Best Beach Resorts in Tuscany

In the Maremma area are the best resorts in Tuscany

Best beaches in Tuscany in Italy – where to spend your seaside holiday in 2023? Weather, water temperature, prices in hotels and on excursions. How to get to the beach resorts in Tuscany from Florence on your own – in the material of good Time for Trip.

Tuscany is a region of Italy famous for its beauty and unique attractions. The first, perhaps, in popularity among foreign travelers. Attracted mainly by slightly melancholic, but inexplicable landscapes that bring peace to the soul. And ancient towns, it is not clear by what miracle almost unchanged survived to this day.

If people go to Rome to see the sights, and in Venice – to ride along the canals, then they often go to Tuscany for something else: to heal their nerves and regain peace of mind. That is why tourists don’t tend to focus on visiting the remarkable places of Florence and the Leaning Tower to Pisa – they are happy to go on trips to the countryside.

However, to this day, few people know about the beaches of Tuscany, a real treasure of the region. Long, wide, sandy – they beckon to go on vacation even in the off-season. What can we say about the hot summer days, when the soul asks to take a dip?!

A solid number of the best beaches in Tuscany are regularly awarded the highest international award, the Blue Flag. Moreover, in terms of their number, the region has been consistently ranked in the TOP-3 in the country for several years now.


The Tuscan coast, unlike the resorts on the Adriatic Sea, where the entrance to the water is mostly very gentle, is famous for its great depths very close to the coast. And therefore vacationers with small kids should be very careful not to leave them unattended even for a minute!

Best Places for a Beach Holiday in Tuscany

In the event that you are young, active, crave movement and impressions, there is only one choice. If you are a family person and in the first place there are good conditions for swimming kids – another. Well, if more than anything in the world you want peace and solitude – and the third one at all!

The uniqueness of Tuscany lies in the fact that all three categories of vacationers will be able to find the most suitable beach for them.


The resort of Viareggio in Tuscany is considered the best in the Versilia region

This area occupies the northern stretch of the coast of the province of Lucca in Tuscany. The main local resort is Viareggio. Are also (little) known such resorts as: Lido di Camaiore, Marina di Pietrasanta, Forte dei Marmi, Marina di Carrara.

Versilia offers holidaymakers a wide variety of entertainment. Within the area there are a couple of dozens of discos, 2 night clubs, gaming halls and bowling alleys, theaters and cinemas, even a cabaret.

Naturally, there are enough good restaurants. For example, we recommend Osteria l’Imbarco in Viareggio, where you can enjoy delicious Italian seafood cuisine. Reasonably priced, by the way!

Lovers of outdoor activities won’t get bored here all the more: you can go diving or windsurfing, stroll along the sea on sailing yachts or canoes. Remember your horse riding skills or go to the Apuan Alps, framing the beaches of Versilia in the east.

There are many marked trails of varying difficulty in the mountains. So you can go hiking or mountain biking.

The beaches of Versilia are perhaps the best in Tuscany. It’s not surprising that they have enjoyed increased popularity since the 19th century, when the local swamps were drained. An extended sandy coastline and mountains looking languidly into the mirror of the Tyrrhenian Sea – isn’t it the perfect picture for a postcard illustrating a carefree vacation?!

The main resort of the area,


is famous for its high prices and lively nightlife. Naturally, it’s also an extremely popular place.

As in the high season, and a little later – literally until October. In the summer months, even in inclement weather, the resort is occupied by a large number of young people on vacation.

The beaches in Viareggio are wide and sandy, almost all of them are paid. Umbrellas and sun loungers cost about 20 € per day per set.

Finding a place for your own towel during the season is difficult. Therefore, fans of a comparative economical vacation at sea should go to more democratic places. For example, on the coast south of Livorno.


The season in Versilia is relatively short: from mid-June to September. In the first month of summer, you have the right to count on daytime air temperature of the order of +24-28 °C, and the sea warmed up to +24 °C. It rains an average of 4-5 times a month –

July and August are noticeably nicer times. The air on a constant basis warms up to +28-32 °C during the day, the water temperature reaches +26 °C. Mostly sunny, rain falls after long stretches of hot and clear weather.

Castiglioncello is a resort in Tuscany where you can relax with children

At the beginning of September in Tuscany, it seems that summer continues. The atmosphere warms up to +30 °C, sea water – up to +24-25 °C.

But towards the end of the month, the weather deteriorates. It rains more often, the air cools down to + 23-25 ° C, the sea – up to + 22-23 degrees Celsius.


The beaches near this town in Tuscany are much more modest than those in Versilia. And, of course, they are also not empty during the season!

The following resorts are well known: Marina di Pisa, Tirrenia and Calambrone. When swimming, you should be careful, as there are strong currents. Kids need constant supervision.

The famous sights of Tuscany, the same Leaning Tower of Pisa, can be reached from here by bus in half an hour by bus. The trip to Florence will take an hour and a half.

Where is the best place to stay? Depends on how much money you expect to spend!

For example, inexpensive (about 90 € per night at the beginning of the season), but has a good level of comfort, the MonoPat guest house in Marina di Pisa. It’s located not far from the coast, as well as from a cafe and a shop; in terms of its combination of qualities, it has earned a high rating in Booking (9.6).

We also recommend paying attention to the Euro Hotel in Tirrenia. The guests of which praise “good breakfasts” and location – there is a public beach right across the road. Nearby there is a Conad supermarket and an excellent restaurant. Pisa can be reached by bus in 30 minutes.


Near this town of Tuscany, the beaches of Antignano, Castiglioncello, Rosignano Marittimo, Cecina, San Vincenzo, Riotorto Piombino stand out.

The width of the coastal zone is small. But, as in near Pisa, you can always find a place for a towel.

The area around Castiglioncello, Vada and Cecina has good transport links. And it can be visited both by car and by public transport (the Grosseto-Pisa railway line stretches along the coast).

From Rosignano to Riotorto, the beaches are covered with small pebbles, the sea is usually calmer than near Pisa. There are no problems with free seaside holiday. As a rule, in order to get there, you need a car.


Island Elbe by Tuscany has many good beaches resorts

A small island in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the coast of Tuscany has many beaches, both sandy and pebbly. Particularly famous are such places as Marina di Campo, Fetovaia, Cottoncello, Capo Bianco, Sansone, Cavoli.

However, it’s not necessary to count on an inexpensive vacation here. Since hotels located near the coast, even at the beginning of summer rent rooms at a price of 150 € per day.

If you’re ready to stay at a decent distance from the shore, then you can count on a decent cut-price. For example, to rent for a week a rural house Villa Very II, located near Marina di Campo, a company of 4 people needs to pay about ~800 €.


This is the Maremma region, famous for its spaciousness and pine groves. Follonica, Castiglione, Marina di Grosseto, Monte Argentario are counted among the best beaches in Tuscany. Including because there is enough space for those vacationers who value privacy most of all.

The area is very popular among the Italians themselves. But tourists who find vacations in Viareggio too expensive are drawn to the beaches of the Maremma. Clean and long stretches of sand, many of which are spiagge libere, that is, free of charge, literally a sea of ​​greenery around – all this is great, first of all, for family tourists.

The only way to get to the Maremma from Florence is by car. At the same time, you should take into account that parking lots are located far from the coastline. So, don’t take heavy beach equipment with you – from the parking lot you will need to overcome 1-1.5 km on foot to get to the shore.


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