the list of indispensable activities. And admiring the sea, visually absolutely peaceful, as if resting after a busy summer, will completely relax you better than a hammam.

And by the way – who told you that you can’t swim in Turkey in November? In fact, it’s possible – true!

If your expectations are not particularly high, of course. And you are able to swim in water warmed up to the values ​​that are regularly recorded in June somewhere in Viareggio, Italy.

Unfortunately, the water area will not be so warm everywhere! Only Antalya with surroundings and Alanya in November allow you to take water baths.

But this opportunity alone, it seems to us, enough to make a positive decision about the trip.

However, let us outline all aspects in more detail.

Weather in Turkey in November

Naturally, it is different everywhere. Except, however, for one important and common positive feature for already all locations.

At least at the beginning of the month there is no reason to think about winter clothes.

Just go in November to Istanbul or south! Wherever you want, except perhaps in the highlands, the air will warm up to + 15-22 °C during the day. May be even higher!

This circumstance, multiplied by the high probability of fine days in the first half of the month, makes the idea of ​​traveling not just suitable, but even chic. Moreover, – this was mentioned above – the water off the coast of Turkey in early November does not cool down catastrophically.


One of the few cities that can boast of good weather at sunset of an autumn. And in the early November, sometimes even mild – in other years, the air temperatures here rise to + 22-24 °C.

Is Turkey too cold in November?

Usually, of course, it is still cooler – up to +18 °C. But in the reviews, there are still regular mentions like “went in a T-shirt” and “tanned”.

Surprisingly, the nights are not much colder. For thermometers do not seem to want to unstick from their favorite values.

By the third decade of the month, should expect a cooling down to +10-12 °C, sometimes up to +15 °C. That, with not the largest amount of precipitation and a small number of frankly rainy days, allows you to see in Istanbul a big number of sights.

It’s hard to get bored, it’s more likely that you won’t have time to do everything. Because at this time you want to enjoy the sunshine and warmth for a long time, drinking tea with bagels on board the cruise yacht or the embankment. Even more than walking through the streets and squares!

Someone not too lazy can plan for a rich program of events outside the city. And this is understandable – you can go to many interesting places from Istanbul.

A day can be spent on the Princes’ Islands or in Belgrade Forest. Approximately the same amount or a little more will be taken away by relatively close territorial directions like Edirne and Ephesus.

To go to Cappadocia in November is better, of course, for a longer period. After all, only the road to Goreme from Istanbul will take 5-8 hours.

Can you Swim?

Note that similar weather conditions await those who decide to settle in November on the shores of the Marmara Sea in Turkey. After all, at first it is theoretically possible to plunge here – the water is warmed up to + 20-21 °C!

  • Locals, of course, will consider you a crazy foreigner. But does it really matter?!

Then you can make another strong move. And having examined Istanbul, go to the sea, to Antalya or Side.

Where at this time late autumn is just beginning to come into its own. The weather is mild and very warm, but the beaches are mostly deserted.

Prices 2022

A visit to November Istanbul will cost you moderate money – at least in the case of independent travel. And you can save a lot on both hotels and entertainment. Including excursions!

In particular, a night stay in a good Constantinopolis Hotel will cost approximately 40-45 € for two. And its slightly more budgetary counterpart Hotel Orkide, located about a kilometer from the city center, takes only 25 € per night!

Kusadasi and Bodrum

Turkish resorts on the Aegean coast in early November promise a little more than the Istanbul region. Not even in the sense of swimming – sea is only a degree or two warmer – in the sense of light!

For, as in summer, in Bodrum and Marmaris, Oludeniz and – even more so – Kas, the weather will delight with a large number of clear days. Allowing you to relax your soul and recharge your batteries before such a long and often very cold winter.

In November 2021, for example, the air temperature in Kusadasi stubbornly refused to rise above +18-19 °C. But in Bodrum, on the contrary, it regularly rose to +21 °С.

  • In Marmaris, during the first half of the month, the atmosphere warmed up to +22-24 °C

Rain is sometimes plentiful, especially in areas closed by mountains. But the number of rainy days is still small – a maximum of 4-5 per month.

You can plunge almost until the third decade of the month. Since the Aegean Sea off the coast of Turkey and in mid-November is sometimes warmed up to amazing + 21-23 °C. As if not noticing that winter is looking through the windows.

Although there are very few tourists. After reading the reviews, you will understand that already in October people are not going to Marmaris and Bodrum very willingly.

What to Do

The main off-the-beach activities are available even in November. So, you can tour the coast on a boat and visit the Valley of the Butterflies. Go to Dalyan and Patara. Enjoy the pine scents and stunning views on the Lycian Way.

Great idea – to go for 1 day in Pamukkale. And not so good – to go on a trip to Cappadocia. Because you just don’t want to leave the warm and clear turquoise sea for a long time.

Pamukkale travertine pools are a magical place in Turkey in November

Prices for hotels in Bodrum at the end of autumn are very attractive. And for 35 € per night for two, you can rent a room. In such, for example, a rating hotel as White and Blue Bodrum.

You can walk to the beach from it in a minute or two, to the castle – a maximum of 5-7. The rooftop terrace offers incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea!


Without a doubt, this resort and its neighboring Belek, Side are the main stars of the low holiday season. In fact, the only place in Turkey where you can safely sunbathe and swim in November.

In some years, by the way, not only at the beginning, but even at the end of the month. A great gift for the holidays, agree?!

Moreover, from the competitors you will have only restless Russian tourists. Well, or the Germans, who are also lovers of swimming in water heated to + 22-24 °C.

The air temperature in Antalya in November fluctuates in the range of + 20-24 °C, up to the middle of the month.

And then it slowly starts to drop. But respects certain limits: it will not be less than +18-20 °C!

Nights in the last month of autumn are much colder here – temperature will not be higher than +15-18 °C. So a pullover or sweatshirt won’t hurt.

Precipitation does not get on your nerves too much.

  • And the average 70 mm per month results in 2-3 heavy rains!

The rest of the time, late autumn Antalya observes sunny or slightly cloudy weather. Which is exceptionally fit for relaxation and even psychotherapy on a deserted beach. As well as for walks around the city and trips in the neighborhoods.

Things to Do

And of course excursions! In Demre, Myra and Kekova, to the ancient ruins of Phaselis, Olympos and Termesos. To Mount Tahtali and Chimera.

Equally, you can drive (if you hire a car) and further. After all, the distance from Antalya to Cappadocia is not so great that you would not want to think about a trip to the “Land of beautiful horses”.

A room in the Ozmen Hotel, located in a quiet (!) place in the center of the old town, will cost 40 €. In Side you can rent a hotel half the price.

This is no joke – a night of accommodation at the Villa Gizem Special Class Hotel, which is located a couple of minutes from the coast, will cost only 20 €!

Kemer and Alanya

As for Kemer, it is somewhat colder and rainier there at the end of autumn – the mountains that close it from the west dictate their conditions. So taking sea baths may not be such a pleasant experience.

After all, getting out of the water at a temperature of + 23 ° C into the air, warmed up to only + 21 ° C, is not very pleasant.

In more south Alanya in early November, on the contrary, there is a high probability of warm and sunny weather. And little later too!

In 2021, for example, throughout the month during the day it was about + 20-24 °C. And at night, the thermometer did not plunge into depression, in all cases showing more than +15 ° C.

It will rain for a maximum of 3-4 days per month. And – as you can guess – the weather gets gloomier the closer it gets to December.


And at the end of autumn this Turkish region is so beautiful, that it makes you forget about beach destinations. And even Istanbul.

Moreover, the weather in Cappadocia in November allows not to sit still. The air temperature (+15-20 °C) and the length of daylight hours in the first half of the month favor long walks in the valleys.

And the winds calm down so much that the time is considered especially favorable for ballooning. Naturally, climbing hundreds of meters will require careful isolation.

At night at the end of autumn it can be cold here on the ground – after sunset, the air temperature drops to + 4-7. °C.

One way or another, you will see the main attractions of Cappadocia in quite comfortable conditions. And certainly will not regret that you came here at such an unpopular (among tourists) time.

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