Sicily in April

In April, Sicily lives a quiet, leisurely life

Sicily in April – is it worth going on vacation? Weather, whether it is possible to swim, prices 2023 in hotels and on tours. What to do in Sicily in the middle of spring, where to go – found out good Time for Trip.

The island of Sicily still does not belong to the immensely popular tourist destinations in Italy. Only aesthetes still come here, for whom walking in the labyrinths of medieval streets is nicer than visiting advertised attractions.

And, of course, beach tourists – in the season, which lasts approximately from June to October, Sicily are overcrowded with those who want to sunbathe and swim.

Well, in the other months of the year, not excluding April, Sicily lives a quiet and peaceful life. Predictable and unhurried. Of undoubted interest both for native Sicilians and for those travelers who are tired of the ubiquitous tourist rivers.

Which in April fill the streets of Rome and Venice, Milan and Florence. Not leaving yourself and others the opportunity for privacy and reflection on what you saw.

Are you ready to take a non-standard step and become a little more individualist than dictated by modern unwritten, but widely entrenched rules of behavior in society? Then you should “taste” Sicily in April!

Moreover, planning such a trip will not take much time – in any case, we managed in a couple of days at the time. And the total costs for it will not break through even in a modest vacation budget!

In Sicily, April is usually warm and dry

Weather in Sicily in April

It’s already good because it will have a minimal negative impact on excursion plans. Or will not render it at all.

It will almost certainly be warm, but not too hot. In addition, it is relatively dry – so you can walk all day through the streets of Palermo or Catania, Trapani or Syracuse. Well, or without fear of getting caught in a heavy downpour, make an attempt to climb Mount Etna.

Already in early April, the air temperature in Sicily sometimes reaches +20 degrees Celsius (or +68 in Farenheit). And by May, air temperature in Sicily can reach +26-28 °C (+78.8-82.4 °F) during the day.

At night, however, it is much colder. For most of the month after sunset, the local atmosphere cools down to +5-10 °C.

It does not come to frosts. But for evening walks in mountain regions or on the coast it is necessary to wear sufficiently warm jackets.

April 2022 in Sicily was no exception to the rule. However, it did not start promisingly! For the air warmed up to +20 °C only towards the end of the first decade.

At the End of the Month

the weather however clearly took a course for summer. And the sun regularly pierced the atmosphere to +25-27 °C. Nature bloomed and smelled, the sky was gently blue, as if rejoicing that it sees such an optimistic picture below.

A few tourists went happy because they knew that they had made an exceptionally right choice by arriving at this time. And then they sat contentedly in the city taverns, devouring the original Sicilian pizza, pasta Alla Norma and eating all this delicious gelato.

Daredevils even went swimming in the middle of the day – although the sea off the coast of Sicily and at the end of April is not suitable for taking water baths. Since on the east, the warmest coast of the island, the water never warms up above +17-18 °C.


Rains in the middle of spring in Sicily are infrequent – usually 2-3 times a month. But the sky is often covered with clouds.

Cloudy days make a noticeable competition with sunny ones, if they don’t outnumber them at all. Often there is a misty haze in the air. Slightly overshadowing the festive mood, but in general doesn’t interfere in any way with enjoying traveling in Sicily.

Fortunately, the local nature fully uses the off-season in order to bloom. And you will not meet such a riot of colors as in April in Palermo or in Taormina at any other time of the year.

Because in the summer in Sicily, the withering heat is literally piling up, forcing the greens to burn out and shrink. And in the middle of autumn, it is no longer up to flowering – rainy November is on the threshold, followed by winter.

How to Dress

In most cases, you will not need dress in winter or even fall clothes – Sicily is so warmed by the sun that it cools down slightly during the whole winter. But in some cases, in the mountains or in the evening on the coast, a jacket or a pullover will not hurt.

If you go to April Sicily with kids you should definitely take warm clothe. It’s not a fact that it will come in handy – but it’s better than freezing, isn’t it?!

Naturally, it is important not to overdo it. And leave a place in your luggage for a lot of souvenirs and original gizmos that you will probably buy in Italy, so that later there will be something to surprise your friends and family.

It is more correct to leave raincoats and rubber boots at home. But it is better to take comfortable hiking shoes with you.

Because every first tourist who is going to explore Sicily intends to ascend Mount Etna. Well, if you don’t climb to the very top, then at least admire the panoramas opening from the edge of one of the easily accessible craters like Silvestri.

Prices 2023

The lack of a pronounced tourist interest in Sicily both at the beginning and end of April has the most beneficial effect on prices. As a result, for some 50-60 €, a couple of travelers will be able to book a room or rent an entire apartment almost in the center of Palermo.

Take, for example, the spacious Stella Polara, located a kilometer from the city cathedral. For a week of rent in April 2023, the owners ask for about 390 €.

In the presence of all necessary equipment. The only serious disadvantage is the 4th floor in a building without an elevator. Which is compensated by a very good view from the window.

Residence Il Capo also looks like an excellent option for those who are ready to rent a flat for a week (a serious discount). The tourists who filmed it leave mostly excellent reviews. They praise both the location and the good technical equipment of the apartments, as well as the friendliness of the owners.

In Taormina, prices are generally higher. But even in this popular resort town you can rent an apartment for a small amount – subject to early booking.

First of all, we will draw your attention to the small (only 25 m2), but equipped with everything necessary Il Rosmarino Apartment. Located in a quiet location, but not too far from the center – the cathedral can be reached in 10 minutes.

As for excursions, you can seriously save money in comparison with the summer months. The same ascent to Etna as part of an organized group from Catania will cost 50-55 € per person. A 3-hour walking tour of Palermo will ruin the traveler for only 32 €.

No tourist trip to Sicily in April is complete without a visit to Etna

What to Do

In short, too many. All or most of the available options are outlined in our detailed but compact guide on the topic “What you can visit in Sicily“.

We will advise you to start with its capital, so that then you can unwind the spiral of your journey around the island strictly counterclockwise. The number of attractions in Palermo allows you to stay in the city for a couple of days.

For that period you will have time to see the cathedral and the Palatine Chapel. Then visit a couple of outstanding churches and – of course – go to Monreale.

Someone manages to pay a visit to Cefalu. But once we spent a whole week in this town, and sure that there is no need to go to it before May.

Erice, the town on the rock and the mafia-infested Corleone can be linked in one route. If you dare to rent a car in Sicily and not get lost in the intricacies of provincial roads.

The right step would be to get to Segesta, that in April is visited only by a few tourists. Also explore the Selinunte Archaeological Park, a little-known but unique place where 8 ancient temples have been preserved.

Next On the List

we would put the Turkish Steps and “The Valley of the Temples” in Agrigento. And – if possible – the towns of Modica and Ragusa.

No tourist trip to Sicily is usually complete without a visit to Syracuse. At the same time, the famous Taormina can be left for the holiday season.

The “cherry on the cake” can be the ascent to Etna. Although many of our friends deliberately refused to do this – they simply couldn’t understand what special the most active volcano in Europe could offer travelers. And that’s why they just enjoyed the views that open from the lower station of the funicular!


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