Bodrum in September

There is Warm weather in Bodrum in September
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Bodrum in September 2023: is it worth going on vacation? Weather, sea temperature, what to wear, hotels and excursions prices. What you can do in Bodrum in early September and close to October, where to go in Turkey – in the material by good Time for Trip.

Bodrum is quite popular among tourists Turkish resort on the Aegean Sea although many foreigners land in orderly rows on the Turkish Riviera. As they sincerely don’t understand why they would change a habit that has taken root and doesn’t promise any trouble?!

After all, in the south of Turkey there are more than enough hotels “all inclusive” with quite moderate prices. On the beaches there are always enough space and even a sun loungers.

As to the weather in September in Antalya and its environs, it is sometimes so sunny that it is considered the best in Turkey.

Yes, and with entertainments and interesting attractions there are a complete order!

The majority view, however, isn’t shared by all. For anyone know that in Kemer and Side, partly Alanya, it’s very stuffy often.

And the humidity doesn’t seem to notice the absence of rain. Rushing to the level of 80 and 90%, rewarding tourists with exhausted faces and T-shirts stuck to their backs.

All this “charm” if not completely, then largely deprived of Turkish resorts on the Aegean Sea. Even in summer-early autumn, people with delicate health, susceptible to excessive heat and high humidity, rest here.

That is why in September Bodrum sees a decent influx of local, Turkish, tourists. Willingly arrive in the city, visually so similar to the Greek, and European vacationers. Looking for an opportunity to relax in peace and quiet!

At the end of September in Bodrum it is deserted

Weather in Bodrum in September

A bit like its August version, but overall softer. That is, the air temperature also tends to + 28-30 °C, although in the evenings it cools down. Giving holidaymakers the long-awaited coolness and awakening the desire to walk around, sit on the beach for hours, maybe take a visit a hammam.

However, in early September in Bodrum, even at night, the atmosphere is warmed up to + 23-25 °C. But towards the end of the month, the weather is inclined – no, not to deteriorate – to remind you that it’s still autumn.

During the day, the air temperature still holds, literally clinging to +25 °C with its teeth. But after sunset, thermometers usually show +20-21 °C and no more.

Rarely, however, less! Therefore, only those who tend to freeze at such temperatures should put a blouse or jacket in their luggage.

Relatively warm clothes should be taken on vacation for those who aren’t going to constantly hang out on the beaches and in the city. And, for example, considering the possibility of a trip somewhere in the mountains – the same Cappadocia in late September is simply gorgeous.

As for rains, they are rare in Bodrum in early autumn

Either they really try not to harm the holiday-goers. Or they are busy with important business somewhere else. Perhaps in Brighton?

The average rainfall thus doesn’t exceed 15-20 mm in Bodrum per September. In normal human language, this means maximum 1 day of heavy rain. Or a few slightly overcast ones – with occasional rain dripping from the sky.

In some years, closer to October, the weather in Bodrum throws a surprise for holidaymakers. In the form of completely non-summer rains and rather cool weather. But statistics stubbornly convinces – such excesses at this point on the planet are rare.

Solid people, not lovers of weather surprises, act simply – they rest in Bodrum in the first half of September. Lulled by statistics, or simply unable to snatch a vacation early, they agree to the end of the month. We emphasize once again – in the vast majority of cases they don’t regret it!

Sea Temperature

In early September, it usually lives in the corridor +25-27 °C. Which, as anyone who has been to the Mediterranean knows, provides excellent swimming conditions for all ages.

Regardless of the time of the day – went out in the morning to meet the sunrise, plunged into a little fresh water, swam – a natural delight!

By mid-October, the sea near Bodrum sometimes tends to cool down to the already not so unambiguous +22-23 °C. Not always, however, – in other years, the temperature of the water area keeps up well done to the last. As if it signed a contract for +25 °C.

But towards the end of the month, you still have to admit that autumn has reached this location. Since the water warms up above +22 °C only in the afternoon. And the next day, if there is no sun, it will completely freeze at this mark.

Prices 2023

Transfer from Milas or Dalaman airport is inexpensive, and you can find a hotel for 45-60 € per day without much straining! Especially if you start looking for commercials for 5-6 months before the date of the visit.

And by the way, you can rent a car – just so as not to waste time going to the beach and back. Moreover, this pleasure is one of the inexpensive ones – from 30-35 € per day.

As for the hotel sector, we recommend paying attention to the clean and inexpensive apartments Eva’s place (50 €), which in theory can accommodate up to 6 people. And this is not surprising – the area of ​​​​the apartment is 85 m2! Yes, not near the sea, but what is the car for?

Let us also draw your attention to the Bodrum Sade Pension located right in the old center – it is highly praised in the reviews. The price tag is similar, but includes breakfast for two people.

Noticeably more expensive even for the Asmin Hotel Bodrum promotion. But it is also located in the middle of the old city. And disposes inspires spruce pool – so nice to start the day with a swim before breakfast!

What to Do in Bodrum in September

It’s well known that there are no special attractions in Bodrum. As the famous miracle of the ancient world, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, was destroyed in ancient times, and not without the help of earthquakes.

It will be useful for people with imagination to climb the remains of the ruins. For they may be able to imagine how grandiose this building was. In any case, in a number of reviews it’s highly advised to do this in Bodrum, since in September this no longer threatens with immediate heat stroke.

But for everyone else, it’s better to go to a relatively good – according to age – preserved ancient Greek amphitheater. Or straight to the squat fortress of St. Peter that protects the harbour.

Evil tongues say that it has been thoroughly reconstructed. But visually the fortification is still impressive!

Yes, and museums inside the tourist may well visit. Along the way, admiring the monuments to Herodotus and Dionysius, the most famous citizens.

The emblem of Bodrum is considered to be the cylinders of windmills rising on a hill that separates the old part from the Gumbet district. Although most of the buildings are now in a deplorable state.

That doesn’t prevent them from decorating the lion’s share of magnets and plates, which are briskly traded in local shops. And we assure you – you will not fail to bring such a souvenir from Turkey.

At least in gratitude for the impressive views of the sunset that open from the “mill” hill. And the fact that they are incredibly romantic, you will definitely see!

There is also a water park in Bodrum – small, but still working in September. And of course, discos are the best on the Aegean coast. Perhaps – in general in Turkey.

Vacationers who managed to settle nearby aren’t happy. But active youth joyfully relax there after a long and tiring beach day.

Speaking of duration. The sun in the first month of autumn rises here around 7 am. And he comes in at 7.40-6.57 pm.

You can swim in Bodrum in early September

Where to Go

Bored, gentlemen? Then plan a visit to some attraction outside of Bodrum.

After all, September in these parts, as we have just found out, has truly ideal conditions for such events. As for at least 3 weeks there is warm, but not hot weather – the most for excursions and cruises along the coast.

Try to dispel sadness with a visit to the Greek island of Kos. It also seems to be nothing special, but in the reviews hundreds of people confess their sincere love for the old houses there and the peaceful rural landscapes. Plus, of course, an incredibly relaxing, truly holiday atmosphere.

But okay, the Greek island – its silhouette is visible from the port! The journey to the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus is longer – the distance is about 170 km.

However, by the standards of an experienced traveler, this is also not a distance. In any case, not one that can turn away from visiting one of the main attractions of Turkey.

It’s quite possible to go and see the famous travertine pools of Pamukkale – they are about 270 km away. The easiest way, of course, is with an organized tour.

We advise you to take this opportunity and get to Dalyan, another extremely interesting seaside city, a little less than 200 km along the highway.

Thermal hydrogen sulfide baths and mud are popular. The ancient Lycian tombs carved into the rocks are considered an amazing attraction of the place. And the symbol of Dalyan, Turtle Beach or Iztuzu, is one of the most beautiful in Turkey!


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