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Etna - There is clear weather in Sicily in September

Sicily in September 2023: is it worth going? Weather, water temperature, is it possible to swim, prices in hotels and on excursions. What to do and to see in Sicily in early September an close to October – in the review of good Time fop Trip.

If it’s true that people mostly go to Sicily for visiting attractions, not lying on the beach, then the best time for this isn’t summer. Which is usually completely African-style hot and therefore poorly suitable for all kinds of trips and excursions.

On the contrary, the middle and end of spring, as well as the first half of autumn, in this sense look more promising. After all, the weather in this period will almost certainly allow you to see the main sights of the Sicily. And at the same time – escape overheating.

Equally, going to Sicily in September, you will be able to fully realize your beach aspirations. Enjoy swimming and sunbathing. And doing it in between trips to Taormina or Syracuse, Modica or Agrigento.

As you know, you can drive around the island along the perimeter, and at the same time not miss anything interesting, in 7-8 days. Is it any wonder that most tourists come on holidays here for about a week?!

Those who are serious and understand a lot about a real relax, of course, will plan at least a 2-week vacation. Because they know how to waste their time!

Beach in Sicily in September

Weather in Sicily in September

Fully justifies the desire of enlightened tourists to go here at this time. If we exclude the seriously increased probability of cloudy and even rainy days compared to the peak summer months, Sicily in early September looks an extremely attractive place.

  • However, even then it doesn’t lose its special charm!

The air temperature on the island during the first two decades of the month stays at + 25-29 °C during the day and + 20-24 °C at night. As if it has concluded a profitable contract and is doing everything not to lose it.

Only towards the end of September the weather in Sicily hint to tourists that it is time to think about returning home. But does it gently and then – not every year!

That is, you don’t have to cringe and think longingly about warm jackets and gloves forgotten at home. As a maximum, you will have to find a pullover at the bottom of the suitcase and throw it over your shoulders in the evenings.

In any case, in September 2021, tourists who found themselves in Sicily at that time had to remember for a week the existence of slightly warmer clothes than a T-shirt and shorts.

But the next year there was no need for this – even in the beginning of October the air in Sicily warmed up to at least +25 ° C by noon. At night, however, it was noticeably colder – up to + 17- 18 °C.


The average number of rainy days in Sicily in the first month of autumn does not exceed 4-5. But the usual rainfall rate seems to be a bit high for such a geographically close to the Sahara place – up to 50-60 mm.

This shouldn’t scare you! On the contrary, the possession of this kind of information allows you to plan the most adequate route in advance. And without a twinge of conscience, alternate lazy rest on the seashore with rich long excursions.

After all, you simply must see Palermo and Trapani, Catania and Syracuse, Agrigento and Selinunte. And it’s a sin not to climb Mount Etna on a cool, but relatively clear day!

Water Temperature

Both the Tyrrhenian and the Mediterranean Sea, hugging the island, are warmed up to + 26-28 °C by the beginning of autumn. And parting with this degree is extremely reluctant. In any case, you should not expect a steep peak from the sea temperature.

Everything will be civilized and predictable – by the end of September, the sea in Sicily will cool by a maximum of a couple of degrees. And you can swim without reference to the time of day.

Naturally, closer to the third decade of the month, it’ll be a little cool in the morning. And it will turn out to swim after persuasion – once you have arrived, then you must!

But by 10-11 a.m. even small kids can flounder in the sea. And closer to 4-5 p.m. you are unlikely to find any differences from the summer.

Where to Go in Sicily

Note that there is no particular difference in where to land in Sicily for a seaside holiday in September.

If you are an independent traveler, and are free to choose your vacation destination, it is best to settle in San Vito Lo Capo on the west coast. The sea water is always a little warmer there, and you won’t meet package tourists.

As well hotel prices are falling with the advent of fall – the main flow of vacationers has gone home, and hostels are forced to adjust.

San Vito Lo Capo beach sometimes is almost deserted

Tourists gravitating towards sights and beautyful cities should probably consider Cefalu, 70 km from Palermo. However, in early autumn it’s flooded with tourists.

This town is small, and therefore many run the risk of getting bored, having settled here for 7-10 days. So active citizens should pay attention to another worthy option – the extensive Mondello beach near Palermo.

Travelers who have bought a package tour, usually go to the east coast of the island: to the beaches of Taormina and Catania. The water there is bit colder, but you will hardly have to complain about this circumstance. Since in general the sea aroung the island in early autumn is warmed up to temperatures that exclude discontented snorting.

Prices 2023

Renting a car right at the airport gives you a free hand when it comes to travel. The pleasure will cost from 50 € per day, but it’s not suit everyone.

Although the traffic in Sicily isn’t very dens, the mountain highways are very serpentine. And require a certain composure when driving.

Again, it’s difficult to avoid contact with walls and other cars in local towns. Where the width of the streets sometimes looks completely insufficient for oncoming traffic.

Don’t forget about the prices for gasoline in Italy, claiming the championship in Europe. And also about the almost non-alternative payment of local parking lots – they require money on all days of the week, except Sunday.

Apartments on the island, of course, are quite cheaper than hotels. That’s just free ones closer to the required time may not be – September in Sicily is a popular time among vacationers.

We recommend paying attention to Le Palme Di Conturrana Classic in San Vito lo Capo with free underground parking. You can walk from it to the sea in just 5 minutes.

A cozy and inexpensive Baglio del Mulino a Vento looks like a very good option. The is a parking, the beach is a within walking distance.

In Taormina, we recommend paying attention to the B&B La Terrazza Sul Mare Taormina, nestled on a hillside with a beautiful view of the surroundings.

The Hotel Villa Nettuno also received appreciative feedback from the guests. Located also not very close to the coastline, but not suffering much from this – there are much more pluses!

Things to Do in Sicily in September

A detailed guide on what to see in Sicily in a week or more, we have created earlier. You just have to design your own route of movement, based on the point that is chosen for the rest. And, of course, their own mobility!

Since, although public transport on the island is developed and not bad, you are unlikely to travel from Taormina to Trapani by train or bus on your own. A similar trip in a car is a test. After all, only in one direction you will have to overcome at least 370 km!

Those, who settle in San Vito Lo Capo should visit Trapani and Erice, see the temples in Segesta. And also go to the archaeological park of Selinunte.

An unique place even by the standards of Italy, where eight ancient Greek temples of varying degrees of destruction live.

From the same resort you can easily get out to see main attractions in Palermo (105 km) and the cathedral in Montreal. Naturally, for such a walk it is better to choose not the hottest day – walking along the Sicilian streets flooded with sun is hard even in September!

For 1 day mz San Vito lo Capo you will have time to go even to Agrigento. Indeed, in order to see the famous Valley of the Temples and wander along the “Ladder of the Turks” near Porto Empedocle, it is not a sin to overcome an extra 400 km.

Etna, Catania and Syracuse

Seeing Modica and Ragusa, having settled on the western coast of Sicily or in Palermo, is problematic in just a day. For the distance along the highway in one direction exceeds 350 km!

Equally, you will have to come up with something non-standard for climbing Etna. And here it is no longer so important whether you use the funicular or go on foot.

Those staying on the east coast should concentrate on the narrow streets of Taormina and the churches of Catania, a large city by local standards. By the way, which is also the starting point of most of the routes of climbing Etna.

Naturally, include in the route and a trip to Syracuse. An exceptionally interesting city and birthplace of Archimedes.

Tourist guides don’t recommend visiting Messina – the main sights of the city were destroyed during a strong earthquake that happened at the dawn of the 20th century. But a cruise to the Aeolian Islands can be a very interesting experience.

Fortunately, the local “ideal” volcano Stromboli rarely behaves calmly. And much more regularly throw out puffs of smoke!


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