Bodrum in September

In Bodrum, Turkey you can swim in September

Bodrum in September 2024: is it worth going on vacation? Weather, average temperature, what to wear, is it possible to swim, prices in hotels and on tours. What to do in Bodrum in early September and close to October, where to go in its surroundings – in the detailed article of good Time for Trip.

Bodrum is the Turkish resort on the Aegean Sea that has a huge popularity among – especially British – tourists. And there are obvious reasons!

Firstly, it’s quite rare excessively hot there even at the peak of summer. As for autumn – it’s almost unbelievable to get a heat stroke or suffering from the high humidity.

Secondly, Bodrum is a truly lovely place with all those white walls and red tiled roofs. Sometimes a bit too noisy place due to the large discos but still setting in the (middle-aged) traveler’s soul a feeling of true happiness.

And thirdly, in Bodrum and surrounding area (up to 200 km) there are a lot of (interesting) attractions that anyone will want to see at least once their life.

Are there enough causes for willing to return here again and again? I think – more than enough

That is why Bodrum in September sees a decent influx of local, Turkish, tourists. Gradually, European and American tourists are beginning to discover the advantages of the not so high season here also. Would you like to become one of them?

Weather in Bodrum in September

is similar to its August version, but a bit milder. That is, at the day the air temperatures also tends to +28-30 °C range, although in the evenings they drop down. Giving holidaymakers the long-awaited coolness and awakening the desire to walk around, sit on the beach for hours, maybe take a visit a hammam.

In early September in Bodrum, even at night, the atmosphere is warmed up to +23-25 °C

Towards the end of the month, the weather is inclined to deteriorate reminding you that it’s autumn on the yard. During the day, you can still enjoy the warmth of +25°C, basking in the rays of the hot Turkish sun. But when it starts to get dark, street thermometers show much more modest +20-21 °C and no more.

Therefore, only those who tend to freeze at such temperatures should put a jacket in their vacation luggage.

Relatively warm clothes should be taken by travelers who aren’t going to constantly hang out on the beaches and in the city. And, for example, considering the possibility of a trip somewhere in the mountains – the same Cappadocia in late September is simply gorgeous.

As for rains

they are rare guests in Bodrum in early autumn. Or, maybe, they are so busy with much more important business somewhere else. Perhaps in Brighton?

The average rainfall thus doesn’t exceed 15-20 mm in Bodrum per September. In normal human language, this means maximum 1 day of heavy rain or a few ones of drizzles.

In some years, closer to October, the weather in Bodrum throws a surprise for holidaymakers in the form of completely non-summer rains and rather cool weather. But statistics stubbornly convinces – such excesses at this point are exclusive.

Respectable people who do not like weather surprises act on such forecasts in a simple way – they go on vacation in Bodrum in the first half of September. Those who were lulled by statistics, people who simply could not snatch a vacation on these dates, would agree to the end of the month.

I emphasize once again – in the vast majority of cases they won’t regret it!

Sea Temperature

In early September, it usually fluctuates in the range of +25-27 °C. That, as anyone who has been to the Mediterranean earlier, know, provides excellent swimming conditions for all ages.

Just imagine – you go out in the morning to meet the dawn, then plunge into the warm sea, swim – isn’t it a real pleasure?!

By mid-September, the sea near Bodrum sometimes cools down to not so unambiguous +22-23 °C. Not always, however, – in other years, the temperature of the water area keeps up well done to the last as if it signed a contract for +25 °C.

On the eve of October, you usually have to admit that autumn has finally reached these places. Because the sea warms up above +22°C only in the afternoon.

What to Do in Bodrum in September

If you don’t know – there are no big attractions in Bodrum. As the famous Wonder of the Ancient World, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, was destroyed many ages ago.

People with rich imagination can climb the ruins and visualize themselves how grandiose this building was. In a number of reviews it’s highly advised to do this in Bodrum, especially in September, when there is no serious danger of getting heatstroke.

But for everyone else, it’s better to go to the relatively good (according to age) preserved ancient Greek amphitheater. Or straight to the squat fortress of St. Peter that protects the harbour.

Evil tongues say that it has been thoroughly reconstructed. But visually the medieval fortification is still impressive!

The curious tourist may visit museums inside. Along the way, admiring the monuments to Herodotus and Dionysius, the most famous citizens of Halicarnassus.

The emblem of Bodrum is considered to be the cylinders of windmills rising on a hill that separates the old part of the city from its Gumbet district. Although most of them are now in a deplorable state.

That doesn’t prevent windmills to decorate the lion’s share of magnets and plates, which are briskly traded in local shops. We’re sure – you will not fail to bring such a souvenir from Turkey.

From “the “The Mill Hill” opens the impressive views of the sunset. Also, the white mills look extremely romantic against the background of the blue sky, don’t you think?

There is also the amusement water park in Bodrum – small, but still in work in September. And of course, local discos are the best on the Aegean coast. Perhaps – in general in Turkey.

Vacationers who managed to stay nearby discos aren’t happy. But active youth will joyfully relax there after a long and tiring beach day.

The sun in the first month of autumn rises in Bodrum around 7 am. And comes in at 7.40-6.57 pm

Best Places Nearby

Got bored, ladies & gentlemen? Then plan a visit to some lovely sights outside of Bodrum.

After all, September in this region, as we have just found out, has truly ideal weather conditions for long walks and trips. As for at least 3 weeks there is warm, but not too hot.

Try to dispel sadness with a visit to the Greek island Kos. It also seems to be nothing special, but in the reviews hundreds of people confess their sincere love for the old houses there and the peaceful rural landscapes.

The journey to the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus will continue longer – you need to overtake distance of about 170 km. However, this obstacle can hardly prevent a visit to one of the main attractions of Turkey.

It’s quite easy to go and see the famous travertine pools of Pamukkale – they are about 270 km away from Bodrum. Also, we advise you to get to Dalyan, another extremely interesting coastal town, a little less than 200 km along the highway.


Dalyan’s thermal hydrogen sulfide baths and muds are popular, the ancient Lycian tombs carved into the rocks considered an amazing attraction of the place. As for the symbol of Dalyan, Turtle Beach or just Iztuzu, it’s one of the most beautiful in whole Turkey!


Transfer from Milas or Dalaman airport to Bodrum is quite cheap way to get, but we recommend you hire a car – just so as not to waste time going to the beach and back. Moreover, this pleasure is very inexpensive here.

As for the hotels, I recommend paying special attention to the clean Noa Suite Hotel Only Adult (from € 100 per 2), lovely place with a great views (yes, the rooms here have their own terraces) and the big pool.

Let’s also draw your attention to the Bodrum Sade Pension located right in the old center. Couple of travelers will stay here in September for just € 70 per night – a great price considering that a breakfast included!

Full-day trip to the Orak Island from Bodrum will cost € 30 per one. For a private boat cruise with a lunch you will pay more then € 500.


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